Ultra Depth® Process In-Home Study Course
by James Ramey

DVDs of the Ultra Depth® Process were filmed live, unrehearsed and unscripted in Sedona, Arizona.

The entire package includes the following:

  • Three DVD’s which provide you with over four hours of clear and concise video instructions with full and complete demonstrations of all techniques and the entire process.
  • Training Manual I includes: Two Pre-induction Exercises, Five Different Dave Elman Type Inductions, Mind-To-Mind Healing Technique, Computer Console Technique©, Cellular Re-Education Technique©, SkyWalker Technique©, Hallway of Doors Technique© and the Warehouse Technique©.
  • Training Manual II includes: Holmes-Rahe Social Adjustment Scale, Life Orientation Test, Eye Accessing Cues, Braidism Induction, Sidney Flower Induction, Herbert Induction, Induction for Children, Advanced Regression Course, Retention/Recall Technique and the UD-Assisted Birthing© Course.
  • Training Manual III two-part Ultra Script Manual includes:
    • Ultra Astral Projection, Ultra Self-Esteem, Ultra Weight Control, Ultra Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Healing, Ultra Stress Control
    • Ultra Motivation, Ultra Concentration and Focus, Ultra Memory Enhancement, Ultra Sports Enhancement
    • Ultra Stop Smoking – Script One, Ultra Stop Smoking – Script Two, Ultra Stop Smoking – Script Three, Ultra Awareness Integration
    • RD Longacher’s Hypno-Depth Meter, Self-Hypnosis Conditioning with imbedded fractionation, Self-Hypnosis Conditioning for achieving the Sichort State with imbedded fractionation.
  • Exams: UD-01, UD-02, UD-03 and a three part Final Exam which requires three case studies.
  • Student independent study form, charts, card stock of techniques and other important documents.
  • Certification/Registration awarded upon successful completion of all exams and case studies as an Ultra Depth® Practitioner, Hypno-Anesthesia Facilitator, UD-Assisted Birthing© Practitioner and as an Advanced Hypno-Regressionist.
  • Two CDs included are:
    • Ultra Depth® Relaxation CD – by James Ramey
    • UD-Assisted Birthing© Relaxation CD – instrumental
    • Free mentoring included – personally with James Ramey

After all of the exams and case studies have been successfully completed, full certification and registration will be awarded. If you have taken the training in the past and would like a great reference video with all of the training materials, this package supplies everything. The DVD’s show the entire process, as James worked with several individuals and conditioned them. Then he demonstrated both simple (partial) and complete amnesia, analgesia, local anesthesia and general anesthesia. James demonstrates how to stage individuals into profound somnambulism, Esdaile State, Catatonic State and the Sichort State. He also shows and explains the entire process step-by-step, as you progress throughout each of the DVD’s and follow along in the Ultra Depth® Process Training Manual.

The Ultra Depth® Process Training Manual II offers more tools for working with clients to determine their level of stress so you can better assist them , their personality either pessimistic or optimistic to help determine possible difficulty factor, NLP eye accessing cues which is very helpful in determining the viability of facts during a regression, four more induction techniques, a complete regression course including Step Regression© and the Reverse Staging Technique so you may experience the actual surfacing of the past personality with their eyes open and a method to bring you into the regression successfully, Retention/Recall Technique that when executed properly will increase an individual’s ability to focus, apprehend, retain and recall information so they increase exam scores astronomically and the complete UD-Assisted Birthing© course to help mothers-to-be experience a pain-free delivery and have choice of local or general anesthesia without the use of dangerous drugs.

The new Ultra Script Manual is a two part manual which 12 of the 14 scripts are designed around the Ultra Depth® Relaxation script that I developed over ten years ago and have been using successfully with my personal clients. Completing my research with these scripts I decided that it was time to release them and include them in the Ultra Depth® Process Program. At the end of each script is additional information on how you may use each of the suggestions within that script for use with your clients. I have included RD Longacher’s, “Hypno-Depth Meter” technique that can be used to gain feedback from your client as to how deep he may be. The two new advanced self-hypnosis conditioning scripts that have fractionation imbedded within them for using with difficult subjects. Each script teaches an individual not only to respond to but also use himself the keywords, “Deeply Relax” to enter hypnosis. Plus, one script will condition the individual when responding to or using those keywords himself to enter the Sichort State.

I was once told in the past by a colleague that, “Progressive Relaxations are not all that great because you cannot use fractionation with them to gain depth.” Well, I decided to demonstrate how to do it with an adult hypnosis class class we were teaching at a local community college in Virginia since it was my turn to lead the final exercise that night. When I finally emerged everyone completely, their overly positive responses left my colleague speechless. As we left the college that evening I said jokingly to her, “You’re right, you cannot use fractionation in a progressive.” Her response was, “Alright smart ass, so you proved me wrong.” Now, I am sharing these scripts with you, they work very well. This new addition to my distant learning course gives you an additional 199 pages total, of scripts and powerful information to have even more success with your clients.

The DVD’s are recorded in NTSC format and may not play on all DVD Players.

Course Introduction by Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.

Even though I had studied and practiced clinical hypnosis for more than ten years, I had encountered nothing like what I found when I took James Ramey’s Ultra Depth® training in the Spring of 1999. I had studied Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with some the finest trainers in the U.S. and yet I found that James Ramey’s training of Ultra Depth® expanded my skills and knowledge in new and dramatic ways. My understanding of consciousness and awareness, particularly the use of progressive relaxation, staging, deepening, and depth have significantly improved, thanks to James’ training. James has enriched my appreciation of how these techniques can bridge the gap between the Conscious and the Subconscious.

James Ramey is a student of Walter Sichort, and it is through James that Sichort’s work will be preserved. James has made every effort, I believe, to remain true to the Sichort approach and to impart the work of this outstanding hypnotist to a younger generation of practitioners. Those who learn the Sichort methods will carry on the tradition, in the same manner as those who have carried on the work of the late Dr. Milton Erickson. While Erickson’s approach was more permissive and spontaneous, and relied on narrative, utilization, metaphors, and analogies, Sichort’s work, by contrast, is more directive and procedural, and therefore can be replicated more reliably. Sichort’s work is concerned with depth and with the evidence of hypnotic phenomena, in a manner much like that of Dr. G.H. Estabrooks (Professor of Psychology at Colgate University who wrote about hypnotism in the 1940s and 1950s).

The Ultra Depth® training manual you hold in your hands is the result of several years of research by James Ramey. The purpose of the manual is to supplement the information contained within the video in such a way that students can continue to practice the methods in the video and increase their skills over time. In this training, James has captured the ultimate results of Sichort’s work, as well as induction methods developed by Dave Elman. The manual features many standard preinduction exercises and information on basic psychology. Good illustrations, summaries, large type size, bold type highlights, and bulletized listings make this manual easy to use.

I keep it at my desk in my office where I have my practice in Springfield, Virginia, and refer to it often when working with clients. The book truly is a “How To Do It” guide from preinduction to reorientation. There is even advice on how to handle difficult subjects and unanticipated difficulties. The writing is clear, straightforward, and, with practice and attention to detail, students can duplicate the methods and achieve consistent results.

The scripts comprise the body of the manual and they are highly useful to the practitioner who wants to perfect his or her use of the language of these techniques. In this manual you will find scripts for progressive relaxation, somnambulism, the Esdaile State and the Sichort State along with direct suggestion scripts for common applications such as weight control and smoking cessation.

The scripts maintain the subtleties of the various techniques Ramey teaches in the video and makes for uniformity for the student and from one session to the next. When conducting practice, you will do well to read these scripts aloud, word for word, because the wording is the result of many years of trial and error and consistent refinement by Sichort, Ramey, and Miles. While I have made minor improvisations for some clients, I have observed that the verbatim scripts are amazingly effective in securing depth of relaxation, especially with clients who are new to clinical procedures. Read this manual thoroughly and you will know what to say and when to say it.

The DVD Ultra Depth® training is well organized with logical sequences. James provides good demonstrations and explanations of procedures. He strives for clarity and consistency. He brings to his training platform a sincere desire to teach well and an integrity that he exhorts his students to uphold in the practice of clinical procedures. He sets high standards for his students and seems gratified by their progress.

James Ramey’s skill as a trainer is the result of an indefatigable curiosity about the capabilities of human consciousness and the mind’s ability to heal the body. This training manual is the product of his quest to master the art of therapeutic techniques and share his discoveries with others. Thanks to his documentation, you and those you work with will benefit from James’ efforts as well. The skills James teaches are useful to any practitioner who wants to comprehend more completely the mechanics of induction and who is willing to use the process ethically, respectfully, and with positive intent.

Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Registered Ultra Depth® Practitioner
November 8, 1999

Past Graduates Testimonials

Ultra Depth® Training – December 2004 – France

When I came home from the seminar last winter I had changed and it was very clear to my family that something was different. I did not change physically but spiritually and even beyond that. I am more in tune with the world and the people living on this planet, I am led to things that I never thought possible and even more and this all happened without a single suggestion from James part!!!

Ultra Depth® is not hypnosis; hypnosis is merely a tool to get you to Ultra Depth®. I was privileged to get staged by James and I cannot thank him and his Subconscious (and my Subconscious) enough for letting me have this experience. I use it on a daily basis.

Since the seminar last winter, I have staged 3 people to the Sichort State. Yes it takes time; but the clients who want to get staged appreciate every single minute of it, and they are reporting the same thing, they are changing!

James said, you have to unlearn to learn. At the beginning I was very reluctant to some things, for example I didn’t want to count starting with the number one and I gave it a shot. Now, for nothing in the world I would go back the old way. Keep your mind open and you can always go back to the old way or at least you will be able to see the difference. I finally got around watching the DVDs. They are fantastic!

I saw it from a different perspective then being hypnotized myself. I have forgotten some things since, for example the glove anaesthesia was something I have no recollection of. The DVDs had other aspects which brought back all the memory of the course and it brought a lot of clarity to other things that I have simply forgotten, James covered many, many things . . . so these DVDs are a real gem.

I strongly recommend the DVDs, as well for those that already went through an Ultra Depth® workshop as for those who are starting out. This is something you will be able to watch over and over again and I am sure you will learn each time more about the process.

I can highly recommend James’s training and/or the DVDs to anyone wishing to get a thorough understanding of the Ultra Depth® Process. James’s personal and professional integrity are of highest standards. His many years of experience make his seminars and DVDs an invaluable source of knowledge which he lets transpire to his students. You will be surprised how effective and straightforward his technique is.

Wishing you all a wonderful day


Tatjana Radovanovic Köchler
Certified Hypnotherapist, Registered Ultra Depth® Practitioner
Geneva Switzerland