Tips Before Sleeping with Cougars
Tips Before Sleeping with Cougars

Tips Before Sleeping with Cougars : Once you’re inside, take your shoes off.  She’s likely to do the same, as she’ll assume that’s just how things are in your house.  If she doesn’t take her shoes off after you, then ask her to. She won’t be offended.

Your next objective is to get her in your room.  It’s best to get her in there right away.  Tell her you have something to show her and have her walk right in.  She might want to use your bathroom first, which is a good opportunity for you.

When she comes out of the bathroom, her mind will be in a blank state and she’ll be a little disoriented because she doesn’t know your place, so just say “in here,” and lead her to your room.  If she’s just gotten out of the bathroom, her mind will be too filled with concerns like “Did I stink the bathroom up,” or “Did he hear me pee?” that the last thing she’ll be worried about is, “Should I be going into his room this fast?”

Have her sit on your bed.  You may have to be a bit physically dominant.  You don’t force her to sit down, but you gently lead her in sitting down.  Relax with her, and lay on the bed cuddling with her. Soon you two will be making out, and it’ll be time to get it a little further.  Once you’ve been making out a bit and she’s comfortable lying on your bed, get up and put a little soft music on.

Tips Before Sleeping with Cougars : If Cougar Couches You

You might not be able to get her inside your room so fast.  Maybe she wants to relax on your couch a bit as she considers whether she wants to go all the way with you tonight.  This is fine.  Don’t be pushy, and don’t get anxious.  Your worst case scenario is that she gets up and leaves.  In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t an awful risk.  You’ve spent under $10 on her and have at least a 1/3 chance of getting laid with her.  What more can you ask for?

Offer her a drink.  If she takes an alcoholic drink, it means she’s planning on staying longer.  She might also want to get drunker just so she has more of an excuse for why she had sex with you.  She’s more likely to take an alcoholic drink instead of water if you mention the specific drinks you have available. Instead of saying “Would you like a drink?” say “What would you like?  I have vodka, cranberry juice and wine.”

Sit with her on the couch, and put some music on.  Have your arm around her, and keep talking while you two drink.  She may have a little resistance and be semi-crosslegged on the couch facing you.  This does not mean she’s not interested.  It actually might mean she’s very interested and nervous about having sex with you.

There are a lot of reasons why a woman might be hesitant to close the deal with you the first night.  She might be worried you’ll think she’s a slut, for one thing.  She also might not have shaven down there in a week or so, and wants to come back when she’s “game ready.”  Lastly, she might just have some honest jitters.  Cut her some slack, and don’t take anything that happens personally.

If she is sitting in a position that’s remarkably difficult to touch or kiss her in, then you have a couple options.  You could say, “Hey, get your feet off the couch!” with a smile, and she’ll apologize and put her feet flat on the floor, simply out of cordiality.

Even better is if you can be dominant and physically move her feet down.  Don’t be sudden and forceful with this.  Just gently push her feet down.  You can even say, “Relax,” and pull her in.  Remember that she could be legitimately nervous while still very much attracted to you.

Once you have her in a good cuddly position, resume your escalation and smell her neck, and kiss up her neck and cheek.  Go for a kiss on the lips.  If she kisses back, then keep kissing a bit, but be the one to pull back at first.  She might reinitiate if she’s enjoying herself.  If she doesn’t reinitiate, then start kissing her again.

At this point, you have a single judgment to make.  Size up her weight and ask yourself if you can physically carry her.  If you can, then pick her up and carry her to your room.  She may be surprised, but she’ll feel amazing by you pulling this move.  If she’s too big to pick up (let’s be honest, some good- looking cougars can carry some extra weight), you’ll have to get her to walk in with you.  You can do this by saying you have to show her something in your room, or just taking her by the hand and leading her
in.  If she goes to the bathroom, you can also work the same tactic I shared earlier.

Once you have her in the bedroom, you’re good to lay down with her, make out, and escalate.  Simple as that.

Tips Before Sleeping with Cougars : Cougar On Your Bed

You will have times when you can get a cougar’s shirt off and nothing else, or practically her entire wardrobe off, but just can’t close the deal.  This is normal, and this is fine.  Women of all ages can have mental programs that say putting out on the first date makes them slutty.  If you just took the woman home, you can even have a woman battling for her identity, affirming to herself, “I am not a one night stand!”  Or on the date, “I am not a booty call!”  She might verbalize it or she may keep it to herself.

If she does verbalize it, don’t argue.  Don’t ask why, and don’t try to logically convince her of everything.I’ve been there, and tried every rationale under the sun for why she should sleep with me.  It never works.  She might even agree with you and say, “Yeah, that makes sense,” but still won’t do it.
Your easiest solution?  Let her go and try again another night.

There is a pattern with last-minute resistance that I’ve seen over the years, and it almost always goes the same way.  The guy goes for the full close multiple times during the night, and the woman completely resists.  He might try to get the pants off 12 times, and she keeps moving his hand away or saying, “No, we’re not having sex tonight.”  At some point, you just relax with her, and she will go home on her own accord.  It’s better if it’s her idea to leave, so she doesn’t think you’re pissed off and kicking her out.

Then invite her to come back a couple days later.  You’ll be amazed to see what happens.  Often times, she’ll just ask, “Do you have protection?” and then drop her pants.  Or she’ll just let you undress her and have sex with her right away, with zero objection.  Knowing that this can happen should give you a lot of freedom in pursuing older women.  When you’re getting a lot of resistance, you know it’s not the end if nothing more happens that night.

The one exception to this is if a cougar is from out of town, or if you’ve pulled her home that night and get the strong sense that if she leaves, you will never see her again.  Sometimes you only get one shot, but most of the time, as long as you don’t do anything awful, you will get another chance if you don’t seal the deal with her the first night.

Tips Before Sleeping with Cougars : On Condom Use with Cougars

If you imagine what a woman carrying an STD looks like, you probably get a picture of an 18-25 year old party chick.  Maybe you imagine a promiscuous girl hitting the bars a lot with her sorority girlfriends.
This illusion leads guys to assume it’s safer to sleep with a 45 year-old without a rubber than a 22 year- old.It’s not.

Keep in mind a couple things when sleeping with older women.  If they’re in their 40’s and have never been married, their total number of sex partners are well above the total score of women in their 20’s.

Even if they’ve been wearing a chastity belt for the last 10 years, there’s no telling what they were like in college.  Maybe the sexy accountant was the Theta Beta Chi house floozy back in 1985 and cleaned up her act.  While the “pesky” STD’s like chlamydia and crabs might be higher in younger women (you just need a doctor and some cream for those), the “incurables” like herpes, HPV, and AIDS never expire.
Even if your cougar was married for 20 years, there’s still the chance her husband cheated on her and gave her something. I’ve seen it happen where a woman is completely monogamous and still catches a disease from an unfaithful boyfriend or husband.

As for pregnancy issues, it is true that you are less likely to impregnate a woman as she gets older.  Past age 37, the chances of pregnancy drop significantly.However, if she has not had kids before, the chances of her wanting to KEEP the baby if you do impregnate her go up exponentially the older she is.  If she doesn’t see herself potentially getting married in the next five years before menopause, your young, healthy sperm may be her best chance of becoming a mom in this lifetime.  This means you must be flawless in your contraception.

There are three phrases you must ignore:

“I’m on birth control so you don’t have to use a condom.”
“My doctor said I can’t get pregnant anymore.”
“I’m on Day ___ of my cycle so I can’t get pregnant.”

I’ve seen women lie about all of these, as well as be suspiciously “mistaken” about their fertility once a bump starts growing in their stomachs.  If you’re the kind of guy who never uses condoms, I know this won’t change your mind, but at least stay as responsible with cougars as you would be with younger women.

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