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Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “The Fool-proof Guide to Physical Escalation Without Any Resistance”

Women offer you windows of opportunity that they want you to seize and make your move in.

They basically TELL you when, where, and how hard to sleep with them! Heartwork and Matt tell you exactly how to recognize and capitalize on them.

Most guys nowadays are their own worst enemies. They’re worried they should start slow if they want to turn this girl into a girlfriend down the road. They think they will have more success if they talk to a girl indirectly and don’t let her know they’re interested until its safe. They’re worried about coming across creepy or sleazy.

They don’t understand that these thoughts are BULLSHIT!

These limiting beliefs hinder you, but can be transformed into beneficial affirmations, pumping you up every time you get scared, and this call will tell you how to do that with one simple mental exercise.

This call goes over how to turn classmates from Facebook or Myspace into potential girlfriends with tools you can copy and paste for multiple women, or even how to seduce girls in your current social circle, without having to fear any social repercussions!

And of course, the cues women give you that let you know when to get more physical, according to her own internal clock, explained along with how to take advantage of them most effectively. It is IMPOSSIBLE to escalate wrongly if you pay attention to the cues laid out in this call.

If you’re looking to get physical with women without risking a slip-up, here’s your protective cup for physical escalation. Grab your balls and make sure you use protection against rug-burn.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault Induction into The Society: Discover The Secrets From The Masters”

Welcome to the best times of your life.
This is the orientation call for the new recruits of the Mastermind Program.

Meet the Mastermind trainers and students, successful seducers with technical knowledge and insights bordering on top-secret.

When I started out discovering about how to pick-up women, the very first thing I did was get a mentor I could discover from. Then I got another. And another. Then came the penis enlargement.

This call introduces you to your 6 new mentors and 10 new classmates, who will help you quantum leap your game from shabby to chique, without gay guys scrounging through your closet.

This orientation call also features a guide to “punchy question openers”, the ONLY way to talk to any woman anywhere with literally NO effort or risk!

This way of opening women is so effective, it creates Intrigue and Ambiguity right off the bat, making opening ridiculously easy and piquing her interest right away, never mind wetting her panties.

This call also features an excerpt from Vin’s personal black-book for picking up women on the street during the day, explaining how to stop women on the street dead in their tracks, or approach women seated in a coffee shop; even turning a simple “Hello” into an instant date, and potentially another girlfriend.

There is way too much information in this first call to cover in detail, and this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to take calls down because of angry emails.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Ten Forgotten Secrets to Picking Up Girls With Their Mothers”

One of the hardest things for men looking to get good with women is discovering to live in the moment and stop planning out what they’re going to say next, or worry about her reaction to the joke they just made, because none of it matters.

Orleans talks about living in the here and now, and its immediate effects to stop you from losing yourself in the game, allowing you get noticeable, quantifiable results fast.

I’m talking “cheetah on adderall running the Daytona 500” fast.

Ever see a gorgeous women walking down the street and be too nervous to approach because she’s with her mother? Not anymore!

This call also has the story of a successful approach on both a mother and daughter, and breaks it down further, showing you how to approach any parent / daughter duo with confidence, integrity, and to leave the interaction with the mother BEGGING you to do all sorts of naughty things to her daughter you couldn’t even think of!

Putting it all together with an icing chapter on how to seduce any college concubine, you’ll be ready to for move-in day in time for next semester. Make sure to pack your paddle for those naughty school girls. Time’s ticking down on this one. Get it while you can.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “The Reason Hot Women Go To Five Specific Places During The Day.”

Everyone’s looked back on a conversation with a woman and hit themselves on the back of the head because of what they did, and more often, didn’t do.

Have you ever felt the need to apologize for something you just said or did?

I know from personal experience that, even though some guru is promoting it, the line “did your mother pick those clothes out?” isn’t going to end with her in your bed.

You’re spending too much time “in your head”, worrying instead of doing. It’s a common occurrence, and the reason that we love to watch “The Pickup Artist” on VH1, instead of actually going out and talking to women.

In this call, Rewok and Sean go over how to stay present and in the moment, regardless of the situation. Be calm and concise, even while three strippers are ripping your clothes off.. in a chocolate sauce pool.

Never be embarrassed of something you said or did, ever again. Never worry if a woman likes you, or even if she’s interested… because you’ll KNOW for 100% sure.

While you’re completely present in the moment, you may start noticing that during the day, there are thousands of hot women, just going about their daily lives. You know, shopping for boy shorts and Victoria Secret bras… if only life were as good as the commercials.

If you’ve never tried out these SPECFIC venues for day game, then you’re missing out on a goldmine of opportunity.

Even while you’re shopping, or going about your errands, women who work at retail stores are hired because of their enjoyable appearance and personality.

Why not take advantage of that fact?

This call also goes over how to correctly pick-up “hired guns”, and the correct way to steer clear of the one main mistake ALL guys make when hitting on beautiful women who are busy working.

Every day you pass up hundreds of opportunities to sleep with a gorgeous woman, so listen to this call before another one goes by.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “The Handful Of Everyday Topics Rumored To Never Allow Awkward Silences”

My best friend Mark was telling me the other day about how he always feels pressured to come up with new topics in conversations with women, and sometimes freezes up, unable to continue a conversation.

The women inevitably get bored and walk away, and Mark’s left there twiddling his thumbs and playing pocket pool, coming up with hundreds of topics he could’ve talked about in his mind. Sound familiar?

Even the most practiced seducer sometimes loses his conversational footing, but Heartwork has the solution. This call discusses come-back threads, pieces of discussion that ensure you’ll never get lost in a conversation again without a simple way to get back on track!

Almost absent-minded remarks that guarantee to get rid of stale exchanges or awkward silences.

He also reveals little known tricks to insert sexual innuendos into everyday conversation, and get women wondering about what you really meant, or whether that movie theater really WAS moist, warm, and orgasmic.

This call is packed with topics ranging from high-value movie star eye contact to mini-isolations that let you remove her from the group without them being able to object.

Never need to stumble on your words again. Always be smoother than a freshly shaved Don Juan moisturized with cocoa butter.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Scandalous Ways To Ensure Every Woman Will Return Your Calls”

A woman not returning your calls or texts sucks.

Even worse is when you go through all the trouble to set up a date and she doesn’t even show! This call has the secrets on how to never have a woman flake ever again without her feeling guilty and begging to make it up.

Vin and Julian go over their extensive strategy to completely eradicate flakes like dandruff shampoo, by leaving quality texts and voicemails that keep her interested and could lead to sex even months down the road. That’s right, you could still lay women MONTHS after they’ve stopped returning your calls!

They talk about the importance of discussing with a woman exactly where you went right or wrong, and even how to turn these interviews around to make a woman attracted to you again. In essence, it is impossible to ever fail with another woman ever again!

There is not another call like this one out there. Not only do they tell you the perfect text structure, but also how to recover from flaked texts or voicemails and lose no social status what so ever.

Never waste another text, voicemail, or phone number ever again. Julian’s antics are certain to get this call censored, where it might lose some of its original quality. Make sure to get it while it’s burning hot!

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault  “The One Way To Instantly Get Any Woman’s Phone Number without any Gimmicks or Tricks”

Do you want to get any woman’s number without memorizing complex gimmicks or paragraphs of James Bond tricks?

How about never stalling after your first introduction, only to watch her look away bored when you tell her you’re a “lighter repair man”? Then you’re ready to listen to this call and be completely blown away by how simple it is.

Have you ever seen the guys who circle the bar like vultures, or lions on the prowl, looking for women like they need them to have fun? Brian and Jonathan discuss why less is more, and teach you how to be completely relaxed and still attract the women that interest you with little to no work up front.

You’ll discover how to be shockingly seductive while being completely chill and relaxed, like a Kung-fu Master of the Mammary.

You’ll also discover how to get a woman’s number during the day or at night, so naturally you’ll think you made it up in the first place. Good thing it’s not trademarked or we’d have to sue the whole country in about a week!

Get any woman’s number in the clubs or the changing rooms, Victoria’s Secret wasn’t always shaved before we got to her.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Never Be Alone In Any Bar Or Club Ever Again With One Simple Tip”

I started going to clubs and bars alone and was terrified. I would stand next to the bar, looking around nervously for a familiar face. My hands would sweat profusely, I would drink vast quantities of alcohol to compensate, and for months I would go home without even talking to a single person, guy or girl.

It sucked, but now I’ve got this handled. Here’s how.

The value of being social is undeniable when it comes to picking up a woman at a local bar or club, if you ’re not social, you’re not getting laid. In this call, Rewok discusses a method that will ensure you are never alone at another bar or club ever again, always chatting up a gorgeous woman that wants your hand down her panties.

Imagine walking into the watering hole down the street and within minutes having a group of new friends who you can always go back to for comfort later on, or sacrifice for your own amusement and laugh it off.

Imagine using this new group of friends to introduce you to a beautiful woman who is instantly attracted to you because of them. You have to do almost NO work at all to get her ready to leave with you!

Imagine this working on groups of guys, girls, and even groups with mixed genders equally as well.

Discover how to build instant mini-social circles, discover the foolproof method to talking to other guys, and discover the value of being social. This magic pill’s quicker than Excedrin and packs twice the punch.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Why Having A Super-Model Girlfriend Isn’t Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be… It’s Better!”

The most COMMON fantasy for guys is having a super-model status girlfriend.

But is having a gorgeous girlfriend everything that we’ve built it up to be?

It’s not like we can ask the guy down the street about it while he’s out mowing the lawn in moth-eaten underwear.

I know that I’ve imagined walking down the street and everyone’s head turning, guys and girls.

Every man is insanely jealous of me, and suddenly all of the women, who wouldn’t give me the time of day before, are intensely jealous of her!

Is it just a fantasy? Or is there some hard evidence to support the “Playboy Lifestyle”?

Well my friend, it all depends on if you love unsolicited praise and attention for being a high-value status symbol with some serious arm candy.

Fact: You don’t have to look like Hugh Heffner to seduce incredibly attractive women.

This call also features a conversation on the “Christian Guilt Trip” and some refreshing points of view from people deeply seeded in spirituality themselves.

Why this desire is perfectly natural, never mind the repressed soccer moms telling you otherwise.

This call has stories ranging from how to collect six CLOSEABLE numbers in two nights, to how to stop your inner-priest from holding you back, to a lengthy discussion on the benefits of having a Russian Supermodel Girlfriend… from the lips of a DiClassified Trainer.

You won’t believe just how beneficial having beauty in your life can be.

Alfredo would be PISSED if he knew I was using this call after the messy breakup they had… so don’t waste time taking notes. Just listen intently.

These are the mp3s that Vin DiCarlo recorded when he first trialed his mastermind program to a select few members (there was an application process etc. at the time)

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault  “The Top Secret Mentality Highly Skilled Pick-up Artists Use To Get The Women You Truly Desire”

I’ve been complacent with women for the last few years.

I’ve been giving up the girls I was drawn to sexually, passionately, and had an animal lust for, for women I was only “happy” with, mediocrity is such an ugly attitude.

After listening to this call, my attitude has completely changed, and even my mother has commented on the shift between bringing home and introducing a ‘quantity’ of women, to now showing off only quality women that I truly am crazy for.

Fiery librarian types with perfect round alabaster breasts and glasses… but I digress.

Alfredo covers a variety of essential topics on this call, topics that truly are critical to your game on a personal level.

After you’ve listened to this recording and made a mental transition to being confident enough to go after women you truly desire, you can use the advice Alfredo gives to bring her home that night!

Picture finding your perfect woman in a club and having no qualms about approaching her for a one-night stand, or even a relationship.

Also, one of Alfredo’s students tells an inspiring tale of his shift to go after the women he truly desires, and how his gifted hands brought out tears of healing.

I didn’t ever picture myself as the type of person to let something he truly desires slip through his fingers. Are you?

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault
“Bring Any Woman Home Tonight,While Making it Seem Like Her Suggestion, Guilt Free”

You’ve got a gorgeous, sensitive, alluring female captivated by your every move, word, or whim. This delicate creature has been expressing vast amounts of interest in you all night, but now the club is closing and its time to take the final plunge, hopefully into her panties.

Getting a girl to agree to come home with you is by far the most intricate and difficult aspect of seduction… or is it?

You can discover how to create an intriguing invite back to your place that she will accept without feeling like a slut, and keep a playful vibe all the way back to the bedroom, in fact, she’ll do the work!

Vin not only reveals the easiest way to get any woman back to your place, he also talks about the real secret behind emotionally connecting with her, helping to eliminate any shreds of last minute resistance. In summary, he tells you how to get any woman back to your place, and once you’re there, how to seal the deal with NO resistance!

In doing this, he discusses the two types of women, and how to best connect with them using a combination of credibility and sexual tension.

Would you rather be working hard, anxiety ridden, begging a woman to come back to your place? Or hardly working, enjoying the ride, while a woman begs to come back at your place?

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Two Simple Ways To Get To Know Her So Deep, She’ll Accuse You of Being Psychic”

Orleans knows the true way to any woman’s heart, and it’s not through chocolate or mind-blowing orgasms (ok, well, maybe the second).

If I told you that in just one phone call, you could discover a basic principle that he has used to have women break down and cry, professing their love for him, after just one use, would you be interested? I know I would!

Because he takes the time to share it in this call.

This call introduces two types of cold-reading that he has used to identify with women on such a deep level, they don’t even tell their best friends it exists.

On top of that, he discusses how to use adventure projections and shaping to make a woman work to become your ideal partner, and she’ll think it was her idea! She will want and crave to help you become the best you can be, all while being completely happy.

The best part of it all is that you could do this without even being face to face, incorporating it into a powerful text message that influences her with a deep personal intensity.

I know you’re clever enough to recognize just how powerful this truly is.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Discover How To Instantly Get Any Woman Alone And Attracted, Like Magic”

You’ve been talking to a beautiful, interesting, attractive woman for what seems like forever and would love to move her to a quieter place to get more intimate and acquainted. She’s completely interested in what you’re saying and is obviously attracted to you; her eyes keep flickering up and down your body.

Unfortunately, many men don’t know how to transition from a friendly public conversation to a private, more intimate, setting short of chloroform and a wet napkin.

I used to just grab a woman’s hand and pull her over to a nearby couch or lounge, kicking and screaming if I had to, I’ve got the claw marks all over my back to prove it.

Thankfully, Alfredo has laid out a ridiculously easy to use, fool-proof system to escalate from having her hooked on your conversation to following you to a more isolated location where your pants can come off.

This call chats about how to stay bold from approach to isolation, and how to escalate physically in between, even going as far as possibly bringing her home that night!

If you want to watch another woman grow disinterested, then you better not listen to this call. If you’re looking to get women pulling you into dark corners to show off the fruits God blessed them with, then my friend, you better get downloading!

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“Three Reasons Voodoo Magic Works Wonders For Keeping Your Girlfriends”

If you’ve ever wanted to have a girlfriend, you’ve obviously thought about keeping her past your first sexual encounter, however ludicrously incredible it’ll be.

But picking up a woman doesn’t stop just because you’ve had copious amounts of sex.

Vin talks about keeping a woman after you have her, highlighting the best ways to do it short of an immediate substance addiction. The call also delves into the area of ‘over-seduction’, when to tone it down in order to keep her coming back for more, again and again. Yeah, that was an orgasm joke, deal with it.

To ensure you attract her in the first place, this call also outlines why movie theaters are great places to instantly date a woman, and how to bring a woman home even though you may live a thirty minute or more drive from where you meet her. And get her to drive!

If you cover the five objections to sex talked about in this call, a woman will never feel logically uncomfortable sleeping with you. Never.

Could you find time to discover how to flawlessly satisfy your women? You better find it, this call leads to sex.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind VaultA Personal Twelve Step Program to Truly Better Results Oriented Seduction”

Joshua is a great friend of my sister’s, and he used to be very inexperienced with women. Every time Joshua went to the bar, he would feel anxiety ridden, socially awkward; he would be extremely stressed out and wouldn’t approach any women sober.

His palms would sweat, his hands would shake and his legs would be unsteady until he got his first glass or two of alcohol in him, usually a shot or two of Bacardi 151.

Joshua would then get the nerve to approach women, which is very commendable, but would be fuzzy and a bit cloudy, not quite as sharp as he could be, and would always wake up the next day knowing he could have done much better.

In this call, Alfredo discusses the repercussions of drinking and gaming, in the context of one of the students recounting his weekend as a VIP in Hollywood.

As Bob recounts his adventures, Alfredo begins to note the benefits of pushing yourself to your limits as far as isolation and physical escalation go. Why stop short of the goal?

Alfredo also shares insights into the unattractive side of typical demonstrations of high value, and also shares tips on how to stop protecting and rationalizing to yourself, and see through to your true progress.

No woman wants to hear you bragging about your high-powered job or your tantric yoga instructor’s license. Discover how to let them know you’re the shit the correct way.

If you want to get to the point that women are fawning all over you as soon as you open your mouth, and you can do it all with a clear head, this call is for you.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Hidden Techniques To Seduce Any Woman, Regardless Of Her Attraction To You, That Work No Matter Who You Are”

Picture yourself rolling into the club with eight beautiful women as your entourage. Imagine the feeling of exuberance you’ll have when all eyes are on you in a positive light. You’re the center of attention, the guys want to be you and the girls want to be her!

This call reveals the fine distinctions between being around multiple women, and being with multiple women, including using the women to do all of the work for seeding threesomes, while you just sit there and look pretty!

Have women bring you more women, it’s every man’s fantasy, this call teaches you how to make it your reality.

Not only that, this call also goes into the little known world of ‘objection game’, describing a way that you can completely bypass attraction and still have a beautiful woman begging to sleep with you!

My biggest last minute resistance had to be the epic line, “but I don’t sleep with guys on the first date.”

Vin teaches you how to never have to deal with that ever again, because even Nuns put out on the first date if your game is tighter than Jesus.

Jonathan said, “I thank God everyday that Vin taught me objection game.” He also begged me not to quote him on it, wanting to keep it a secret for himself. Find out why.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Five Awe-Inspiring Ways to Allow Women Help You Attain Your Ambitions”

Not only can women be picked up during the day, if you let them, they’ll do your chores with or even for you, giving you more time to pick up other women!

Every time you go to the mall, to the video store, to the grocery store, or any other place there are other people, there are beautiful women. They are tempting, and in all actuality, are yearning for attention from a competent, interesting man.

How many times have you been standing behind a woman in line for check-out and had the urge to talk to her, but thought you were interrupting her day?

Heartwork discloses how to game during your daily errands such as going to the grocery store, and even the art of having women help you to pick out clothes, music, or even a cute puppy for the two of you, then getting it neutered, the poor bastard.

He also divulges the little known nuance of ‘training’ a woman to acquire behaviors you find attractive that many people miss in typical reward / punishment models.

You can take the women of your dreams< and train her to be a woman who is interested solely in helping you acquire your dreams.

Why not make your next shopping trip a touch more interesting and maybe even spice it up the changing rooms? Zucchini has more than one use, I’m told.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “Silence the Cockblock And Still Acquire Every Girls Respect and Attention”

We’ve all been there.

You’re vibing and getting along great with a slender, well toned and curved young female, and along comes her friend like a bat out of hell to snatch her away because she wasn’t getting enough attention. MTV has ruined these women.

It kills your mood and ruins your night up until then, and colors the rest of your conversations. You can’t stop thinking about the one that got away all night.

Tired of losing girls to jealous girlfriends?

Heartwork and Sonic talk about a variety of unique approaches to dealing with a plethora of cockblocks. A menagerie of mothe-, well you get the idea.

From fat friends to overly aggressive frat boys, this call goes into explicit detail on how to save the connection you’ve established, and bring it to the next level.

Once you’ve turned the blocker into your biggest fan, they move on to discuss mini-isolations, where you create a separate space for you and the girl inside your current group.

Get her thinking of you two alone while you’re still sucking smoke and strobe lights.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take Heartwork’s advice and even seed a threesome with the girl and the cockblock. Nothing is more selfless than sharing.

It’s a problem we all face. None of us need to. So get it while it’s hot and stop going home to cold showers.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“Discover Why Your Dirty Little Secret Is Holding You Back With Women”

Masturbation is a crime.

According to Orleans, it robs you of the raw desire to go out and completely dissolve your approach anxiety, enabling you to talk to any woman anywhere.

During this call, Orleans discusses the benefits of the “no-hands rule”, and Method Yoon tells the tale of his seven-day sabbatical from spanking the monkey, talking about the intense drive to succeed it releases.

He cleaned his room five times, wrote three movies, and talked to like four thousand women… in twenty minutes.

Using this new-found energy, Orleans teaches you how to construct stock-dates that always leave great logistics for sex. In fact, these dates not only are great fun for you, but they have a time and place for sex built into them!

Go rock climbing and end up in a shower for two at your place, and have planned it from the beginning!

Would you waste time, money, effort, and stress on dates that only have a random chance of successfully getting you laid?

I didn’t think so.

Discover how to never worry about logistics again, and save the five-knuckle shuffle for Vegas.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“The Dirty Little Secrets That Make Picking Up Women During The Day Easier Than Picking Up Your Dry Cleaning”

What’s better than getting a girl’s phone number while you’re walking past her on the street?

Taking her on an instant date, where you can escalate immediately!

Brian exhaustively catalogs the essentials for instant dates, and logistics that are necessary for a successful instant date, where you can start to escalate to sex.

He also lets slip how to keep attraction and escalation throughout quick three minute number closes, and how to pace your escalation in reference to your logistics.

This call drips with dominance, qualification tips, confidence, and the direct mentality, featuring the best street game number close ever created.

From having a game plan to the real reasons why many girls of astounding beauty do not go to bars or clubs, Jonathan and Brian praise objection game and discuss what it’s like to play at their level of direct game.

If you like getting a girl’s phone number just to wait for a reply to the voicemail you sent while picturing her voluptuous body, this call isn’t for you, but who really likes to wait?.

If you want to see progress with a girl quicker and get her attracted harder, begging for you to take her after you’ve just known her a few hours, you should listen to this call.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“The Correct Emails and Messages Required To Run Perfect Online Game”

God bless the internet.

With the amount of gorgeous women and successful men who don’t have the time to go out, to the millions of men and women who find online flirting a safer way to go about meeting other people, online dating web-sites are Mecca’s for single attractive women.

But what does it take to build the ultimate online profile? Why haven’t I received messages back? What is the best email or message to send to a prospective girlfriend?

Heartwork goes in depth about an area of game he was heralded as being the leading expert in before he signed with DiCarlo DiClassified.

In this call, he makes public his tactics for closing the hottest Myspace minxes and making your profile become a congregation area for cloisters of hotties in school girl uniforms from around the globe. And you thought Tila Tequila was popular because of her brains.

He gives away the closely guarded secrets of his initial emails, and the frameworks and undertones with which how to continue the interactions to ensure it turns out favorably for you, ultimately being 100% effective if done right.

And for those who love to flex both your finger muscles and your biceps, Heartwork covers tried and true tactics for gym game. Those women don’t do ten-thousand lunges so they’re nice to LOOK at.

Get more ass from the internet than fetish sites, before women everywhere start to catch on.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind VaultThe Four Magic Pills To Pickup: How You Can Help Any Woman Realize She Wants To Work For Sex”

The most important thing to have when picking up a woman is compliance.

Getting compliance allows a woman to trust you and consent to your requests, trusting you to take the dominant leader role, otherwise BDSM wouldn’t exist.

When your eventual desire is having sex with a woman, an act which requires her to trust you enough to give herself completely to you, having huge compliance is a must.

On this call, Vin goes over the 4 types of compliance, and teaches you how to make everything a woman does seem like she did it for you. Sneaky? Nah. Super-fucking effective? Yup.

What if you could have levels of compliance with a woman where she would volunteer to help you achieve your passion in life, whatever it is? What if you could reward and qualify the waitress you met down at the local restaurant, just for doing her job?

Using the four types of closely guarded compliance outlined in this call, you not only can create those levels of compliance, but you can make them seem like they were her idea in the first place.

Also in this call, Will and Joe W disclose their revelations about women since the Mastermind calls began. This is an honest, open-hearted look at the game, and you won’t believe how far they’ve come.

I transcribed this call into a text file on my laptop and sent it to my friend as an email. Two days later campus security came into my room and confiscated my computer, looking for the same file because of the revelations these two share.

I can’t guarantee someone won’t hear the call and do the same.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“How Can You Make A Woman Want “Let’s Just Be Fuck Buddies”?”

The last time I heard “lets just be friends” I felt like all of the effort I put into trying to attract this woman had failed miserbly. In fact, last week, I received an email from a man in this exact situation.

“It feels like my whole life, all I’ve been is just friends,” Hector began. “I tell these women I like them, and they tell me how lucky some girl is going to be to have me, but I’m starting to think she’s not out there.”

Men all over the world can identify with Hector, and ‘lets just be friends’ has even received its own acronym in the seduction community.

Thankfully, this call contains Orleans talking about the correct way to show interest and pursue a woman, so put away your love notes and poems, and get out the ribbed condoms.

From creating an efficient schedule of calls to show your interest in her, to cultivating a voice that increases the sexual tension between you without even being face to face, this call tells you how to properly show interest in a woman that won’t lead to ‘just friends’, more like ‘just fuck buddies’.

Once you’ve passed the friends stage, he also shares his own personal tip on how to get past the tricky last minute resistance “you’re not staying the night” that doesn’t involve slashing your own tires.

Do you want a friend or a girlfriend. Friends need not apply.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“Do you Have A Presence Women Test Routinely Because Of The Raw Masculinity It Exudes?”

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be so competent with women and secure in yourself that you could be too strong in your inner game to pass her little moods and challenges?

Brian and Jonathan converse about the value of maintaining your frame, and why being yourself is effective over 90% of the time with drop-dead gorgeous women.

They go in depth about having a woman prove her sexuality to you, and the vulnerability that is inherent in every woman, no matter the huge act she puts on to try to convince you otherwise.

However, we’ve all met the strong women who love to test you on your own strength and vulnerability, and Brian explains why turning the other cheek isn’t always the best option. Sometime’s you have to let the pimp hand fly strong.

This call goes in depth about the benefits of having an edge to your game, and gives you examples of situations where it is appropriate, and even necessary, to stand your ground and call her on her shit.

A fierce woman needs a fiercer man; discover how to be one while the feminist movement isn’t petitioning the FCC to get us to drop this call.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“The Subtle Reasons Why Guys Who Cause Trouble In Bars Not Only Look Like Losers, They Help Make Women Attracted To You”

Guys who walk by me in the bar and start fights over women I’m with for no reason piss me off. I was sick and tired of having to deal with every ogre that wanted to try to embarrass me in front of the girls I was talking to, so I bought a du-rag and a Glock 9mm, got prison tats, and steroided up.

I no longer have that problem, but not for any of the reasons you might think.

Heartwork and Sonic go over the key ingredients to dealing with belligerent men, and how to keep your cool so you remain focused on going home with the girl, not losing her over the guy, because after all, you’re not trying to get into his pants.

Once he’s gone, you can move on to the part of the call that focuses on getting a woman sexual, in her own words and terms!

Become the man all the women look to for sexual adventures and escapades they won’t even tell their closest friends about, they’ll be too hot thinking about it weeks later!

Craft spectacular adventures and encounters that will leave her intrigued and craving for more, even though she only met you minutes before.

Discover the same methods and mindsets seducers have used to go home with women in time frames of even less than thirty minutes!’

Imagine ordering a pizza, going out and seducing a woman to share it with, and still be back in time to tip the driver.

You want to know how to be quick and witty to get rid of annoying guys, and how to get women to love you for it. That’s why we recorded this call.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“How To Get Any Woman Into Bed, Anywhere, Any Time, Without Any Attraction What So Ever”

When I first stepped into the community, I was bombarded with terms and labels that I couldn’t figure out, it was like trying to program a VCR. Vision compliance? objection game? If you’re like me, and I’m willing to venture that you are, you discover better through examples.

On this call, the Masterminds lay out their ways to handle all 5 objections, and get them critiqued and refined. You get a first hand look at the exact ways, lines, and subjects to use to get a woman to sleep with you without any attraction what so ever!

This call simply tells you how to sleep with any woman anywhere at any time, while you’re dressed in anything, doing anything, and with anyone. I know it’s a bit restrictive for some people but lets be serious, we’ve all been there.

If that wasn’t enough, this call also has the examples of vision compliance. Get a woman to work her ass off to help you achieve your dreams… and she’ll be horny to do it like a sexy Guatemalan house-keeper.

Obviously, this call has everything you need to realize, but there’s another thirty whole minutes on shaping a woman for same night lays! Let her inner freak come out that night, without buying four bottles of cheep champagne.

This call leads by example, from compliance to same night lays, even how to follow up the day after. Could you afford not to listen to this call? Probably. Would you want to? I highly doubt it. You do like sleeping with beautiful women, right?

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault “The Straightforward Ways Women Show You How Precisely to Turn Her On, With Just Your Little Finger”

Women tell guys exactly what they want from us men.

They send signals in the forms of windows of opportunity, and they expect you to use those to physically get more intimate with them. She tries her best to get bent over and sexed by you!

Last year, I had no idea how to recognize windows of opportunity, much less what to do with them, other than look at them in hindsight.

I was convinced that women do not want to be touched, to be loved, to be held, and that they kept men at a distance by continually making us work to escalate on them. Bullshit!

This is not true, they all deep down want to be sexed like pornstars but also to feel safe about it, so discover how to give them a safe-word.

Heartwork delves again into the topic of windows of opportunity and how to handle them, this time he lays it out quickly and simply, no-nonsense motel style. He reluctantly shares examples of his personal exploits that will make your toes curl.

Explaining how to know when to escalate, and how to demonstrate high value properly, without ruining your attraction, making sure you look like God in her eyes without turning into her emotional pincushion.

Heartwork and Matt also discuss how to hold interesting and natural conversations with women and groups, flowing easily and effortlessly from meet to sex.

Using these techniques, they elaborate to show you exactly how to be a superstar for a night and the life of the party, without being a dancing monkey.

You can go about seducing a woman, attempting to figure out what’s in that complicated little emotional mind of hers, or you can make it ridiculously simple and painless, and she’ll love you for it, love you long time.

But if you want to struggle, I suggest not listening to this call.

Vin DiCarlo – Mastermind Vault“Discover The Three Secrets To Getting Too Many Numbers For One Address Book”

Wouldn’t it be such a shame to have so many women’s phone numbers that you would have to break them up into two separate address books in your phone to keep track? How about having to type notes into their profiles just to remember who is who?

In this call, you’ll hear stories from both Alfredo and Craig outlining their recent successes with women and hear them being broken down in order to be discovered from easily.

Craig weaves the tale of his car ride home with two smoking hot Armenian sisters, and the amazing logistics that led him almost to a threesome.

After all that, you’ll hear how he overcame the cock-blocking third sister.

The weirdest thing happens midway through this call. No matter how many times or different ways we tried, we could NOT turn the two halves of this call into one full file.

Every time this file uploaded to the server it was split into two calls at exactly the same point. Ghost in the server? Maybe, but it’s an unsettling omen to precede Alfredo’s call.

Alfredo shares his insights into setting times for his dating schedule using a dynamic dating chart similar to Hitch but with a twist, this call did NOT want being next to Craig’s.

He also shares insights on how quickly to begin an emotional connection with your woman, and the steps you need to take to solidify it, making her so attracted and bound to you that you might have to tell her you’ve got a headache and can’t tonight.

This call features two guys with too many numbers to keep track of, and an explanation of the mind sets behind it. Catch it before the servers decide to delete it.