Hypnotica – Deep Phone Seduction 

How to emotionally and sexually stimulate a woman without ever coming into physical contact with her and without the risk of “creeping her out.”
* How to “flip” the usual phone scenario. Instead of the phone being the weakest link in your game, make the phone the most powerful tool in your game!
* The magic words to unlock her deepest sensual desires to make her reach orgasm right over the phone!……

* How to setup a date or “day2” so that SEX is virtually GUARANTEED!

* How to blow away the time constraints of the “4-10 hour” seduction guideline and do it with virtually no LMR!

* How to frame your interactions with a woman as a you being a sexual teacher and as a result making sex a natural progression in the relationship.

* How to seduce any woman anywhere she can hear your voice!

* How to build a woman’s attraction to you through sexuality.

* How to speak in ways that trigger a woman’s inner imagination. And when you lead her imagination, her body will follow!

* How to get her to feel unsatisfied with her current ‘normal’ phone conversations.

* How to push past the sexual barrier early on so that it doesn’t become an awkward issue in the future.

* How to use advanced NLP concepts and Hypnotica?s exclusive techniques such as “Sexual Fractionation” to give her some of the most intense orgasms she?s ever had!

* How to keep the woman (or women) in your life WILDLY HAPPY!

DVD Disk 1:

* The full-screen version of the trailer.
* Introductions from Hypnotica and Mehow.
* An extended, indepth interview with Hypnotica where he reveals how to:
o Set up the interaction so it leads to sex.
o The intricacies of the sexual teacher frame.
o Hypnotica?s own Double Binds (if you don’t know what they are, you are missing the boat).
o And much, much MORE.

DVD Disk 2:

Go inside the head of a MASTER

* Hypnotica breaks down the entire phone seduction line by line.
* Interview #2 where Hypnotica shows you how to easily apply his game to yours, regardless of who you are.
* Plus TONS of other tips and techniques.

CD: Hear it for YOURSELF

* The live phone seduction, unedited and uncensored. The ONLY such REAL PHONE CALL ever recorded and made available to YOU.