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“This is the best Tinder tool. Ever. I’m almost disgusted at how well it works.” 
– Daniel B.

If you want the easy (that’s code for cheat) method of hooking up with Tinder girls like this – read on…

Because this is how to get more dates and hookups than you’ve ever had.

  • If girls you’ve been chatting to have gone cold or stopped responding.
  • If you’ve ever found yourself stumbling for things to say.
  • If you feel like other guys are taking the attention away from you.
  • If you’ve ever felt fed up and almost given up on Tinder.

…If you’ve ever experienced any of these things you can understand how frustrating Tinder can be.

But guess what?! Tinder and girls don’t have to be so damned hard. They really don’t.

How To Turn Failure Into Success… Easily

Here’s an example of a conversation that looks like it’s going downhill. I’ve gone in for the number and she’s replied with an incredibly hostile message:

Ouch! How the hell are you supposed to reply to a message like that?!

….Well it’s easy. I use one of the simple methods from TINSANITY which turns a bad conversation into a successful one. Let’s see what happens:

SUCCESS! The conversation that appeared set for failure was completely transformed – in one message – and her number was acquired.

Frustration was transformed into elation.

You see, success on Tinder is much easier to achieve than most would have you think. You just need to know the successful strategies… the successful strategies guys who excel at Tinder know and use, but don’t tell.

Those guys won’t tell you, but TINSANITY will.

From Boring…. to Flirty and Fun, with just one message

Another one of the successful strategies is a little method that transforms any bland conversation into a flirty, chemistry-filled discussion. Here’s an example of a conversation that’s in danger of getting boring and fizzling out (don’t you hate that!):

“So what do you do?”

How boring!! Unless you’re a professional athlete, a CEO or make $150,000 a year she’s probably not going to care what your answer is.

You’ve probably been in this situation where you know the conversation is going nowhere. What do you do? Do you talk about your job, let the conversation fizzle out and lose all hope of seducing? Maybe you try as hard as you can to entertain her?… which ends up failing anyway.

Well, once you’re aware of the successful Tinder strategies, the right course of action is easy. Just look at how the boring conversation is transformed:

What just happened?!

The “what do you do” conversation that was in danger of fizzling out suddenly changed course into something flirty and filled with seductive chemistry. She goes from asking “what do you do” to declaring that she wants to go on a first-date.

Let me emphasize that – with this TINSANITY method you never have to ask a girl if she wants to go out on a date… she’ll openly tell you she wants to go on a date with you.

And the best thing… all this is repeatable. You can do it again and again, with girl-after-girl-after-girl. Can you imagine having a technique like that you can rely on?

What about getting her number?

How many phone numbers have you pulled from Tinder?… If it’s not at least 50% of the girls you’re chatting to, you’re underselling yourself. Really. You’re letting all these chances at being with great girls go down the drain.

With TINSANITY you’ll dramatically increase the amount of numbers you get from Tinder (which means more dates and hookups). All you need to do is use the super-effective method called The MPM.

Watch how well The MPM works:

Notice how the girl practically offers her number. You don’t need to beg… you don’t even ask for it.

Getting a date and hooking up is a piece of cake once you know the right strategies, like the MPM.

… That’s exactly what Adrian found out when he started using TINSANITY.

“I wasn’t going that well on Tinder so I thought I’d try TINSANITY and in less than a week I scored 5 numbers and went on dates with 3 of those girls. My matches have increased and I’m getting numbers quickly just by using a few easy methods. I highly recommend it.”

– Adrian Lee

Here’s another happy TINSANITY user:

And there’s Luis, who up until recently had never been able to get a Tinder date:

“This is working wonders. I’m now getting dates with girls who wouldn’t even say hello to me after matching, it’s really awesome how great this has been! This guide is a real eye-opener… Simple, clear and straightforward, you are a genius, Marcus!!”

– Luis Enrique

“I am surprised how easy women get interested when you do it this way. Wish I knew all this when I was younger :-)”

– Rick W.

“I have to say it definitely opened my eyes to my mistakes on Tinder.”

– Richard T.

“I can’t believe how well and fast everything has worked. Match on Tuesday, date on Thursday – all thanks to TINSANITY!”

– James H.

And here’s what people are saying about the Worlds #1 Dating App Conversation tool that you get with TINSANITY…

Guys like you are already using TINSANITY to effortlessly meet more girls.

How can one achieve consistent dating success or hookups?

In the last three years, I’ve answered this question myself, and TINSANITY will answer it for you. I will show you exactly how I, and the best seducers, have effortlessly attracted girls on Tinder. It’s simple to duplicate. There is a recipe you can follow… and it’s called TINSANITY.

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  • Simple conversation techniques that will make you witty, fun, flirty, mysterious and confident in your Tinder conversations...even if you’re not a natural.
  • Have the power of the World’s #1 Dating App Conversation Tool, Dating App Cheat, at your fingertips. It’s a cheat-sheet full of the world’s best Tinder conversation starters that you can copy word-for-word.
  • We show you how you can get a girls phone number in less than 5 minutes, using just two POWER Messages.
  • Find out the number 1 Tinder conversation topic for seduction (which barely any guys are using!). And how you can use this topic to seduce more girls.
  • How to set up expectations of what you’re looking for (dates or hookups) and how to move the conversation down that path so you get what you want.
  • Find out the specific emotions you need to evoke in your Tinder target, and receive the tools so you can do it whenever you want.
  • Hear about James, the 28 year old guy that had everything going for him but just couldn’t get any Tinder success… and find out how after a few simple changes, his matches skyrocketed.
  • How to sculpt conversations into successful outcomes (dates and hookups) – you’ll be given the tools to create an exciting, emotion filled conversation whenever you want.
  • Find out what my all-time most successful Tinder photo is – the photo that gets a huge amount of positive comments, and why the photo makes it so easy to get a date (Hint: it’s a photo you could easily replicate tonight!).
  • You’ll learn how to create an opener that will have girls interested in you from the beginning, an opener that will be better than 99% of guys on Tinder. And if you can’t be bothered creating openers, that’s OK because you’ll be getting a huge list of success-proven openers in Dating App Cheat to choose from).
  • Specific techniques to transform a failing conversation into a successful one – including the exact (and proven) lines you need to say to get this done.
  • The best way to reboot and revive old conversations.
  • Over 50 screen captures of conversations so you can see how easy it is to seduce.
  • Find out about the “shit-tests” that girls give you and why you’re probably failing them – you’ll get specific lines and techniques to get around these.
  • The 13 biggest conversation mistakes that you need to avoid.
  • The successful method that makes girls WANT to go on a date with you (it’s probably not what you expect). It’s incredibly simple – you don’t even have to ask for a date. We give you exact step-by-step methods and specific lines that you can copy.
  • The 8 biggest Tinder profile mistakes that guys make – find out how these could be limiting your matches right now.
  • TINSANITY reveals  “The MPM” – the incredibly simple and effective way you can consistently get a girls phone number.

You’re little tricks have made it easy as f*** for me to pick up with women off Tinder.– Travis from California

Once again, the TINSANITY System includes:

  • TINSANITY eBook: EVERYTHING you need to know to excel on Tinder. EVERYTHING.
  • Dating App Cheat iPhone application: The worlds most comprehensive dating app conversation tool. *iOS only. Download from app store required.*
  • Dating App Cheat eBook: All the successful lines of Dating App Cheat.

OK, sound’s cool. What else can you tell me about the TINSANITY system?

You will experience immediate success when you begin implementing the routines and lines of TINSANITY. These short-term results are great, although the long-term benefits are infinitely more powerful.

You’ll automatically know the right thing to say on Tinder at every moment, you’ll radiate self-assuredness by being truly yourself, and girls will adore you for it.

Here are a few personal memories and experiences that I’ve created from Tinder:

  • Flirtatious and intimate dinner dates that have lasted over four hours
  • Long lasting and fulfilling relationships with amazing girls
  • A steamy Thursday night cooking-date where dessert (choc-chip ice-cream) was served from each others bodies
  • A girl climaxing on my couch within one hour of our first Tinder conversation, who then went home, only to show up on my doorstep 15 minutes later wanting to do it all again because she enjoyed our conversation… I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Those and many more life-long memories are attributable directly to what I’ll share with you in TINSANITY. It’s the system of tools and proven strategies that produce results – amazing memories and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

It might sound corny, but the stuff that’s in TINSANITY not only improved my dating life, it improved my life. And it can improve yours, too.

“At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever.” -Anthony Robbins

Just imagine how TINSANITY could change your life…

…There are so many girls that you could be meeting and dating. 

I bet somewhere deep down inside you know that TINSANITY will give you the change that you’ve been waiting for – the change that will allow you to enjoy amazing experiences and memories. You should trust your gut feeling and take action – you have so much to gain and literally nothing to lose.

You’ve seen how successful it is. You’ve seen how others have already been using TINSANITY to get great results…. Why should you be the one that misses out? It’s only logical that you’ll have the same successful experience that others like Adrian and Luis have had.