The Book of YaReally PDF Download

The Book of YaReally Format : PDF , Epub , Mobi

YaReally is an esteemed commenter from the blogs Chateau Heartiste and The Rational Male. In the same vein as ‘The Book of Pook’ and ‘The Tyler Digest’ I have compiled what I think are his best posts and created this handy to read PDF filled with PUA knowledge bombs. Some say YaReally is Tyler Durden himself, though he denies it, it’s easy to see the similarities between the two. Both have forgotten more about PUA and social dynamics than most will ever know.

The book is a 953 page smorgasbord of PUA knowlege, including, what I think is the best resource for pua knowledge: field report breakdowns. Short of your own reference experience, you won’t find a better resource.