Vince Kelvin – Beyond Hypnosis Download

How in control of your mind, your life and reality would you like to be? If you ever been curious about Hypnosis and NLP and want to…REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR INNER AND OUTER REALITY FASTER THAN EVER…



  • What Hypnosis Really Is
  • The Three Basic Levels of Hypnosis
  • How to Induce Hypnosis
  • The Illusion of Choice, Control and Participation
  • The Law of Commitment and Consistency
  • The Law of Adaptability
  • Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Models
  • Rapport, Responsiveness and Leading
  • Gathering Information
  • Disclaimer and Setting the Frame
  • Suggestibility Tests (Fingers Test, Hand Clasp and Arm Levitation)
  • Embracing Resistance
  • Calibration, Fractination and Ratification
  • Make It Be the Subject’s Choice and Responsibility
  • Rationalization: The Need to Justify
  • Step-by-Step Model
  • Trance-Deepening Techniques
  • Visualization
  • Ideomotor Signals
  • Regression
  • Positive and Negative Hallucinations
  • Amnesia and Anesthesia
  • The Handshake Induction
  • Shock Induction (the Stand-Up Induction)
  • The Six C’s of the Covert Persuasion Model
  • The Hypnosis Model in Everyday Communication
  • Meta-Influence: The Key to Social and Mass Hypnosis
  • The Pitfalls of the “Friend Helper”
  • Syntax for Effective Change Work
  • Guiding Versus Projecting
  • Pinpointing What Exactly Must Change
  • Increasing Leverage
  • The Keys to Change
  • Areas and Levels of Transformation
  • Neurological Levels of Change
  • Role Reversal for Calibration and Reinforcement
  • Structuring Suggestions
  • Direct/Indirect, Directional/Nondirectional, Specific/General Suggestions
  • Truism, Links, Binds and Enhancers
  • Piggy-Back Suggestions
  • Embedded Commands
  • Negation
  • Pre-and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Presuppositions
  • Happen, Happening, Happened
  • Pronouns and Time Shifts
  • Ambiguity
  • Hypnotic Storytelling: Quotes, Metaphors and Analogies
  • The Milton Model

Vince Kelvin – Learning Loop Download

How to learn anything at the SPEED OF LIGHT!

Why struggle trying hard to study?
When you can have fun mastering new things!

Includes a hypnotic induction CD for super learning!

Whatever new information and skills you want to acquire, learn how to learn faster and better than ever!

(Recorded at Ross Jeffries’ Speedlife yearly one week training!)

Do you ever wish it was easier to learn and apply new material? Have you been under the impression that you were not a fast learner? Whether you are aware or not of your true learning potential, how would you like to discover the secret strategies of flawless, fun, and fast learning?

Whatever information, skills, and tools you are studying and learning, watch in amazement as you witness 3D Mind creators Tom and Kim from Essential Skills pick the mind of Master Hypnotist Vince Kelvin to model his strategies to learn at the speed of light!

How this DVD and CD will help you…

– Learn how to elicit a person’s strategies so you can model them!
– Discover the structure of your own strategies to refine them!
– Borrow Vince’s most effective model of learning that he dedicated years developing to speed up your own learning curve!

The strategies you will learn will assist you to learn anything, including Work/school related material, hobbies, musical instruments, communication skills, athletic skills, life skills, and much more!

When you make progress at making progress and improve how you improve, you can find yourself moving faster into new learning, in a smoother and simpler manner than ever!

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