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“Could It Really Be THIS Easy To Get 9 Out of 10 Women So Captivated By your Phone and Text Game That They Chase After You, and The incoming FLOOD of Dates becomes So Overwhelming…
…That You Have No Choice but to Ultimately Flake Out on THEM?”

“The Answer is “YES”… And If YOU Want To Eliminate All
The Disappointment That Can Come From Unanswered Calls,
Having Women Flake Out on You, and The Weeks of Frustration
of Trying to Get a Girl to Meet Up with You…

…and Start Experiencing the Attention, Excitement and Pleasure
You DESERVE From Your Efforts in Pick-Up
REGARDLESS Of Her Busy Schedule, Her Jealous Girlfriends,
or EVEN her Possessive Boyfriend… Then This Will Be
The Most Important Letter You’ve Ever Read…”

Date: Saturday, February 07, 2015
From: Julian Foxx
Re: No Flakes System

Let’s talk about flakes.

No, not the white flakes in your friend’s hair (you really should tell him, btw).

Or the pretty white flakes that fall in the wintertime.

I’m talking about stone cold FLAKES.

You know – when a woman says she’ll call you back and she doesn’t.

Or when she says she’ll meet you on friday, and when you call to confirm she tells you something came up and she’s gotta “wash her dog in the bathtub… with a toothbrush.” – or some other silly excuse that just doesn’t add up.

Or even, the most MAJOR case of flaking… when you show up for a date, but your girl doesn’t, and you’re left with nothing to show for it, wondering what went wrong.

If getting women to return your phone calls is like pulling teeth from an oversized gorilla, then shut the door, log off Instant Messenger, put your cell phone into silent mode and read this letter line for line in its entirety

An Unusual “Warning”…

Before we go on, I must issue a fair and simple warning.

This product is definitely NOT for everyone.

In fact, there’s a distinct possibility that this product isn’t for you, simply because you are not ready…

For example, if you cannot at least approach a woman and get a semi-solid phone number from her, then this product is ahead of your learning curve.

It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you, but simply that you need to do a little bit more work before you would be able to get the most out of this particular set of DVD’s.

This product is specifically designed for guys who are getting semi-solid to solid phone numbers from women, but are having problems getting women to answer their phones, return their calls or meet up in person.

Ok, let’s get started. Here are some important definitions:

Flaking: A woman’s logistical non-compliance. In other words, her failure to answer your calls, meet up with you or otherwise welcome your attempts to meet in person.

Follow Up Game: The part of game that takes place when you are NOT in person with a girl. Usually consisting of phone-game, texting and email.

Still with me?

Ok great. Let’s get right to the point.

What we’re talking about today is flakes, and not only how to prevent them, but also how to get your phone and text follow up game SO GOOD that you will literally not have enough time in the day to see all the women who are willing to meet up with you.

I’m serious about this.

So serious, that Vin and I are doing the most incredible guarantee EVER.

Finally, a Sure-Fire Solution to the Female “Flaking Dilemma”

I’ve been gaming for a long time and have had a fair amount of success… But nobody is perfect. (Despite what some gurus would have you believe)

When I first started out I got a SHITLOAD of flakes… as does most everyone in this game. I even once called a number a girl gave me and got her husband… who then proceeded to tell me that he knew exactly where I lived, and was on his way over with a shovel…

You see, the trouble is, every guru and their mother will gladly teach you how to start conversations, hold conversations and get phone numbers… but I haven’t found a single one who teaches you how to follow up effectively without a song and dance act.

That’s the cold, gritty truth of it – if you go through all this work, spending hours talking to a girl, using some method to get her phone number, don’t you think it should at least PAY OFF?

Which brings me to an important point:

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

I don’t mean to come off cocky, but I simply wish to communicate that the MAIN REASON that Vin and I developed this product was for our OWN BENEFIT.

WE were having problems with follow up game.

WE were experiencing MASSIVE frustration getting women to meet up with us.

WE were sick and tired of the useless CRAP that people were preaching about phone and text game, and decided to do something about it.

And let me tell you… I RARELY get flakes these days. And since we developed the No Flakes system, Vin and I have been able to meet up with and sleep with 80-90% of all women whose phone numbers we get.

“Save yourself YEARS of frustration, guessing Games and experimentation”
In a moment I’m going to talk about some very unusual and quite honestly ridiculous “research” that we did, but FIRST, I want to say a few words about how all of this began…

Let’s take it back about two and a half years or so.

I was going out quite a bit, gaming like a madman, pulling several girls every week.

I was introduced to Vin through a mutual friend.

Of course I was already familiar with much of Vin’s work in the seduction world and knew that this man represented what I considered to be the absolute cutting edge of pickup, not to mention that he was The Godfather of the ‘Natural Game Movement’.

We instantly hit it off.

We shared a mutual passion for the game, a common intellectual and methodical approach to technique, and an absolute willingness to do whatever it takes to get a girl once we set our sights on her.

But both of us were facing a common issue that many pick up artists have.

We weren’t closing the deal on every girl whose phone number we got.

We tried leaving clever voicemails, we tried getting their emails and following up that way, and we tried being super-persistent yet still had a lot of women not calling back, unmotivated to meet us in person, etc. Yeah, we were still sleeping with a significant number of women, but we were getting a TON of phone numbers. The percentages were ugly.

So Vin and I made a deal. We promised that we would do whatever it takes to understand follow up game and flaking, to the same degree that we understood opening and getting the phone numbers in the first place.

So the plan was, every weeknight at 7pm, before we did our follow ups for the evening, we would get on the phone and talk follow up game. We would discuss phone follow up, construct extensive experiments of text messages and even create emails designed to entice women into seeing us in person.

I mean – it was really crazy. We’d spend HOURS on the phone just to write a single text message!

The ‘Are Vin and Julian Fucking NUTS?’

BRACE YOURSELVES because I’m going to go into some messy, messy detail.

BUT I have no other way to impress upon you the amount of dedication, effort and brainstorming we have done in order to produce this product.

Fueled by pure desire to improve our OWN game, me and Vin were on a mission.

As seasoned pick up artists, we already had thousands of phone numbers… 1,658 at the beginning of the experiment, and by the end we had 4,720.

We began recording phone conversations, dissecting them down to the ESSENTIALS, constantly searching for the secret to TRUE phone game mastery.
In fact, we were on the phone so much that I had a $1286.44 phone bill the first month, thus forcing me to switch to an unlimited plan for the second month of the experiment.

But we didn’t stop with just phone game.

We even started experimenting with messaging some of the hottest girls on Myspace. (In fact, in the video, Vin lays out the EXACT method he used, step-by-step, line-by-line, from start-to-finish, to get a SMOKING HOT chick on Myspace to masturbate on her webcam for him and then invite him over to her place to close the deal!)

Then we began the TEXT TRIALS.

In these “Mad Scientist” research experiments, Vin and I discussed EVERY text message before it was sent, sometimes as long as 3 hours for a SINGLE MESSAGE.

We constructed elaborate experiments, where we would test multiple texts across huge lists (not dozens… hundreds) of phone numbers, keeping track of what worked and what didn’t.

We measured the responses, and then assigned a “Quality Score” from F to A+ based on the woman’s sexual responsiveness, the ease of resulting escalation and her willingness to meet up in person.

It may have been overkill, but this meticulous attention to detail allowed us to boil down all of our ideas into a concentrated elixir, containing only the VERY BEST INGREDIENTS. (And BTW we have only included techniques and concepts that CONSISTENTLY scored A- and up in the product. Mostly A’s and A+ techniques. And yes, there are dozens and dozens of these tools exposed in FULL DETAIL on the DVD’s.)

(SIDE NOTE: Most guys are actually sending out messages that would score a C or D by our measurement. It’s not their fault, it’s just that they are simply in the dark because the types of techniques we’re using are EXTREMELY counterintuitive and unconventional.)

We kept detailed records of our interactions with women using Google Docs, Excel Spreadsheets and to top it all off, we even invested $3,250.00 of ourown money into a custom database to keep track of it all.

Below is a screenshot of TRIAL #87.

Trial 87
  • By the end of the 6 month experiment, we accumulated 374 total trials.

  • Upon studying the most successful of the trials, we stumbled into a distinct pattern.

  • Applying that pattern to the full gambit of follow up situations, it soon evolved into a series of tools and techniques.

  • The tools and techniques used in the correct sequence forms a system.

That system is the NoFlakes System for Phone Game, Texting and Flake Prevention.

Introducing “NoFlakes!” — The LONG AWAITED and DEVASTATINGLY EFFECTIVE System That Eliminates Flaking Forever

No Flakes DVD
In the No Flakes DVD Package, You’ll Discover:

  • The one simple secret that the people who overcome flaking have over guys who struggle with it. Just knowing this will give you an incredible advantage over 90% of guys out there
  • The primary female psychological mechanism that causes flaking and the tools to bypass it – FAST
  • The 3 prevalent myths about women are actually the main underlying cause of flaking in today’s modern society
  • How to recognize and eliminate the excess player vibe that’s probably crippling your game without you even knowing it
  • The number one error that most guys make when they call for the first time, and how to spot it so that you can start phone calls out on the right foot
  • The inspiring tale of “The little engine that could… hit that caboose.”
  • A mini-system that allows you to leave as many voicemails as you want without coming across as a stalker but instead amplifies attraction with each and every call
  • How to create powerful rapport building voicemails that will evolve the relationship before she even calls you back – so that even if you had an initially weak connection – that will change FAST
  • The 3 phrases of death that should NEVER be uttered over the phone yet most guys use on a daily basis. Know them and AVOID them, because all they do is make you come off like someone she DOESN’T want to know
  • How to shortcut the “getting to know you stage” to save time and leave your ‘male competition’ in the dust
  • The perfect time to end the phone call… and no, it’s not what you think. Also, exactly how you should end the call so you don’t come off as evasive or shady
  • 3 foolproof text messages that will ALWAYS get a response, no matter where you met her, how long ago you met her or even what your initial impression was like
  • The optimum length of a perfect phone call – yes the optimum length exists, and utilizing this little secret will practically guarantee a woman will become more and more attracted to you as time goes on
  • Discover the key points in an interaction when it’s ok to bend the rules. Some rules are hard and fast, but others are contextual. You need to know the difference so that you ALWAYS know what you can get away with and what will only cause you trouble
  • The incredible 5-minute preemptive action that will completely eradicate flaking. If you can do this (and no, it’s not always easy) you will never have to worry about playing phone tag, sending clever text messages and voicemails.
  • Why men and women react differently to the influence of their friends – and how YOU can turn this around to your full advantage.
    • How to recognize situations when text messaging is superior to calling – so that you’re never left wondering which tool to contact her with
    • The key time to call when it will have the most emotional impact – so that YOU are the person on her mind when she goes to school, work or is hanging out with her friends
    • The technique that will always get you her undivided attention on the phone – so that you don’t have to compete with her busy environment
    • The deceptively simple yet counter intuitive technique that confirms she’s definitely showing up for your date — while increasing your own status
    • Guerilla dating techniques that allow you to instantly be in the position that only the hottest women are used to – you’ll give off that aura, and women will SENSE that you’re in demand
    • How to use cold reading when you first meet her to help ensure she shows up for the next meeting
    • Why most guys ‘next’ girls way too soon, and a super smooth alternative that will keep her on the hook as long as you want
    • When a girl flakes, some guys openly call her on it and some guys play it cool, like it doesn’t matter at all. Why both strategies suck and the perfect solution to this very common dilemma
    • A simple yet profound process that will ensure your calibration skills will improve with each and every new encounter
    • What personal characteristic is MUCH more important over the phone than it is in person? – and how to make sure you’re using it to your advantage. (And no, it’s not your vocal tone or delivery)
      • How to make sure, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that she is never late to a meeting with you again
      • Lets face it, sometimes flaking is out of our control. (a medical emergency, etc.) Discover how to deal with occasional inevitability without losing any status at all
      • The simple trick that will make it easy to identify the perfect moment to set up the date, whether you’re talking on the phone or texting
      • An amazing technique that will immediately get her thinking about sex with you, and make her think she thought of it herself!
      • Discover the ‘Principle of Punctuation’ that will skyrocket her response rate to your texts and emails
      • The highly controversial yet tremendously powerful way to punish a girl for unacceptable hesitation on her part
      • A surefire technique that will guarantee that she is as excited to meet you as she is when she opens her first Christmas present
      • Discover the amazing text messaging technique that allows you to enjoy the sexual benefits of a FULLTIME pickup artist, in just a few minutes a week
      • And Much Much More!