Tantra Cure for Premature Ejaculation Download

Making love for as long as you like without the fear that at any moment you will tense up and it will be game over.
Actually being relaxed in your lovemaking – you know you have full control, you feel confident and strong.
Finally being able to take her in such a way so that she screams and moans with pleasure and has that ravished smile on her face when you finish.
No longer having to drive home frustrated and humiliated. Instead waking up to feel her snuggling up close to you, open, warm and full of devotion, ready for more.
The emotional fulfillment you get by being able to fully satisfy a woman and feeling how she responds to your new found masculinity.
How the control over your sexuality will spread to other domains of your life giving you self-confidence and a feeling of virility and strength.
The saving of your marriage or your relationship – you no longer have to fear coming home one day to find her packing her bags If any of the above seems good to you then what you’ll learn here will change your life 180 degrees.

Tantra Cure for Premature

You are in a long term relationship actually living with your girlfriend or wife:

She is riding on top of you completely ecstatic and close to her orgasm and you are desperately lying there hoping you won’t come before she reaches her climax – but you lose control, “oh no” you say teeth clenched. Seeing that you have lost it, she instantly pulls out of you – “not again” she gasps.

After coming too quickly you just lie back in resignation and she lies there next to you or sits on the edge of the bed. You feel a deep sinking feeling of unworthiness.

You seem to have had this problem for ages. Its not anything you really can speak about together, but the problem is there none the less and its affecting the relationship. You can feel she is not satisfied and you know you are not dealing with the problem.

There is a feeling of distance and of coldness – you can feel you are not penetrating your woman and even if you live under the same roof, you feel like strangers to each other. The intimacy seems to have disappeared completely and you seem to be running your lives on autopilot.

You have a sneaking fear at the back of your mind that your girlfriend is considering to start seeing other men who can satisfy her or even worse: IS already seeing somebody else

OR – 2. You might be a single young man experiencing the following:

Meeting a beautiful woman, taking her home with you, getting her clothes of and … coming the moment you penetrate her

Her saying it’s okay but you know she’s just saying it to try and make you happy. You know she’s disappointed and was looking forward to good, hard and long sex. You know deep down that she has lost trust in you and you’re desperately trying to figure out a way to save face.

You try to hide the fact that you’ve come by attempting to prolong the foreplay and steer her around the wet spot on the sheets.
You drive home feeling angry and frustrated wondering whether you’ll ever be seeing her again.
You start actually avoiding women because you’re afraid to disappoint them in bed