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Imagine your perfect 10…

One second she’s standing there bored, staring at her phone, going about her day…

…and the next she’s MASSIVELY turned on.



…attracted….TO YOU.

As you engage her in conversation and flirtation, she goes from being skeptical at first…to curious…to intensely mesmerized.

You go from just a random guy on the street to THE Guy she’s been dying to meet her whole life.

A cool, confident, high-value guy…

… who challenges her and gives her butterflies with just a look and a tease.

It’s very on.

And it’s only been 30 seconds!

You’re a little shocked at first.

You try and conceal the excitement of having YOUR perfect 10 practically drooling at your every word.

But this isn’t an accident.You didn’t “get lucky”

And it’s got nothing to do with looks or money. (She knows next to nothing about you.)

Instead it’s got everything to do with what you’re doing…

…what you’re saying…

…how you’re saying it…

…and the critical ATTRACTION SWITCHES you’re flipping one by one.

Attraction switches that you could have never even guessed were there just a couple weeks before.

The truth is I don’t think about attraction at all.

When I go into a club or hit the streets during the day, I’m not worried about “getting attraction” in the slightest.

It just happens.

Again. And again. And again.

At this point, Attraction is pretty much an afterthought.

Ok, not EVERY girl.

But realistically speaking, a significant majority of the hot girls I approach end up “hooking” in 30 seconds or less.

And yes, that’s all the time you need.


In my experience, if you DON’T hook her in the first 30 seconds, you’re pretty much done.

But it wasn’t always like this for me.

After years of confusion and hitting my head against the wall, I LEARNED this skill cold.

To the point where I don’t have to think about it ever.

And so can you.

In fact very few people know the complete truth about attraction.

That’s because Attraction is Highly


The guys you assume would crush it end up being practically celibate.

And the guys who you think are total losers very often end up hooking up with 5 or 6 new stunners a month.

(Not to brag, but I once had sex with 25 women in a month and it was the least productive month of my life.)

As a professional dating coach for the last 15 years, I’ve seen my students end up having some of the absolute craziest hookups.

Fat dudes pulling porn stars.

Short dudes (like myself) with playmates.

Regular average guys getting threesomes with the 9’s and 10’s that ignored them in high school and college.

And reformed “nice” guys ending up with stunner girlfriends and wives that they could once only dream about.

How are these match-ups even possible?

What makes some of the most sought after women in the world go absolutely nuts for regular everyday Joe’s?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing:


They don’t want you to hook up with hot girls.

Who’s “they”, you ask?

Society, your parents, your friends, coworkers, teachers, magazines, movies, social media, etc.

They want you to think that only the rich, tall, successful, jacked guys get the hot girls.


Especially when it comes to sex and dating.

For a woman, how she FEELS about a guy usually determines what she’ll end up doing with him.


An incredibly powerful one.

Every single hot girl on Earth is constantly on a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs when it comes to guys, dating and sex.

And if you’re aware of what attraction switches she wants and needs flipped…

…then you become the outlet for all her sexual and romantic needs and fantasies.

The funny thing is that most of the time, 99% of guys HAVE NO F#*@ING CLUE what they’re doing.

Even though it was 15 years ago, I remember what not having a clue was like for me.

The funny thing is this:

Attraction is NOT intuitive for men.

When most guys think they’re being smooth and cool, they’re usually actively PUSHING THE GIRL AWAY and creeping her the fuck out!

(That also goes for alot of guys that have spent learning the wrong kind of game.)

At the end of the day, making a girl attracted to you is a simple process:

Flip the right switches, and you have attraction.

Accidentally flip JUST ONE of the WRONG switches…and you come off as creepy, pushy, and weird.

And the thing is…it’s so damn easy to flip a wrong switch.

Since the dawn of time, evolution determines how sex goes down.

Millions of years of sex and survival of the fittest that created the brains and emotions men and women have today.

Thank you, Charles Darwin.

At the end of the day, female attraction switches are instincts developed over millions of years of evolution.

Period. The end.

And these instinctual switches are designed to do one thing:


But it’s not what you might think.

I’ve had plenty of rich, tall, good looking students that couldn’t get laid if they had a glock to their heads.

That’s because women don’t actually CARE about the surface level stuff.

They want to find out who you really are.

And they’re really damn good at it too.

Her attraction switches are turned on or off based on one simple thing:


And she can really only base that on one thing only: HOW YOU ACT.

At the end of the day, our actions define who we are.

And the clearest indicator to her of whether or not you’re the real deal…or just another guy she’ll forget in a milli-second…is purely based on your actions and behaviors.

And you’d be surprised.

I’m not just talking about big gimmicky pickup lines you see in movies. (Those usually never work.)

I’m talking about subtle subconscious behaviors that you’re probably not even aware of making.

The sub-communications.

Both verbal and non-verbal.

Honest indicators of who you really are that can’t be faked.

Women are 10 times more perceptive than men.

And that might be an understatement.

Fact is, when you talk to a beautiful woman, she’s noticing EVERYTHING about you.

And most importantly… what you’re really thinking (as revealed to her by minute micro-expressions on your face.)

As a result, women are excellent mind-readers.

And here’s the truth that took me years to come to terms with:

To the girl, EVERYTHING is an honest signal of who you really are

A true indicator of whether or not you’re the guy who she’s going to fuck in an hour…

… or just another random dude she’ll forget in a second.

Through millions of years of evolution, it’s this level of intuition that’s made women incredibly good at sniffing out the true Alpha badasses from the millions of wannabe’s.
And the funny thing about honest signals and flipping attraction switches is this:

It’s all learnable.

And literally any guy can learn it…
…assuming he’s willing to take massive action.


Whether it’s in a crowded club or a random street corner, creating attraction comes down to one thing and one thing only:


Do you have immense value to her or not?

And not just any kind of value (she doesn’t care about what car you drive or if you have big muscles)…

…but the right evolutionary value that genuinely turns her on.

If you ever see me at a club or on the street or in my infield video, you’ll notice how easy it is for me to jump from girl to girl, instantly getting them hooked and wanting more.

And yes, I’m doing all this without thinking.

I know exactly what attraction switches to flick on to create MASSIVE VALUE in her eyes.

Massive value out of thin air.

And when you know how to instantly create that kind of value in the girl’s mind, the possibilities are limitless.

The truth is this:

Most guys just aren’t born with the natural ability to understand the complexities of the female mind.

I know I wasn’t.

And even though I’ve been in the game for almost 15 years, there’s still alot of confusion about Attraction.

I constantly see guys walking up to girls and either creeping them out…

…boring them to death.

…having “pleasant” conversations that end in minutes.

…or just plain being ignored.

If this sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone.

But after years of seeing guys hitting their heads against the wall to learn this major fundamental of game, I knew I had to do something about it.

Specifically, I wanted to make attraction a no-brainer.

A part of game that any guy could master in record time.

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