Tracey Cox – How to Be A Superflirt Download

Fresh, chatty, and filled with Tracey Cox’s personal tips and hilarious anecdotes, Superflirt takes the reader through the fundamentals of body language, then shows you how to express the messages you want to send and how to read what other bodies are saying to you. Packed with intimate photographs of real-life scenarios, this is the most stylish, elegantly designed, and up-to-date guide to body language available.

Are they flirting or just being friendly?

Have you been paying attention? If you have, hopefully you’ll spot the clues of who’s genuinely interested in who, and on what level. Be warned though: initial impressions can be deceptive and all is not as it first appears when first looking at this picture. Start by studying the group of three people on the left. A quick glance and it seems the girl is interested in the guy in the black top standing next to her. After all, she’s smiling, facing toward him and he’s leaning forward to invade her personal space. All are signs of sexual interest. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll see telltale signs that the real flirting is happening between her and the tall guy in the blue shirt.

Although she’s smiling at the guy next to her, it’s an insincere smile. A real smile fades and broadens in response to what’s happening, a fake one stays fixed and it’s clear her jaw is straining to hold this “polite” smile in position. She might be leaning forward, but it’s toward the bar, not the guy and other signals suggest she’s not at all happy about being “invaded” space wise. And what about the pretty girls at the end of the bar? What does their posture say? Lots actually.