Vince Kelvin – Hypnotic Seduction & Persuasion Download

Vince Kelvin – Secret Strategies of Hypnotic Seduction and Persuasion

Pimping mind-control techniques and sneaky street wisdom to make women melt for you and while you’re at it, boost your business!!!

Witness Vince at his wildest and wisest as he will inspire you, shock you, amuse you, and as he says, highjack your reality to help you magically turn it into something better!!!

From NYC, at the trendy W Hotel in Time Square, surrounded by his movie like entourage and high security team, Vince will take you on the most unique journey of discovering and enhancing your own inner-being using the power of advanced hypnotic self-conditioning techniques, and equip you with an arsenal of the most potent mind-control like resources that will find Put pict. plus you so incredibly influential, your newly acquired tools will allow you to get others to rapidly open to what is being offered, wether you’ll use them to finally bed the women you always wanted, or boost your business to the top!!!

All of this done in the most genuine, yet hard core manner, in a high energy, power boosting, reality stretching and emotionally healing environment that will make any other seminar you ever attended seem rather dull compare to Vince’s wild world of contemporary wisdom and empowerment that REALLY WORKS AND TOTALLY ROCKS!!! So get ready to shake your old limitations and shatter your fearsaway, as you boldly go beyond your best ever into even better!!!

Vince Kelvin – Sexual Chocolate – Direct Game [Audio] Download

This is an interview with Sexual Chocolate who use to be the producer of Mehow’s Infield Insider seriesa few year’s back.
He covers:
– Opening
– Transitioning
– What your frame should be
– How to deal with bitchy girls
– Inner game
– Gamming overseas – 173.7 Mb – 2000.0 Mb