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“Could It Really Be That Easy To Consistently Turn Phone Numbers Into Dates, Sex, & Even Relationships?”

The Answer Is Yes And If You’re Ready To Learn Secrets That Emotionally Drive Women To Think About, Obsess Over, & Desire You To Ask Them Out Long Before You Suggest Getting Together With Them, Keep Reading…

From: Swinggcat Author of “Real World Seduction

Dear friend,

Has something like this ever happened to you…

You meet a girl…

Spark attraction.

Fuse a connection.

Maybe lock lips with her.

Get her number.

Maybe your friends look at you with awe.

It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Or so you think.

But when you contact her, she doesn’t respond.


Texts you the dreaded “Who is this?”


She texts with you a few times before ignoring you forever.


She becomes your text buddy and has no interest in getting together with you.


Every time you make plans with her, she flakes.

If you answered YES, give yourself a huge pat on the back because…

By admitting to yourself that this is something you need to work on, you’ve taken the first step to fixing it.

If you ask most men if they’ve ever had a number go sour, they’ll puff out their chest and say, “Nah, man. I’ve got mad game. Girls always respond to my texts.”

Their selective memories conveniently remember only the numbers that turned into dates, sex, and relationships. Erased from their memory banks are the dozens of numbers that went sour.

The Cold-Hard Truth:

Every Heterosexual Male On The Planet Has Gotten A Girl’s Number, & Thought It Was A Sure Thing…

But When He Contacted Her, She Never Responded, Rendered Him Her Text Buddy, Or Kept Flaking On Him.

This may have left him languishing in a dark, dark place.

One minute he felt on top of the world; the next, he felt rejected, pathetic, and smaller than a gnat.

Maybe “Bitch,” “whore,” “flake,” and every other dirty word in the book swam through his mind.

Maybe he ran through each of his perceived flaws, shortcomings, and inadequacies.

Maybe the words, ” You idiot. She was never into you. You’re not good enough for her,” echoed inside his head again and again.

Only God Knows How Many Times A Phone Number Went Sour On Me…

A thousand?

Two thousand times?

I shudder thinking about.

Even after honing my skills at picking up women, my phone game stunk.

Night-after-night, I left friends stunned and awed by how quickly I’d make out with the hottest girls at the bar.

All of them envied my dating life.

But here’s the inconvenient truth…

Most of the girls I picked up, I never saw again.

On the plus side, I perfected my skills at getting one-night-stands.

But the reality is this: not every interested girl will go home with you that night. Plus, you can sleep with only one (maybe two) girls at a time.

Because I lacked phone game, I missed out on a lot of quality pootang.

I developed a mature attitude: If a number went sour, it’s okay. It’s just not meant to be.

But it wasn’t okay. I’d grown complacent and was leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.

The Game Is Played Over The Phone…

… And The Longer You Wait To Fix Your Phone Game, The More Opportunities You’ll Miss Out On…

Why Most Men Fail Miserably At Phone Game…

Soon after you part ways with a woman you’ve just met, her feelings for you vanish.

To put it more precisely, her feelings haven’t vanished but lie dormant beneath the surface.

As Long As A Woman’s Feelings For You Lie Dormant, You Will Not Get Her From The Phone To Out In Person.

To get a woman from the phone to out in person you need to do one of two things.

The first is trying to spark attraction and fuse a connection all over again but over texting.

Good luck with that. It’s an uphill battle.

Doing this is no different from calling up a random woman you’ve never met and trying to get her out on a date.

But there’s another option. One very few men know how to do correctly. One that works – big time.

If You Reactivate The Feelings That Made Her Crush On You The Night You Met Her, She’ll Respond To Your Texts, Pick Up The Phone When You Call, & Meet Up With You In Person.

It took around five-hundred text and phone conversations for me to clue on how to go about this.

Add in at least another thousand for me to create, hone, and perfect a system that reactivates the feelings a woman had for you again and again and again.

Inside my Phone Game Course you’ll my entire system for reactivating these feelings.

Just Imagine Sending A Woman A Few Short Texts, Quickly Getting Her On The Phone, And, A Few Days Later, Having Her Naked In Your Bed…

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Learn Inside The Phone Game Audio Course….

The Easy-To-Master Reactivation System.

Imagine you meet a girl and send her on an emotional high that makes her crush on you.

How do you reactivate that emotional high through the phone?

Good question.

You need to realize this:

Every Girl Has A Reactivation Roadmap Made Up Of Emotional States & Triggers.

Emotional States: The night you met her, you stirred in her a medley of feelings. They are the building blocks of the emotional high you sent her on. The one that made her crush on you. These feelings are emotional states.

Triggers: Things you said or did, certain moments she had with you, and bits of banter you exchanged with her stirred these emotional states inside her.

These are triggers and they can reactivate the emotional states anchored to them over and over again.

To bring back to life the emotional high over the phone, you need to know what emotional states made her crush on you.

Further, you need to know what triggers stirred these emotional state inside her.

Put simply…

Without Decoding A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap, You Cannot Bring Back To Life The Emotional High That Made Her Crush On You.

The key to decoding her Reactivation Roadmap is so simple and obvious, that most men cannot see it.

Alas, they focus on the wrong emotional states and triggers.

Instead of reactivating the emotional high, they end up hurling the poor girl into a yawn-induced coma. Or, even worse, they never get a response from her.

Inside Phone Game You’ll Learn The Secrets Behind Decoding A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap.

But you’re not out of the dark yet…

Just Knowing A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap, Won’t Give You Access To It.

If you attempt to fire one of her triggers, you won’t reactivate any of the emotional states anchored to it.

Instead, she’ll clam up, retreat, and resist experiencing any of them.

For the trigger to go off and reactivate the emotional states anchored to it, she has to fire it on her own.

How do you persuade her to fire the trigger?

I’ve developed a technology called “Breadcrumbing” that does just this.

Breadcrumbs are little bits of banter that lure a woman towards a trigger and coax her into firing it on her own.

When You Couple Her Reactivation Roadmap With Breadcrumbing, You Can Reactivate The Emotional States That Made Her Crush On You Again And Again And Again.

And it gets better…

Each time you reactivate these emotional states, they intensify.

If Your Texts To Women Kept Reactivating & Intensifying The Emotional States That Made Them Crush On You, How Many Dates Would You Have This Week?

Here’s A Small Peek Of What You’ll Get Inside My Roadmap Reactivation System…

  • The secrets behind decoding a woman’s entire Reactivation Roadmap.
  • A calibration technique that develops your ability to recognize the emotional states that made her crush on you.
  • How to uncover the triggers that stirred these emotion states inside her.
  • A little trick that doesn’t make it easy to remember but impossible to forget a woman’s Reactivation Roadmap.
  • How to use a hypnotic technique called “response potential” to intensify the emotional states each time you reactivate them.
  • The number one mistake men make when trying to reactivate a woman’s emotional states. (If you’re making this mistake, you’re probably not getting any results over the phone.)
  • The psychology behind this mistake and how to avoid it like the plague.
  • A PhD education on Breadcrumbing (Once you master it, you’ll be able to coax and lure women into fire triggers on their own. That means you can keep reactivating their emotional states without one iota of resistance.
  • How to create a breadcrumb from the moment you get her number that keeps reactivating and intensifying emotional states responsible for her crushing you.
  • Powerful breadcrumbs to use on your first and second text to her that get her thinking about you.
  • How to use breadcrumbs when talking to her on the phone.
  • How to incorporate breadcrumbs into stories you share with women.
  • How to create a breadcrumb that not only coaxes her into firing a trigger but also stirs a need for your approval and validation.
“Just Think Of The Women You’ll Be Dating, Sleep With, And Maybe Forming A Relationship With Once You Learn My Reactivation Roadmap System.”

Secrets That Build Enough Trust, Create Enough Comfort, & Fuse Enough Of A Connection For Women To Meet Up With You In Person.

We’ve all had it happen…

One night out at a bar, you meet your dream girl in the flesh.

The sexual chemistry is palpable.

You guys bond over sharing the same birthday, hating the same foods, playing with the same toys as kids, and having the same favorite movie – one most people think is awful.

As you’re exchanging numbers, she says, “Where did you come from? You’re my other half. We are so getting together.”

But when you contact her, she doesn’t respond or refuses to meet up with you in person.

What the F***, man?

Why does this happen?

Although you guys shared a connection, you don’t know each other and have zero mutual friends in common.

She may not trust you yet. Her feelings towards you are probably ambivalent and capricious.

It’s A Big Leap For A Woman To Meet Up With A Complete Stranger.

But there’s another reason.

One most men take for granted…

When you met her, you showed interest and got her number.

This left her feeling sexy, awesome, and on her money.

If you met her in a bar, she probably put heaps of time into painting her face, coifing her hair, and picking out her sexiest outfit.

To top it off, the libations she’d ingested likely lowered her inhibitions and left her feeling sexier, flirter, and wittier than her normal self.

When you ask her out over texting, a fit of “I’m not normally that sexy, quick, or charming” may gnaw away at her confidence and leave her thinking: Will he even like the real me? 

Believe it or not…

Women Actually Break Plans With Men For Silly Reasons Like Feeling Bloated Or Getting A Pimple.

Sure, women go out with male strangers all the time.

But think about how many males suitors they shut down.


And women found some of these men plenty charming and attractive.

But because these men failed to build enough trust, create enough comfort, and fuse enough of a connection, women didn’t go out with them.

Inside phone game you’ll learn powerful secrets for building enough trust, creating enough comfort, and fusing enough of a connection for a woman to meet up with you in person.

Not only that.

You’ll learn my two-step process for getting a girl to rehearse in her mind again and again hanging out with you in person.

The more she rehearses it, the more comfortable she becomes with the idea.

Eventually the idea burgeons into a full-fledged desire – a desire for you to ask her out.

When you put a woman through this two-step process, she’ll sit by her phone, hoping and obsessing over you asking her out long before you ever suggest getting together.

What Would Your Dating Life Be Like If You Could Compel Women To Hope & Obsess Over You Asking Them Out Long Before You Suggest Getting Together With Them?

Here’s Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover For Building Enough Trust, Creating Enough Comfort, & Fusing Enough Of A Connection For Women To Meet Up With You In Person…

  • How to create mutually exclusive experiences you can use over the phone that intensify the connection between her and you.
  • The number one mistake guys make that destroys all trust and ruins their chances of a woman ever meeting up with them.
  • Why only texting with her drastically decreases your chances of getting her out.
  • Why calling her on the phone is a crucial step to building enough trust, creating enough comfort, and fusing enough of a connection for her to meet up with you.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build trust, increase comfort, and fuse a deeper connection over the phone.
  • How to fuse a connection with different types of girls (Shy girls require one kind of communication style, outgoing girls require another.)
  • The trick to getting women to open up (Getting a woman to open up is a crucial piece to fusing a connection with her.)
  • Why pulling back and creating negative space at a crucial juncture not only builds comfort but also makes her want to get together with you.
  • A two-step process that gets her to rehearse in her mind hanging out with you (Do this and not only will she be comfortable with the idea, she’ll literally obsess over you asking her out.)

Take A Second To Think About All The Girls Who Liked You When You Met Them…

But Kept Flaking On You

Or Wouldn’t Meet Up With You In Person…

Imagine What Would Have Happened If You Possessed The Skills To Build Enough Trust, Create Enough Comfort, & Fuse Enough Of A Connection.

An A-Z Phone Game System That Takes You Step-By-Step From Getting Her Number To Getting Her Out In Person & Beyond…There’s a lot of crucial steps involved for a number to turn into a date, sex, or a relationship.One misstep or wrong turn can annihilate your chances with a woman.Something as small as the way a guy asks for a woman’s number, a text message he sends her, or the time he calls her may destroy any chances of ever seeing her again.For the number to materialize, you need to complete several steps correctly, such as:

– Getting her number the right way.

– Sending her the right first and second text.

– Texting her at the right time.

– Exchanging the right amount of text messages with a girl before getting her on the phone.

– Getting her on the phone the right way.

– Saying the right things to her on the phone.

– asking her out the right way.

– and many, many more steps.

If You Do Not Complete The Necessary Steps, The Number Usually Won’t Go Anywhere…

She may respond to you for a bit. But after a while things will fizzle out and she’ll stop responding.

Inside Phone Game I take you through each one of these steps in excruciating detail.

If You Follow Each Of These Steps, You’ll Turn Number After Number Into Date After Date…

Here’s An Inside Look At A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside My A-Z Phone Game System That Takes You From Getting Her Phone To Getting Her Out Person…

  • Why asking for a woman’s number kills attraction and gives her all the power.
  • How to get her number in way that puts you in charge of the interaction and builds attraction.
  • The first thing you should text her (Hint: you’re going to text her right after you get her number and while you’re still talking to her.)
  • When to text her again. (Most men botch this – big time.)
  • The second text you should send her (Hint: it’s a single word that instantly piques her interest and gets her responding. To be honest, this secret is so good, I almost don’t want to give it away.)
  • The third text you should send her (This simple text lights up her Reactivation Road Map like a Christmas tree and bring back to life all of the emotions she felt for you the night you met her.)
  • Why it’s absolutely crucial that you get her on the phone.
  • How to know the right time to transition from texting to the phone.
  • A sneaky trick that compels women to pick up their phone when you call.
  • The underlying purpose of talking to her on the phone (Hint: It’s not to ask her out. Do this and she probably won’t go out with you.)
  • A complete education on how to talk to her on the phone. (You’ll discover exactly what to say and how long the phone conversation needs to be.)
  • Powerful psychology that gets her hoping and obsessing over you asking her out long before you suggest getting together.
  • How to ask her out in a way that not only drives her to say “YES” but also gets her to show up.
  • Why promising a woman an interesting, fun, or unusual date increases the odds that she’ll flake.
  • Why you shouldn’t reveal the location of the date to her until the day of (This is crucial and will save you a lot of heartache.)
  • Where to take her on your first date (Trust me: this won’t cost you much money.)
  • How to double the odds that you get some action from her.
  • How to handle flakes in a way that insures that they show up the next time.
  • How to follow up on old numbers that have gone stale in a way that gets them responding again.

    The Next Time You Get A Girl’s Number, You’ll Know Exactly How To Turn That Number Into A Date, Sex, Or Relationship.

    Just How Awesome Will That Be?

Who The Phone Game Course Is For?

  • If you’re sick and tired of letting number after number take up space in your phone and go absolutely nowhere.
  • If you’re someone who gets numbers but when you contact them, they don’t respond as much as you’d like.
  • If you’re someone who’s experienced girls flaking on them or refusing to go out with them.
  • If you’d like to learn a complete system the teaches you how to work the phone the right way.
  • If you already get some results over the phone but want to take your Phone Game to the next level.

Who Isn’t Phone Game For?

  • Complacent men who are happy as a lark with the mediocre results they’re currently getting.
  • Men set in their ways (Even though what they’re doing isn’t working, they’re determined to keep doing it).
  • And men experiencing so much success with women, they couldn’t handle any more.

Why The Phone Game Course Is Different From Other Courses…

Many other Phone Game courses offer cute lines to text women. These lines may get a laugh and a few responses before the number fizzles out.

Phone Game Is Different Because It Gives You The Tools To Reactivate The Emotional High That Made Her Crush On You The Night You Met Her.

Here’s What You Get With The Phone Game Course…

  • My A-Z Phone Game System That Takes You From Getting Her Number To Getting Her Out On A Date… And Beyond.
  • My Reactivation Roadmap System That Gives You The Skills To Decode A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap & Bring Back Again & Again The Feelings She Had For You The Night You Met Her.
  • My System For Building Enough Trust, Creating Enough Comfort, & Fusing Enough Of A Connection For Her To Meet Up With You In Person.