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 From the desk of Bill Preston:

Dear frustrated friend,

Have you ever wanted to approach a beautiful woman, but you were afraid that you wouldn’t know what to say?

She’s right there looking all hot and sexy, and all you have to do is walk up and start talking to her… but you just can’t because you are paralyzed with fear of what to say to her.

And isn’t it frustrating to see another guy approach her, and watch as she starts to flirt with him and you can tell that she is totally into him.

Do ever you find yourself wondering what might have happened if only YOU had the skills to talk to her in that way?

It completely sucks, doesn’t it?

Also – have you ever thought something like this:

“I’m sick and tired of women not being attracted to me. Why do other guys get such amazing women, when I clearly have so much more to offer them? Why can’t I attract the women I want when I am obviously such a good catch?”

And when you do finally get the courage to approach a hot woman, you freeze up, start to panic and just can’t think of anything to say…

And This Fear Is What Keeps You From Ever Approaching Attractive Women

Now I realize that this may come as a surprise to guys who know me today, but
this used to happen to me all the time!

I would see an amazingly hot, sexy woman that I wanted to meet, but I just couldn’t get myself to go over and talk to her.

But then I realized something.

The main reason I was afraid to approach women, was that I was actually scared that I wouldn’t know what to say to get her attracted to me AFTER the approach.

I bet you’ve felt this at some point.

You are talking to a hot woman and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you feel the conversation stalling and you can slowly feel her lose interest in you as she looks away.

And the worst part is, the harder you try to recover, the worse it gets!

Well My Friend, I Have Some Great News

What if I were to tell you that you could instantly and effortlessly generate sustainable attraction in every woman that you meet?

What if you could be doing this the very next time you walk out your door?

And what if it was…

Guaranteed To Work On All Types Of Women

From the quiet librarian type who let’s her hair down and is a sexy wildcat in bed.
to the Playboy-like trophy babe on your arm making all your friends jealous.

From that first glance across the room, to the time she is looking forward to being alone with you on a date in your bedroom.All just by using some simple yet amazingly effective techniques, in a way that no guy has ever done before.

And let me tell you, when you learn to do this, she will be such putty in your hands that getting her between the sheets will seem like child’s play.

Here’s An Incredible Opportunity To:

Easily install the same material taught at expensive PUA boot-camps.

Impress your friends with your ability to attract (and date) smoking-hot women.

Finally have true selection over the choice of quality women in your life.

But before we dive into what this is…

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You are talking to a girl and have NO idea what to do or say that will make her feel attraction for you and it is just a matter of time before she makes up an excuse to go back to her friends.

You seemed to have hit it off when you first met a girl and everything seemed perfect, but now she is quickly losing interest in you and you don’t know how to re-spark that attraction. 

You watch another guy talk to the girl you are interested in, and somehow she magically starts showing interest in him, even though you know you are a better catch. 

You are paralyzed with fear to approach women, because you are scared that you won’t be able to keep them interested in you.

As I mentioned, I used to be incredibly frustrated with my ability to talk to women.

I mean, no matter how clever my ‘pick up line’ was, I always felt like I had nothing to say that would keep them interested, engaged and invested in me.

But Things Are A Lot Different Now!

But only after I decided to take action to finally fix this part of my life.

I spent countless hours hanging out and listening to other guys who were good with women.

I literally invested THREE YEARS testing and refining everything I could get my hands on to help me to engage and attract the hottest women.

I read books on body language.

Learned cold reading.

Refined my stories and developed a few amazing questions that always resulted in the conversation taking on a fun, sexual vibe.

I learned how to touch women, in ways that almost magically generated attraction, without seemy creepy or weird.

I discovered the easiest way to get a woman’s phone number, a kiss or even a date even get her back to my place whenever I wanted.

What worked, I kept doing.

What didn’t work I broke down and analyzed, finding out exactly why.

Then I changed how I did it, over and over again.

After countless hours of frustration, failures and testing…

I actually started getting consistently great results with women.

And now today I am here to tell you…

Attracting Hot Women Is Incredibly Easy!

My name is Bill Preston and I’ve discovered a simple method that actually is proven to engage and attract even the hottest women just by following a few simple to remember steps.

When I am with a woman, I know exactly how to automatically start flipping her attraction switches.

I’ve learned the secret to generating attraction with women who I used to think were way out of my league.

The simple truth is, those women are well within your reach.. once you know the secrets.

And getting those women eagerly interested in dating you is also easy… once you know the secrets!

With this confidence, I can now fearlessly walk up to a group of women and confidently start a conversation, knowing that I have a simple system that will make it easy to engage and attract these women.

Now I realize that all this might sound too good to be true, and believe me… that’s what I thought when I first made this discovery.

But as I began to apply the method to myself, I noticed that I suddenly stopped have problems talking to women.

And I can tell you this… when you get to THIS point in your dating life…

…It Becomes Pretty DAMN Satisfying

Now, I am at a point where I have an amazing woman in my life and I am fully satisfied (which I think is the place we all want to be at… at some point).

But, if you are like me, you would agree it needs to be with the right woman.

Which is why it is so important to get better at meeting and attracting women, so you have the power to make the choice who is right for YOU.

Choice is good my friend. Choice is good.

What I’ve now reallized along the way is that my success had almost nothing to do with me and everything to do with these simple (but powerful) techniques I was using, to always say and do the right things when talking to women.

Modules Covered:

  • Warming Up, Approaching, Conversation & Next Steps (47 min)
  • Bad Boy Boy Flirting & Sexual Tension (32 min)
  • Infusing Magic Into Your Game (52 min)
  • How To Get Women To From The Bar To The Bedroom (55 min)
  • Rapport Done Right With Women (55 min)

Here’s What This Amazing Video Program Will Teach You..

How to quickly get out of your own head (using a simple technique that works every time), so you are in the moment with women. 

The secret ‘pre-approach’ that will get her subconsciously interested in you, without saying a word.

A revolutionary way to overcome approach anxiety (this has been a closely guarded secret UNTIL NOW).

The key to finally stop missing out on “opportunities” when meeting women.New, completely fresh direct openers, that are not only simple and fun, but will instantly make women feel attracted to you.

The perfect way to touch a woman that will make her subconsciously attracted to you, without risk of rejection.

A top secret cold reading technique that is easy to master, yet so powerful it will make women feel like they’ve known you forever.

MANY fun conversational techniques and games that will keep women engaged for hours and leave them wanting more.

The real reason why most guys FAIL when talking to women and why women are NOT attracted to the guys who do this WARNING: Almost All Guys Make This Mistake!

Tricks and techniques that work to easily hold conversations that will build attraction for you so powerful it is almost dangerous (use at your own risk

How to correctly use venue changes, to generate attraction (this works every time).

A secret touch technique that will send a dual message that will amplify her attraction to you.

Easily master an advanced body language technique that will subconsciously increase her attraction for you (and she won’t be able to resist it).The easiest, smoothest and most rejection proof method for getting a girls phone number.

Fun and unique (yet rejection proof) ways to approach a woman that will generate massive amounts of attraction and curiosity.

The simple roadmap that almost guarantee an amazing first date (even if it is the same night).

A ridiculously simple, yet fun technique that will spike her attraction for you, even just moments after you’ve met.

The exact things to say when you approach a woman (even if she is surrounded by her hot girlfriends) that will make you stand out from EVERY other guy who has ever approached her…EVER.

A secret technique that will finally allow you to STOP paying for a woman’s drinks and she will actually like it!Fool proof, step by step instructions on how to get her wanting to come back to your place.