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Passion Trigger



How to get a woman turned on and excited and have the time of your life — on the very first time you meet using the proven Passion Trigger

  • A scientific way to get her hot and aroused, discovered by a famous German scientist and proven in thousands of situations — yet little known — and revealed for the first time, super easy and super EFFECTIVE
  • Why the Passion Trigger works on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd date… and how to instantly determine when the Passion Trigger will work, and when it won’t…so when you use it you KNOW it will work
  • The one type of date where maybe 80% of these dates end in great sex (and the two most common dates that everyone goes on, that you should AVOID)
  • Four virtually automatic steps that don’t require you to do very much, and yet inevitably, reliably get her horny and into you — hint: the Excitation Transfer Effect
  • The two second thing you MUST do in a Passion Trigger situation that will get her massively attracted to you
  • The crucial ingredient in the Passion Trigger that makes it all work — and how to arrange this so it’s “cookie cutter” — so you get consistent sexual results with different hot girls using the same Passion Trigger, making it REALLY easy if you want a lot of sex with multiple girls
  • Four easily made mistakes and how to avoid them — these are Passion Trigger killers…and the ONE thing you have to do to totally avoid these killers…
  • Why this beats typical dinner dates and movie dates — and why you do NOT want to go on any of these…Passion Trigger dates are WAY more fun
  • Three hour success with younger women and how it’s set up to guarantee success without the possibility of rejection
  • The huge advantage you have over younger guys — this is a shocker, and you can easily fritter away your huge advantage…unless you do THIS
  • The one sin women will never forgive — don’t make this huge kissing mistake that KILLS the window for attraction, often forever
  • How to handle the “cheek kiss” (women do this for a particular reason, and when you understand it you know it’s an invitation to continue…)
  • The instant lust technique and the “brush her hair” technique — these intensify the physical attraction by multiples
  • “Eye fucking” — how to know in 3 to 5 seconds that she is telling you “I want your body”
  • How to lay out simple steps that end up in bed together so that “it just happens” without your doing anything
  • How to get her back in the bedroom again and again, even after that first “morning after”— by making her feel comfortable