Thomas Denson – iGNITE The definite guide to meeting girls using Tinder and Snapchat PDF Download

Thomas Denson - iGNITE The definite guide to meeting girls using Tinder and Snapchat PDF Download
Thomas Denson – iGNITE The definite guide to meeting girls using Tinder and Snapchat PDF Download

How to take decent pictures, including a description of the more common mistakes guys make.
How to set up a meeting in 15 minutes or less.
How to trick Tinder into believing you are in a different city to ensure you have matches for when going on vacation or business trips.
How to test your pictures and profile text without burning potential matches.
How to post process your images to make yourself look better.
Plenty of real life examples of conversations with real women who decided to meet up.
The techniques I applied to bed 5 women in a week, aged between 18 and 32. I’m 39 myself.
How I got 2,500 matches on Tinder in 3 days without putting in any effort at all.
How mobile dating is different from online dating, and how you need to understand the medium for maximum success.
The importance of bridging the gap between prospect and product when you meet with girls.
How to sexualize any interaction and make sure you never end up in the friend zone.
How to use cutting edge techniques from popular psychology like priming and spreading activation.
How to work smarter by automating parts of the Tinder process.
Use stigmatization to make girls want to meet with you.
Learn how to increase her investment in you by using powerful open loop techniques.
Communicate using girl code language which allows you to be sexual and at the same time not be.

Stop wasting time on Tinder
iGNITE is a manual for guys who want to have more success using the services Tinder and Snapchat to meet women. It is a no-nonsense, fully-fledged system that focuses on gradual improvement and providing high quality tools for troubleshooting. Working hard does not really work if you are unable to understand what you are doing wrong.

Thomas Denson – iGNITE  is split in six major parts. First will be a description of the different services and how to operate them. We will look at how you get the most possible amount of matches with as little effort as possible.

Then, we consider you, the product. How can you make yourself more interesting to women in general? We will go in detail how you present yourself and how you can test your profile without burning potential matches.
We will move on to cover a slew of concepts that are generally true, with numerous examples.
These concepts come together in techniques that are easy to start using right away.
To give the whole process structure and a means for error correction, we will describe a funnelling system which is easy to implement and very helpful. This will basically allow you to easily troubleshoot your interactions and guide your communication.
To round it off, we’ll look at the natural way to progress from match to meeting and beyond in a step-by-step description.