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The Essence of Enlightened Seduction

Every true lover knows that the secret to his power over women lies in the power they have over him. He is a friend to women. He is delighted by the way they flow through life and the way they occupy the world. Their essence enamors and enchants him, and in return he can’t help but celebrate them.

He is a romantic; he believes in love, and his love is complete, absolute. He is a slave to his love of women. There is no room for misogyny, no hint of presumption, no toxicity of manipulation.

He knows that women can sense immediately when they are in the presence of a man who loves women, who thinks they are beautiful, who makes them feel lovely, who delights in them. He genuinely loves women, and a man that loves women is loved by women.

He feels no need to validate himself to other men by bragging about his exploits. He never kisses and tells… ever. His encounters with women are never about bolstering his own self-esteem or adding another notch to his bedpost. It is all about respect.

His biggest fear is to be perceived as just another man; he is not like other men, nor does he aspire to be.

If he thought for a moment that she regretted her encounter with him in any way, or somehow felt sad or hurt because of him, it would break his heart. He can’t bear the thought that a woman would ever feel she was manipulated by him.

And yet he doesn’t mask his desires as a man. He never portrays indifference or apathy in an attempt to sneak under the radar. Instead he embraces his sexuality, presents it to her without presumption, is delighted if she responds favorably but deeply respectful if she does not.

He enters every one of his romantic adventures with newness and excitement, like his first love all over again. He knows that the impact he makes on her, and that she makes on him, will resonate with both of them for years.

And will he be hurt? Will he feel the pangs of loss when it ends? Of course. But he loves it all just the same.

Honesty is the greatest aphrodisiac…

He lives his life believing that every interaction in life is, in essence, a seduction. And so he assumes a woman is always interested. It might be a false assumption, of course, but it is a pleasant assumption, and so it is the way he has chosen to live his life.

He never defends himself when accused of being a player. He knows the truth: that he never plays with a woman’s emotions. He is at peace with himself.

And so he makes no attempt at apology or justification for the way he is; he desires neither empathy nor absolution, nor even, for that matter, understanding. He has no need to defend himself because women are his greatest defenders.

Instead he believes his intentions are pure and mutually desired. He is genuine and honest, maybe the most honest man she has ever met. And women have demonstrated over and over to him that honesty is the greatest aphrodisiac.

And to him, they are all his girls. Every woman is his woman. He has immense compassion for women. He sees their sadness and their loss, their faded dreams, their dead and dying relationships, their stultifying careers and responsibilities, and he makes it his mission to impart beauty to their life again.

Yes, he has been created by women, formed by them, and inspired by them.

Zan Perrion – The Way of Attraction Download

The Way of Attraction

Zan Perrion’s Presentation Series Foundations of Attraction

With all the misogyny, mistrust and manipulation that underscores the majority of our interactions today, no wonder men and women everywhere are searching for real intimacy and connection. We search for quick techniques on how to be more confident, more charming, more attractive to women… only to run into conflicting advice from all different sources.

But the answers are already within you! Your ancestry is full of men who were creators, warriors and lovers! At some point in your past, your fathers stood on this earth with a sword on a battlefield, and defended the right of your bloodline to exist.

Forget everything in your recent past… the right to succeed with women is your inheritance! What you need to succeed is already in your heart!

Throughout the Presentations series, Zan brings you into the world of the lover, the romance artist, and shows you the secrets, the philosophies and tools. He tells stories and answers the most common questions, but most importantly, he shows you how to unlock the powerful “natural” within yourself once and for all!

The Alabaster Girl Paperback by Zan Perrion

“Sit back and relax… I will sing you the song of women.
What women? you ask.
All women, I answer.
Even me? you ask.
Especially you, I answer.
And what will you sing to me? you ask.
Ah, my love, I will sing to you of hidden truths
Yes, hidden truths and secret secrets…”

Description: On a nameless train somewhere between here and nowhere, a woman and a man sit facing each other. She is a journalist there to interview him. He is the world’s greatest seducer. Thus begins “The Alabaster Girl,” the sensational new novel by Zan Perrion. We get to join the two on this train ride, a fly on the wall, as the seducer recounts his life, philosophy and startling insights, interspersed with excerpts from his new book: “The Alabaster Girl.” The book within the book.

  1. The Way of Beauty
  2. The Way of Seduction
  3. The Way of Discovery
  4. The Way of the Natural
  5. The Way of Men
  6. The Way of Women
  7. The Way of Love
  8. The Way of Salvation
  9. The Way of Beauty

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