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Bro… we need to talk…If you ever tried to hook up with a girl online before, you probably did something like this:
Sound familiar? You’re not alone.Most guys experience the same thing. It’s almost as if…

You spend hours looking at women’s profiles, trying to figure out what to say.Maybe you take your time to write out a well-written message that references her profile and points out all the things you have in common.

But despite that, she STILL doesn’t write you back.

It couldn’t hurt right?They say dating is a numbers game, so if you email hundreds of women, you’re bound to get at least ONE reply right?

Maybe you get lucky and a few girls write you back. One of them might even be cute.

Mission accomplished right?

This is easier said than done. Wait too long and you could end up being pen pals. Ask too early and you could scare her off.Plus, meeting a guy from the net can be a little scary for a woman. You’ve got to establish some rapport and make her feel safe with you FIRST. Only then will she be comfortable enough to meet you in person for a date.

Unfortunately, this is where most guys screw up.

They have no idea how to take a woman they meet online and TRANSITION her to the real world in a way that feels NATURAL to her.

And that’s where I come in…

You see, I used to struggle with online dating too. I was never a “natural” with women in the real world, so online dating was my only option of ever finding a girlfriend.I signed up to several dating sites and started testing different emails to see which ones got the most responses from women.

After a few days, I started getting some responses. After a few weeks, I had gotten my first date with a woman. (A sexy little brunette named Christine.)

I kept track of what worked and what didn’t, jotting down notes and ideas as I went. Bit by bit I started putting the pieces of the online dating puzzle together.I continued this learning process over the next 5 years. Online dating had become my obession. It was insane.

The result?

I emailed THOUSANDS of women. I got HUNDREDS of responses. And I went on DOZENS of dates. I got to a point where I could set up a date with a woman any time I wanted. I had achieved what most men only dream about.

I had created a system that let me date women on demand.

And today, I’d like to make that system available to YOU.

If you’ve ever told yourself:“If women only knew what a great guy I was, I wouldn’t have any trouble getting dates.”This program is for you.

I’m going to show you how to get the best version of yourself in front of hundreds of beautiful women using dating websites.
I’ll guide you step-by-step and show you how to set up dates with women any time you want. Everything is designed to be FAST, so you’ll see results within DAYS, not weeks or months.Here’s what you’re going to learn…

    • How to create that “I gotta meet you” feeling inside a woman every time she reads your emails. Page 146
    • The one thing a lot of men do when they put their picture online that instantly turns a woman off. (Overlook this tidbit and you can kiss your chances of getting a date goodbye.) Page 47
    • A simple technique to send her objections about meeting a guy from the net into the past… where they belong! Page 144
    • A sneaky email tactic that makes a woman feel like she’s known you forever, so she’ll trust you like an old friend. (This focuses more of her attention on you and less on other guys.) Page 139
    • The exact sentence I use in my emails to ask women out. (To this day, I’ve never had a woman say no.) Page 155
    • 9 “undercover techniques” that instantly let you know if a woman is the REAL DEAL or just some flaky bimbo. (Use these to weed out the “attention whores” who just waste your time and money.) Page 95
    • From first click to first date: See a complete email transcript where I ask a woman out on a date. (You’ll get to read everything word for word.) Page 159
    • Why adding a woman to your Facebook or Myspace page is a BAD idea and what to do instead that is TEN times better. Page 141
    • The two email subject lines that have gotten me the most responses from women. Page 107
    • How I got one woman so addicted to my emails, she wouldn’t turn her computer off until she went to bed to ensure she never missed a message from me. Page 140
    • The “slippery slide” technique to build MOMENTUM inside a woman so that she reads your emails from start to finish, each and every time. Page 59
    • The “magic phrase” that makes the process of getting to know a woman TEN TIMES more fun and exciting. (Add this gem to your emails and you’ll never be labelled boring again.) Page 137
    • How to get a woman to remember you, no matter how many other guys contact her first. Page 71
    • My turbo-charged TAKE ACTION “checklist” that OBLITERATES all traces of procrastination so you can build a persona that attracts women like a ten ton magnet attracts paper clips. Page 37
    • How to structure your profile so that any woman reading it feels as if it was written specifically for her. Page 76
    • 5 words to include at the end of your email that challenges a woman. (This pushes her to write you back because she’ll feel the need to validate herself to you.) Page 112
    • Picture DOMINATION: 25 little tweaks to show a woman you’re a five star choice over other guys by dazzling her with your photos. (Even if you’re not photogenic.) Page 46
    • A simple trick that makes your emails STAND OUT from every other guy in her inbox. (Implement this “ninja-like” tactic and your message will be one of the only emails she reads & responds too.) Page 106
    • The 29 most common clichés guys make when they first email a woman. (Use these to show her you’re the ONE GUY that “gets it” and understands what she’s going through.) Page 56
    • 5 ways to “screen” a woman that lets you know if she’s worth meeting in person. (Once you know these, you’ll never spend months chasing the wrong women again.) Page 143
    • Women test men all the time, now it’s your turn to test HER. Use my “3 questions” routine as a playful test she has to pass in order to prove herself worthy to you. Page 137
    • 3 fun ways to become a guy that women find INTERESTING. (Not only does this enhance your own life, it acts as perfect ammunition to sweep a woman off her feet during the first date.) Page 32
    • How to ease a woman’s fears about online dating by taking the 7 scenarios she’s most afraid of and turning them into something PLAYFUL and FLIRTY. Page 69
    • How to take your flaws & turn them into positive traits without lying. (I’ll show you a word for word example how you can take a bad quality and turn it into an attractive quirk.) Page 63
    • My personal email openers that you can send to a woman right now. These are the emails I’ve used to get THOUSANDS of responses from women. (Yeah, you’re welcome.) Page 128
    • How to take the most boring aspects of your life and turn them into powerful images that talk to her emotionally. (I’ll show you 3 “before & after” examples so you can see how it’s done.) Page 74
    • How to embody the 6 ultra high-status personality traits top Hollywood actors use to MELT any woman they meet. (Hint: It has nothing to do with being rich or famous.) Page 65
    • How to get the hottest women interested in you by QUALIFYING them. (Most guys get this wrong which drives them away. I’ll show you 3 examples that show you how to do this correctly.) Page 77
    • How to TEASE a woman playfully when she “misbehaves” so that she constantly seeks approval from you. Page 98

And much, much more…
Good question.As you saw from my story above, I became completely OBSESSED with online dating. It was the only way I could consistently get dates with women and back then.

And after spending 5 years testing different material and practicing my skills, I’ve gotten everything down to a SCIENCE.

When you go from one end of the dating food chain to the other, you gain some perspective. And I’d like to use that perspective to help you overcome your challenges with women by showing you how I did it.

However, I’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, so the real reason you should listen to me is because…

In addition, I’m going to give you even more techniques to ensure the process of meeting beautiful women online is as smooth as possible.You’re going to learn things like…

  • How to be “first pick” for women by consistently getting your profile to show up at the TOP of the search results. Page 87
  • How to email a woman a second time without sounding desperate. (Use my special follow-up message that makes her feel guilty for not replying back to your first email.) Page 131
  • How to “punish” a woman in a fun way whenever she takes too long to write you back. Page 148
  • The one thing all dating sites encourage you to do that actually REPELS a woman. (I’ll show you what to do instead so you don’t ruin your chances of making a good first impression.) Page 103
  • What to do if she won’t meet you in person. (Say this & she’ll instantly feel comfortable meeting you for a date.) Page 158
  • 16 ways to show a woman you’re not a FREAK. (Follow these steps and you’ll never be placed on her ignore list again.) Page 108
  • 3 “seeds of curiosity” to sprinkle in your emails that leaves a woman wanting MORE. (That is… more of YOU.) Page 114
  • The 6 topics of conversation all women want men to bring up when they first get to know them. I’ll give you 3 questions per topic to ensure you keep the conversation flowing naturally. Page 138
  • The complete transcript of an instant messenger conversation I had with a woman. (I’ll show you exactly what I said that made her ask me out… TWICE.) Page 119
  • A “behind the scenes” look at how other guys email women and how to use their lack of knowledge AGAINST them. Page 124
  • How to write emails with perfect grammar and spelling even if you failed English class. Page 78
  • 11 words I include in my first email that INSTANTLY tells a woman I’m different than other guys. (This makes getting a response from a woman 10 times easier.) Page 109
  • An ingenious way to flirt with a woman by getting her to open her fridge. (You’re going to love this one.) Page 150
  • What to do at the end of your emails to ensure things don’t get stale and “fizzle out.” (Do this and you’ll never have to revive a dying conversation again.) Page 115
  • How to ask a woman for more pictures without sounding like a creep or a pervert. Page 139
  • What to do when a woman starts answering your questions with “And you?” (Get her to stop this annoying habit by sending her this snippet of text in your next email.) Page 144
  • The correct way to use pick-up lines on a woman. (Yes, there is a way to do this without turning her off. Fortunately it’s easy when you do this.) Page 153
  • How to build a DEEPER connection with a woman by transforming dull, everyday questions into powerful, stimulating conversations that engage her on an emotional level. Page 145
  • An easy way to show a woman you’re a man of ACTION and ADVENTURE even if you consider yourself boring. Page 149
  • The one topic you must NEVER talk about with a woman when you first meet her. Doing so will destroy any attraction she feels towards you. (Hint: It’s not sex.) Page 152
  • 7 common subjects men bring up that women hate. (Avoid these “no fly zone” areas to ensure you don’t sabotage your chances of success.) Page 138
  • How to answer the “What do you do?” question in a way that makes you STAND OUT. (Use this storytelling technique to TRANSFORM your 9 to 5 routine into something entertaining.) Page 151
  • The “10 Commandments” of building a profile that women find irresistible. (Once you use them, don’t be surprised if women start contacting you.) Page 46
  • 13 email subject lines that grab a woman’s attention so that she reads your messages FIRST. Page 55
  • A simple 4 step process to turn uninteresting “life events” into compelling, magnetic stories that will have women hanging on your every word. Page 84
  • 10 emergency questions you can use as “fuel” if the conversation runs dry. (That way she’ll give you more than just a “yes” or “no” answer.) Page 152
  • What you can do (starting today) that instantly puts you in the “winners” category with women. Page 134
  • 27 first date ideas that are cheap, fun, and unique. Show a woman you’re better than all those “dinner and movie chumps” by doing one of these. Page 157
  • My most treasured email routine that gets a woman to see you as that “special guy” she thought she’d never find. (Setting up a date with her after this is a piece of cake.) Page
  • How to make a woman feel excitement when she reads your profile by answering 10 simple questions. (I’ll show you an example so you can see how it’s done.) Page 81
  • The 7 personality traits that show a woman you’re an ALPHA MALE. (Once you incorporate these into your life, women won’t be able to resist you.) Page 30
  • Plus a whole lot more…
    And if that wasn’t enough…

    I’m going to up the ante and throw in a few bonus gifts free of charge as part of a special offer when you order today.

    But since they include my most private & sensitive material that contain my most valuable secrets, I’m only going to make them available for a limited time.

    Here’s what else you’re going to get:
    “My Own Personal Profiles”

    You’re going to get a copy of my own personal profile. This is the exact profile I’ve used to attract thousands of women over the last several years.You’re going to see what I say (and why I say it) to ensure your profile is magnetic to women when they read it.

    I’ll also show you several other profiles that are just as effective so that you have no shortage of “killer material” to work with.

    My Email Transcripts With Women”
    You’re going to see exactly what I say to women online that gets them to write me back.They’ve been tested on THOUSANDS of women and are designed to be customizable so you can adapt them to your own personality

    I guarantee you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by how effective they are. (Seriously, get ready.)

    How To Pick Up Women On Facebook
    This material was put together as a collaboration between myself and one of the leading experts on Facebook game.Unfortunately his material is no longer in print (and no longer being sold), so I had to pay him $500 out of my own pocket to secure the rights to this material.

    And it was worth every penny.

    You’re going to learn ground breaking techniques that are NOT available anywhere else.



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