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What Most Men Have Forgotten – Creating A New Identity “Here’s How To Become A Man Every Guy Wants To Be…And Every Woman Wants To Have”
Learn To Align Yourself With A Powerful Identity And Be The Man Nature Intended.

Are you a man? Or an even harder question… Do you FEEL like a man?
What springs to mind when you think about “being a real man”?
The truth is, I know guys think about this, but most of us are too proud to express it openly. We just get on with it and already assume we know what it takes to be a real man. But I believe that most of us do not fully take on this role and identity.
I believe that for most of us have an idea of what it means to be a real man…but we just don’t feel we are quite there yet.
So the real question is… How Do You Align Yourself With The Identity Of A Real Man?
Your identity is an INCREDIBLY important part of your inner mindset. It’s how you define who you are. But more importantly- OUR IDENTITY IS WHAT WE ALIGN OUR BEHAVIOURS AND ACTIONS WITH. Think of it this way…
What do you expect from somebody when they say, “I am a comedian”? They say that as part of their identity. So you probably expect them to be funny and witty. After all that is who they are.
If somebody says, “I am a mechanic”- you’d expect them to know how to fix your car.
If you hear somebody else say, “I am a doctor”- that too would give you an automatic expectation.
These are just labels to IDENTIFY a person, but they represent something more important- it gives them an identity to align with and it gives us an expectation about who they are.
We all have a need and desire to define ourselves. It’s a social behaviour and also one which creates our sense of self.
People have had nervous breakdowns when they have lost their sense of self and identity.
They define themselves by their jobs, they lose their job, now they FEEL they don’t know who they are.
I’m using jobs as an example because we usually say who we are in terms of our work…but jobs can come and go. They are not permanent. Once you lose your job, you may lose your sense of self.

I’m talking about an identity where you say, “I am a man”.
Why is this important?
Use the examples of the comedian, mechanic and doctor. These definitions spring certain ideas and beliefs in our mind. We associate them to specific behaviours and actions.
Just by saying the word “Doctor”, we believe he will be extremely intelligent and sophisticated. We can get an idea of his work ethic and how he probably studied for hours learning medical terms and being focussed on one career.
Now apply this principle to being a man MAN is also a label. And with that label comes certain expectations.
I’m assuming you have the appearance of a man. You have a deep voice, facial hair, tall-…but do you act and behave like one?
When we think of what it takes to be a man- we perceive him to be strong and “alpha”. He wades through life knowing he can handle anything. He stands tall and he oozes coolness.
What you don’t realise is that you already have this expectation put on you. Why? Because you LOOK like a man and you have a penis. But looking like one and knowing how to be one are two different things.
But most guys find it difficult to behave like a real man. They feel like something important is missing.
I believe that most guys FEEL THIS NIGGLING THAT SOMETHING IS MISSING. They never had that transition or initiation into defining their identity.
So here is another important question….
Just because you get the automatic appearance of a man, that doesn’t mean you automatically learn how to be one.
In most cultures nowadays, we have these high expectations of being men- but we have never been given the shift or shown what to do.
When you ask what a man is nowadays, most will give the media interpretation and reel off a list of “Alpha men” in movies.
Once again we focus on the EXTERNAL- and we miss out on the importance of THE INNER MINDSET OF A MAN.

So here is the problem…
– You have the expectation of being a man.
– This expectation is from both YOU and EVERYBODY AROUND YOU.
– You have never been shown how to be a man.
– You feel insecure within yourself when you don’t act and behave like a man.
– The expectation is something you didn’t choose.

WHAT YOU GET IN THE What Most Men Have Forgotten – By Brendan Corbett PDF

PART ONE identifies man in the beginning and the challenges he faced.
PART TWO illustrates the influences and how conditioning has seperated us from our nature.
PART THREE defines the identity of man. When you think of being a man, this is what you align with. It is a balanced man who is in touch with his nature in today’s world.
PART FOUR explains how to shift an identity. It is only your perception and the labels you attach to yourself. So this tells you the methods to make that mental shift and the important steps you must go through.

What Most Men Have Forgotten – By Brendan Corbett PDF  is not…

* About being macho and alpha, thus defining a list of traits to become such a thing.
* Learning how to be dominant and on some Machiavellian power trip.
* An assertian to define men above women.
* A guide to fighting and staring down those who dis-respect you and/or join the mafia.