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Could It Be Possible To Gain Complete Power & Control Over Your Interactions With The Women You Desire With Minimum Effort?

The Answer Is Yes & If You Want Unlimited Freedom To Take Your Female Interactions In The Direction You Choose, Keep Reading…

From: Swinggcat
Author of “Real World Seduction”

Dear friend,

Be real with me for a sec…

Have you ever…

  • Chickened out on approaching a girl you’d like to meet?
  • Approached a hottie but minutes later things got awkward?
  • Had a girl excuse herself from a conversation you thought was going well?
  • Felt you were totally in with a hottie but minutes later she started flirting with another guy?
  • Texted or called a girl but didn’t get any response?
  • Had a girl flake on you again and again?
  • Been told by a woman you really liked, “Let’s just be friends,” or even worse, “You’re not really my type”?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions…

You’re Not Alone & It’s Not Your Fault.

I feel ya, bro. I’ve been there before.

In fact…

Years ago, while eating dinner with friends, a hottie strolled by our table – her heels clicked and heart-shaped ass swayed side-to-side.

My eyeballs pulsated with desire and my buddies teased…

“You’ll Never Get A Girl Like That. She’s Way Out Of Your League.”

Their verbal venom stung and infected me with doubt. I worried that they may be right.

I wasn’t completely hopeless. Sometimes I did approach. Occasionally, the girl would be into me. And once in a long while I’d get the number and things would work out.

But more than half the time I’d chicken out and wouldn’t approach the girl.

More often than not, within minutes of talking to a girl, she’d excuse herself from the conversation.

And even when I got a woman’s number, she’d respond to my texts only a few times before disappearing for good.

The few dates I got rarely went anywhere. Usually I’d get an A-arch anemic hug good-bye. Or the girl would tell me that she didn’t really feel “a spark” with me.

To put it harshly…

I Had No Control Over My Interactions With Women.

I didn’t have some major epiphany that made me amazing with women over night.

Instead, through countless hours of practice and experimenting I slowly figured out each step you need to do to get the girl.

These steps are the attraction building blocks you must do to go from spotting a girl to taking her to bed.

Once I mastered these foundations, I had complete power and control over my interactions with the women I desired.

In fact, I was seeing so many girls that I couldn’t handle any more.

When I met new ones, I didn’t even ask for their phone number. Instead, I’d sleep with them a few hours later.

Because I want to eliminate the pain and confusion most men experience, I’ve turned these attraction building blocks into an audio course called “Foundations For Generating Attraction.”

Inside You’ll Learn Each Of These Attraction Building Blocks & Gain Complete Power & Control Over Your Interactions With The Women You Desire.

Here Are The Attraction Building Blocks You’ll Learn Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction…

Attraction Building Block # 1

Male Traits That Trigger Women To Win You Over…

Some women go wet in the panties for muscles, height, and good looks.

Others cannot resist a man with money, fame, or status.

There’s no avoiding the issue: women have a type. And if you aren’t their type, attracting them can seem like a losing battle.

But here’s the thing…

More often than you think, women fall for guys who are the exact opposite of “their type.”

I’ve seen status seekers and gold diggers date coffee house baristas.

One friend targets muscle bound Fabios with long golden locks. But her current boyfriend is scrawny and bald.

Another almost exclusively dates black NBA players. But the man she’s obsessed with is a 5’6″ white dude.

What do all these guys have in common?

They possess male traits that slide below a woman’s radar, compel her to see them as the Prize, and trigger her to chase them.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction, you’ll learn how to develop each of these traits.

Just Imagine…

A Hottie Thinking, “He’s So Not My Type.”

But A Few Minutes Laster, She Can’t Keep Her Paws Off You & She Doesn’t Know Why.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover About Developing These Traits…

  • How to develop the twelve male traits that subconsciously trigger women to see you as the Prize and win you over.
  • Step-by-step instruction on displaying each of these traits while interacting with women (Follow these instructions and watch women chase you within seconds).
  • Real world examples of your truly displaying these traits while interacting with women (When you listen to my examples, you’ll see for yourself how easy this is.)
  • Written exercises that makes these traits a permanent part of your identity. (They’ll change the way women respond to you for the rest of your life).
  • Male traits that kill attraction (and secrets for replacing each one with a trait that makes women chase you.)

If You Had These Traits Five Years Ago, What Would Your Life Dating Life Have Been Like?

Here’s what this man had to share…

“I’m not a horrible looking guy. But I was so neurotic about the way I look and would compare myself to other guys. Your course introduced to me to developing traits far more important than looks. Now I’m dating girl I would have never gotten before your course. Thanks for giving me a life.”

Matt from Portland

Attraction Building Block # 2

Rock-Solid Beliefs, Mindsets, & Confidence With Women…

Have you ever believed…

  • If you approached a woman you found attractive she’d act mean or reject you.
  • A woman you liked didn’t feel attraction toward you?
  • You couldn’t get intimate with a woman?
  • If you tried to kiss a woman she’d reject you?
  • If you asked for a woman’s phone number she’d say, “No.”?
  • If you asked a woman out on a date she’d say she’s busy or flake on you?

Believing any of these things bodes really really bad news…

Beliefs Are Contagious:

If You Believe A Girl Doesn’t Like You, She’ll Start Believing It As Well.

But here’s the good news…

If you had the unwavering beliefs that women wanted to talk to you, give you their numbers, hang out with you, and, most importantly, hook up with you, they’d start believing it too.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction you’ll learn how develop the unwavering belief system that you’re the Prize women want to win over.

Imagine Meeting A Woman Who Doesn’t Think Much Of You…

But Minutes Later, Your Unwavering Belief System Infects Her & She Sees You As The Prize She Wants To Win Over.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover About Developing An Unwavering Belief System That Destines You For Success With The Women You Desire…

  • The crucial beliefs you need for women to see you as the Prize.
  • How to turn your wishes into iron-clad beliefs and make those beliefs your reality.
  • A belief that puts you into the right mindset to handle rude behavior from women and turn it into attraction.
  • A belief that allows you to push your comfort zone and act balsy with women.
  • A belief that stops you from begging for sex and stops women withholding sex from you.
  • A belief that crushes approach anxiety.
  • A belief that gets women to do you favors, run your errands, and buy you things.
  • A belief that stops a bad reaction from shaking your confidence and compels you to plow forward.
  • A belief that makes women seek your approval and prevents you from seeking theirs.
  • Written exercises that permanently hardwire this unwavering belief system into you.

How Will Women Respond To You Once This Belief System’s Hardwired Into You?

Here’s what this man had to share…

Okay. So here’s the deal. I didn’t believe would could be attracted to me. You changed that, Swinggcat. Now I believe it. and as you say, beliefs are contagious. So women believe it too. I highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with self-confidence.

Pat from Ohio

Attraction Building Block # 3

Prizing – Little Known Technology Makes Women See You As A Prize They Want To Win Over…

Have you ever…

  • Thought that if you talked to or made a move on a woman she’d reject you because she was out of your league?
  • Hoped that a woman would like you?
  • Worried that something you said or did would ruin your chances with a woman?
  • Felt powerless and out of control while talking to a woman?

Of course you have. We all have.

Do you know why?

Because the underlying meaning of your interaction with the woman put her into the role of the Prize and you into the role of the desperate suitor trying to win her over.

I call this underlying meaning the ” Meta-Frame.”

I’ve Come Up With A Special Technology Called ” Prizing” That Reverses The Meta-Frame & Makes You The Prize The Woman Is Trying To Win…

I’ve taught Prizing in other courses…

But in this course exclusively you’ll learn how to develop a specific brand of humor that not only compels them to see you as a Prize they want to win over…

… but also sends women into a fit of laughter.

When women are laughing, their defenses are down and their resistance goes bye-bye.

Just imagine…

A Woman Rolling Her Eyes At You…

… But A Minute Later, She Can’t Stop Laughing & Thinking About How You’re The Object Of Her Desire…

… All Because You Prized Her.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn About Putting Yourself Into The Role Of The Prize Women Want To Win Over…

  • The four crucial steps to reversing the Meta-Frame & putting yourself into the role of the Prize the woman wants to win over. (Master them and you’ll control the Meta-Frame as long as your heart desires.)
  • How to put her into your Meta-Frame before you even utter a single word to her.
  • Sneaky and humorous tricks that compel women to ogle you like a sex object, (Not only does this make them cough up a lung from laughing but also turns you into the object of their desire.)
  • How to develop a special brand of humor that not only leaves women laughing but allows you to turn anything they say or do into meaning that you’re the Prize they’re trying to win over.
  • The point system – this fun game puts you into role of the Prize and emotionally drives women to cater to you all night long. (Inside you’ll get a half-dozen examples on how to use this.)
  • A truckload of skill’s builder written exercises for training your mind to come up with on-the-fly, lightning-fast, humorous lines that make women see you as the Prize.

Would Your Success With Women Change If You Could Reverse The Meta-Frame & Make Women See You As A Prize They Want To Win Over?

Here’s what this man had to share…

“Swinggcat is the master of frames and offers both simplest and most in depth explanation of how to quickly get girls chasing you. Super effective stuff. “

– Robert from Los Angeles

Attraction Building Block # 4

The Tension Loop – One Of The Most Powerful Ways To Prize Women & Make Them Itch With Desire For You…

The tension loop structure is simple:

1) Spark sexual tension.

2) Increase the tension.

3) Release the tension.

4) And spark it all over again.

Soap opera writers use tension loops to keep women enraptured in their fictitious dramas for months – sometimes years! The structure is always the same.

They spark tension by creating some form of conflict or drama.

They increase the tension until the climax.

They release the tension by bringing some resolution to the conflict or drama.

And, finally, they spark tension again, compelling women to tune in for next week’s show.

When You Use Tension Loops Within The Context Of Flirting With A Woman, The Tension Becomes Sexualized… Even If She Finds You Physically Repulsive…

Here’s the best part…

When you spark sexual tension in a woman, she’ll attempt to release the tension by chasing you.

Each time you do this, she’ll chase harder.

Inside, you’ll learn three different types of tension loops: Push-Pull, Qualifying, & Nested Loops.


Push-Pull is whenever you emotionally Push a woman away from you… and then… Pull her back in.

Each Push creates sexual tension… each Pull releases it.

To get a sense of where I’m going with all this, think, for example, of your favorite junk food.

Imagine going on a strict diet for several weeks that prohibits you from eating your favorite food.

What would it feel like to finally give in to your urge and indulge after weeks of dieting? I’m willing to bet it would taste a thousand times yummier after dieting than before.

That’s the effect Push-Pull has on women.

Let’s look at an example you can try out on the next woman you meet.

This works especially well if a woman has a snarky personality.

Furrow your brow and say in a reprimanding tone, “You are very sarcastic.”

Pause a second and allow her to feel a little uncomfortable. This builds sexual tension.

Then smile and say, “And I’m the exact same way,” while grabbing her hand.”

This releases the tension and builds rapport.

Next spark the tension all over again by saying, “If you and I hung out we’d have the best time making fun of everyone at their expense. But then we’d be karmically tainted. So we can never hang out.” And let go of her hand.

Most likely, she’ll respond with, “No we have to hang out. We’ll have some much fun.”

Notice what she’s doing…

Trying to convince you to hang out with her.

Not only have you spark attraction but also put yourself into the role of the Prize she’s trying to win over.

Think Back To The Last Girl You Liked Who Didn’t Like You Back…

How Would Things Have Played Out Differently If You Used Push-Pull On Her?

Here Are Just A Few Of The Push-Pull Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • The deep and subtle psychology behind push-pull. (Most guys overly push or overly pull. Once you understand the psychology behind push-pull, you’ll know how to push and pull just the right amount to make the girl chase you.)
  • How to double a woman’s desire for you by putting her in “friend zone” (Ever had a woman put you in friend zone? Bet it made you want her more. Inside, you’ll learn the right way to do this to women. Hint: it involves push-pull.)
  • How to use push-pull while sexually escalating with a girl. (This gets rid of resistance and triples her arousal.)
  • A method for sending mixed messages that’s guaranteed to trigger attraction.)
  • A push-pull technique that slashes the chances of her flaking in half.
  • Two push-pull secrets that incite women to itch with desire for you to kiss them.
  • A form of push-pull that gives you full control over a woman’s emotional states. (I’m sure you can guess how this is useful.)
  • How using honesty will bring out your natural ability to push-pull women.
  • Many Push-Pull secrets not covered in any of my other courses.

Warning: Don’t Use Push-Pull If You’re Not Comfortable With Having The Power To Leave Women No Choice But To Feel Attraction Toward You… Even If They Initially Found You Repulsive!

Here’s what this man had to share…

“I’ve been studying seduction for many years and must say that Swinggcat’s Push-Pull is pure genius. It’s the heart of how all attraction is created.”

Cliff from Chicago

Qualifying & Challenging

Have you ever…

Caught yourself showing off or trying to impress a woman?

Felt the need to prove your awesomeness to a woman?

Had a desire to demonstrate to a woman that you’re a better catch than the guy she likes?

Chances are, she triggered a mechanism in your brain that compelled you to live up to her standards and expectations.

The good news…

Women come hardwired with this same mechanism.

Through endless research and experimenting, I’ve comes up with a method that triggers this mechanism in women again and again and again.

Each time you trigger it, they’ll toil away to prove to you that they’re worthy of your standards and expectations.

I call the method “Qualifying & Challenging.”

Not Only Does Qualifying & Challenging Fill A Woman’s Body From Head-To-Toe With Attraction…

But Also Turns You Into The Prize & Her Into The Suitor Trying To Win You Over.

And there’s more…

Qualifying & Challenging subconsciously compels women to break their “good girl” rules, follow your lead, and do naughty things.


To make Qualifying & Challenging work, you need to get clear on your standards and expectations of women.

In other words, you need to know exactly what you want, what you don’t want, and what you absolutely won’t tolerate.

Inside, you’ll get a crash course on developing your standards and expectations of women.

Just Think How Much More Power & Control You’ll Have Over Your Interactions With Women Once You Master Qualifying & Challenging.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn About Qualifying & Challenging…

  • A six challenge sequence that makes the girl chase you progressively harder and almost always results in her kissing you.
  • The subtle yet powerful psychological mechanisms behind Qualifying & Challenging (To use this technique effectively, you must know these mechanisms.)
  • The necessary beliefs you need to make Qualifying & Challenging work.
  • How to develop your standards and expectations of women. (The more you refine your standards and expectations, the more power and control you’ll have with women and the more genuine you’ll come across to them.)
  • Written exercises for developing your standards and expectations.
  • How to quadruple the power of Qualifying & Challenging by using a psychological principle called “Commitment & Consistency.” (Inside, you’ll find out what it is and how to use it.)
  • How to turn your standards and expectations into challenges that compel women to prove their worthiness to you.

Imagine What Type Of Women Qualifying & Challenging Will Get You.

Here’s what this man had to share…

“You sneaky evil bastard. I used your Qualifying & Challenging technique to make a girl I just met seduce another girl from the bar and bring her back to my place for a threesome. I still cannot believe this actually happened to me.”

Jason from Florida

Nested Loops

Have you ever been talking to a woman and her eyes began to wander?

Here’s my guess on what happened next…

The more she ignored you, the harder you tried to get her attention back.

Or even worse, you got upset or felt deflated and walked away.

I know this can be frustrating.

Here’s the even bigger problem:

Both of these responses pull you deep into the Meta-Frame of her being the Prize you’re trying to win over.

But don’t despair…

I’ve discovered a simple technology that quickly gets the girl’s attention back and puts you into the role of the Prize she’s trying to win over.

It’s called “Nested Loops.”

Once You Master It, You’ll Possess The Power To Hold A Girl’s Attention Indefinitely.

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover About Nested Loops…

  • A special way of speaking that triggers a mechanism in a woman’s mind that makes her put all of her attention on what you’re saying.
  • How to respond to ordinary questions like “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” and “What’s your name?” with a nested loop that enthralls women and makes them feel a powerful connection with you.
  • A nested loop that makes even the most self-absorbed woman want nothing more than to learn about you.
  • A nested loop that leads a woman to believe you know something about her she doesn’t even know about herself. (Master this and women will literally beg you to tell ’em. Not to mention, this puts you in the power position.)
  • A nested loop that gets women from the phone to out on a date (or even straight to your place.)
  • A nested loop that emotionally compels women to prove their worthiness to you.

Imagine How Much More Control Nested Loops Will Give You Over Your Female Interactions.

Here’s what this man had to share…

“Women actually listen to me now. Must say your nested loop techniques are super effective.”

Ned from D.C

Attraction Building Block # 5

Nonverbal Prizing – Body Language That Makes Women Chase You…

It’s estimated that ninety percent of communication is non-verbal. That means the lion’s share of what you communicate to women is through your body language.

Amazon abounds with books on body language. Most of these books give lots of tips on appearing confident, friendly, and approachable.

Not bad advice per se.

But here’s the problem…

Nothing in these books teaches you how to use your body language to trigger the chase mechanism in women.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of Nonverbal Prizing.

Once You Master Nonverbal Prizing, You’ll Trigger The Chase Mechanism In Women With Nothing More Than Your Body Language.

When you combined Nonverbal Prizing with techniques like Meta-Framing, Push-Pull, Nested Loops, and Qualifying & Challenging you’ll leave other men baffled by how fast you can attract women.

Important Note: No one else teaches Nonverbal Prizing. So this is the only place you can learn how to do this.

What Would It Be Like To Turn A Hottie Into A Desperate Woman Literally Begging For Your Attention, Time, & Penis?

Here Are Just A Few Of The Nonverbal Prizing Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Three Nonverbal Prizing secrets that make women seek your approval.
  • Three body language secrets that let a woman know that she’s earned your validation (If you use one of these secrets after you’ve made her earn your approval, you’ll spark attraction and fuse a powerful connection with her.)
  • How to send mixed signals with your body language (This confuses women about where they stand with you and drives them to win you over.)
  • A simple eye-contact trick that subconsciously signals women to see you as the Prize.
  • Three body language mistakes that kill attraction and telegraph to the woman the she’s the Prize you’re trying to win over.
  • A simple technique that rids you of these body language mistakes for good.
  • Physical Push-Pull – Combine this with regular Push-Pull or Qualifying & Challenging and you’ll be making out with her in less than a minute. (Inside I’ll show you the secret to doing this.)
  • How to use Nonverbal Prizing to quickly sexually escalate with women (and almost entirely eliminate resistance and rejection.)
  • Heaps of exercises that hone your Nonverbal Prizing skills.

Just How Powerful Will You Be Once You’ve Developed The Skills To Nonverbally Prize Women?

Here’s what this man had to share…

“I’ve been student of yours for a while and listened to your Foundations course. The stuff on nonverbal Push-Pull has taken my game to the next level.”

Tyler from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Attraction Building Block # 6

Secrets For Where To Meet & How To Approach Women That Get You Results…

Approaching women can be a heartwrenching experience.

Many of us create an endless stream of mental IFS:

  • How do I approach a woman IF I don’t know what to say?
  • How do I approach a woman IF she looks stuck up or busy?
  • How do I approach a woman IF the music is loud? (How will she hear me?)
  • How do I approach a woman IF she’s with friend?
  • How do I approach a woman IF it’s the middle of the day? (Won’t she think I’m weird.
  • … and so on.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction, you’ll discover tons of target rich environments for meeting women. Ones where you’ll feel comfortable meeting women and your personality will shine.

Some Of These Environments Are Untapped Goldmines For Meeting Women.

Next, I’ll push your comfort zone and teach you how to approach women in each of these environments.

Once you master this section of the course, you’ll know how to approach women in any situation.

How Confident Will You Feel Knowing That You Can Approach A Woman Anytime, Anywhere, & In Any Situation.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn About Approaching Women…

  • Six target rich environments for meeting women during the day (and step-by-step instructions on how to approach women in each of these environments).
  • Six target rich environments for meeting women during the night (and step-by-step instructions on how to approach women in each of these environments).
  • The secret strategy to approaching a woman who’s with a group of friends. (When you master it, approaching groups of girls becomes effortless and fun.)
  • A few secret words to use five seconds after approaching women that drops their defenses and triggers worry in them that you’ll leave.
  • The four things to do before approaching a woman that almost guarantee a good reaction. (Warning: not doing these things may flush your chances with her down the toilet.)
  • How to open women in a way that puts their attention squarely on you and locks them into the conversation.
  • How to craft openers that keep women enthralled and make them forget about their friends, ignore phone calls from guys, and completely lose track of time.
  • A body language trick that triggers women to see you as the Prize before you approach them.
  • Two openers that instantly make a woman prove herself to you.

Just Think…

The Next Time You Spot A Woman You’d Like To Meet – No Matter Where You Are, What She Looks Like, Or Who She’s With – You’ll Know Exactly How To Approach Her.

Here’s what this man had to share…

I’m not really a bar guy and hate that most courses focus meeting girls at night. Your stuff on where and how to meet women during the day is a f**king goldmine. BTW, I’ll head your advice and start working on my nightgame as well.”

Jim from Santa Monica

Attraction Building Block # 7

A Deadly Method For Fusing The Kind Of Connection With A Woman That Makes Her Emotionally Attached To You…

A vital step to succeeding with a woman is fusing a connection with her.

Without fusing a connection with a woman, your chances are slim that she’ll open up her legs – even if she’s extremely attracted to you.

A lot of guys think, I’m great at connecting with women. The problem is that I cannot attract them.

More often than not, they’re gravely mistaken…

The cold hard truth:

Most Men Don’t Connect With Women.

They think that when a woman passively listens to them, they’re connecting with her.

Often times, the woman’s just acting polite and secretly plotting how to escape the conversation.

Even worse…

Many guys believe that if they let a woman jabber on and on and agree with what she’s saying, they’ll fuse a connection with her.

While the woman may compliment you on your listening skills, this doesn’t fuse a connection with her.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction, you’ll get a PhD education on how to fuse a deep level connection with a woman.

Just Imagine Creating In Girl After Girl An Emotional Attachment To You.

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn About Fusing A Deep Level Connection With Women…

  • A little secret for assuming rapport with a woman before you approach her. (Do this and it will make fusing a connection with her ten times easier.)
  • How to create flirty games that quickly fuse a connection with girls (and also build lots of attraction.)
  • 7 almost unknown techniques that naturally and effortlessly fuse a connection with a woman and trigger the “emotional attachment” mechanism inside her.
  • Why the harder you try to connect with a woman, the more it prevents you from connecting with her.
  • Limiting beliefs that prevent you from connecting with women (and the trick to eliminating them for good).
  • What to do if you make a woman uncomfortable. (Handle this the wrong way and it will prevent you from ever connecting with her.)
  • A lifestyle change that makes you a thousand times better at connecting with a woman.
  • A sneaky trick that gives you a roadmap to fusing a connection with women.
  • Written exercises that develop your skill at vibing, connecting, and gaining rapport with women.

How Much Easier Would Your Dating Life Be If You Could Connect With The Women You Desire?

Here’s what this man had to share…

“I have mild Asperger’s and while I not terrible at connecting with women it certainly has never been a strong point. Your course really broke down for me how to vibe and connect with girls.”

Steven from Michigan

Attraction Building Block # 8

How To Craft Spellbinding Stories That Fuse Deep Seeded Connections With Women…

Have you ever heard a really good story?

Here’s what I bet happened…

The more the story pulled you in, the more it forced you to relate to where the protagonist was coming from.

You found yourself rooting for him, worrying about him, and becoming emotionally invested in him.

What if you could tell women stories like this – stories where you’re the protagonist they’re rooting for?

Would it be easier to hold their attention?

Would it be easier to fuse a connection with them?

Would it be easier to make them relate to you?

Would it be easier to make them see you as the Prize?

Hell Yes.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction you’ll learn my entire process for crafting stories that hold women’s attention, make them see you as the Prize, and subconsciously compel them to relate to where you’re coming from.

Just Imagine Pulling A Woman Deep Into Your Stories…

The More She Listens, The More She Cheers For You & Emotionally Cares About You…

And Over The Of The Next Couple Weeks, Each Time These Stories Run Through Her Mind, She Thinks About Seeing You.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Storytelling Secrets You’ll Learn…

  • The structure behind all stories that hold women’s attention and evoke powerful emotions in them. (Once you learn this structure, you’ll be able to craft your own stories.)
  • Grounding – A storytelling technique that grounds a commonality you share with a woman and turns it into a genuine and lasting connection.
  • How to take experiences from your life and turn them into stories that hold women’s attention, emotionally move them, and compel them to see you as the Prize.
  • A storytelling secret that lets you brag to women without triggering their “try-hard” detector. (When most men brag, instead of impressing women, they come across as approval seeking. This secret does the opposite.)
  • How to develop a rhythm and flow to your stories that puts you in full control of a woman’s emotions. (Once you develop this, you’ll determine when she’s intrigued, when she laughs, and when she wants to hold you tight.)
  • 4 secrets for seamlessly transitioning into your stories. (Once you learn them, women will think your stories are just a natural part of the conversation.)
  • How to incorporate Prizing techniques like Push-Pull into your stories. (Imagine making women chase you while telling them a story.)
  • Truckloads of written exercises that harness your creativity and turn you into a master storyteller.

If You Were A Master Storyteller, How Much More Effective Would You Be With Women?

Here’s what this man had to share…

“Your storytelling section not only has made me better with women but also a better writer. I’ve bought lots of books on the subject and your course explains it far better.”

Noah from Main

Attraction Block # 9

Cold Reading – How To Make A Woman Feel That You Understand Her More Than Her Closest Friends Do…

Many high-powered businessmen and psychiatrists can quickly get into another person’s head and make them feel understood. This makes others trust them and feel comfortable giving them what they want.

How do they do this?

They possess a secret weapon called “cold reading.”

Psychics use cold-reading to milk endless dollars out of people.

And here the best part…

You don’t need any supernatural or psychic abilities to master cold-reading.

Once you master my cold-reading system, women will think you understand them better than their closest friends do.

Imagine Using Cold Reading To Build Enough Trust, Create Enough Comfort, & Fuse Enough Of A Connection…

… For A Prude To Come Back To Your House & Hop In The Sack With You The Same Night You Met Her.

Here Are Just A Few Of Cold Reading Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • My simple four-step method for cold reading any woman.
  • Two cold reading games that quickly get you touching a woman without resistance (and make her beg for you to keep touching her).
  • Two visualization games that fuse a powerful connection between you and woman and rapidly turn the interaction with her sexual.
  • A cold reading secret that instantly turns a girl from nice to naughty.
  • How to turn anything a woman’s doing, wearing, or saying into a cold read that makes her feel that you understand her better than she understands herself.
  • Truckloads of secrets for incorporating cold reads into Push-Pull, Qualifying & Challenging, and storytelling.
  • What to do if a girl disagrees with all of your cold reads. (This powerful cold reading secret leaves her no choice but agree with you and turns her to putty in your hands.)
  • Three psychological principles that make your cold reads three times more believable to women.
  • A cold reading secret that keeps an entire group of women solely focused on you.
  • Exercises that make cold reading a part of who you are.

Warning: When using my cold reading method…

Don’t Be Surprised If Women Are So Intrigued, They Won’t Leave You Alone!

So Be Careful Who You Use This On!

Here’s what this man had to share…

“I’ve been using your cold reading game to get physical with girls. So much fun, Swinggcat. I feel like I’m putting these girl into a trance.”

Eric from San Diego

Attraction Building Block # 10

Dark Side Rapport…

Although Dark Side rapport is devastatingly powerful, it’s an advanced skillset.

It builds off all the previous skills we’ve discussed so far.

So you really need a firm grip on these skills before delving into Dark Side Rapport.

What is Dark Side Rapport?

Have you ever noticed that when a high status guy walks into a room, he doesn’t need to put in any effort connecting with or relating to other people.


Because everyone is trying to get rapport with him?

Dark Side Rapport Baits Women Into Wanting & Trying To Connect With You…

Once you learn about Dark Side Rapport, you won’t need looks, money, or status to make women want and try to get rapport with you.

The best part…

It’s a lot easier to vibe and connect with a woman who’s already trying to get rapport with you.

Instead Of Desperately Trying To Connect With Women…

Imagine Baiting Girl After Girl Into Trying To Relate To & Connect With You.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Dark Side Rapport Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • My entire system for baiting women into wanting and trying to relate to and connect with you.
  • The Rapport Break – when you purposely break rapport with a woman the right way, you create a compulsion in her to get the rapport back (Inside, you’ll learn six devastatingly effective rapport breaks.)
  • The sneaky trick to baiting a women into discovering on her own commonalities she shares with you.
  • Dangling the Commonality – when a woman discovers she has something in common with you, don’t give in. Instead, if you dangle it in front of her and tease her with it, she’ll try harder and harder to get rapport with you. (Inside you’ll learn two powerful techniques for doing this.)
  • How to use Push-Pull, Qualifying & Challenging, storytelling, and cold reading to bait women into getting rapport with you.
  • Heaps of exercises that turn you into a master at baiting women into relating to and connecting with you.

Imagine A Hottie With A Semicircle Of Rapport-Seeking Suitors Around Her…

You Drop Some Bait & Split Second Later She’s Desperately Trying To Get Rapport With You.

Here’s what this man had to share…

“Evil stuff, man. I used some darkside rapport the other night and the girl just kept taking the bait chasing harder and harder and trying to get rapport. I finally gave into the poor thing. I’m your course.”

James from Brentwood

Attraction Building Block # 11

Role Playing

Here’s a convenient fact: the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what’s real and what’s make-believe.

Here’s another convenient fact…

Women love playing fun and flirty role-playing games, running the gamut from pretending to be a celebrity couple to savage pirates and so on.

In other words, women love playing make-believe.

And here’s the best part…

You can incorporate all of the techniques discussed thus far into your role-playing games.

While consciously she’ll think it’s make-believe, harmless flirting…

Her subconscious mind will feel a deep level connection and see you as the Prize she wants win over.

She’ll chase you harder and harder.

And the harder she chases, the more attraction she’ll feel for you.

Imagine Luring An Uninterested Girl Into A Role Playing Game…

… And By The End Of It, You Fuse A Deep Level Connection With Her & She Brims With Attraction For You.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Role Playing Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • A role playing game for getting intimate with a woman you suspect feels no attraction toward you. (This little game takes rejection out of the equation.)
  • A role playing game for quickly making out with a girl.
  • How to use role playing to drop a woman’s resistance.
  • The Care Bear game – use this and you’ll fuse a deep level connection with a girl.
  • A wickedly evil role playing game that almost instantly makes women obsessed with you. (Hint: it incorporates lots of Prizing techniques like Push-Pull and Qualifying & Challenging.)
  • The secret psychological structure behind role playing games that get you the girl (Once you learn this structure, you’ll be able to come up with your own role playing games.)
  • Lots of exercises that help you develop your own role playing games.

Think About How Much Fun You’ll Have Using Role Playing To Turn The Words “You’re Not My Type” Into “I Want You Tonight.”

Here’s what this man had to share…

“Long story short, I’ve been in love with this girl for past five years. She’d always call me her little brother. that hurt. So this past weekend I created a roleplaying game based on the structure you gave us in the course and her naked twenty minutes later.”

Timothy from Indiana

Attraction Building Block # 12

The Secret Formula For Turning Resistance & Rejection Into Attraction & Compliance…

We’ve all had it happen…

Sometimes a woman says something rude, tells us she’s not interested, or puts up resistance.

This may be a shit test, mind game, genuine disinterest, or lack of trust.


Experiencing this can leave you feeling annoyed, frustrated, and hopeless.

Over the course of years in the field…

I Discovered A Formula That Quickly Melts Away These Barriers & Replaces Them With A Desire In Women To Be With You.

Inside Foundations For Generating Attraction, You’ll Learn My Entire Formula.

What If You Could Turn Shit Tests, Resistance, & Rejection Into Deep Level Attraction Within Seconds?

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn About Turning Women’s Barriers Into Attraction…

  • My entire formula for turning a woman’s barriers into a head-to-toe desire to be with you (and step-by-step instructions on mastering it.)
  • How to recognize the three types of tests women throw at you (and the secret to turning each of these tests into attraction).
  • How to distinguish between token resistance and real resistance (and how to use both situations to your advantage).
  • A sneaky trick that turns the words “I have a boyfriend” into “I have an itch to be with you tonight.”
  • Secrets that turn the dreaded words “you aren’t my type” into “I hope I’m your type” and trigger attraction in her all night long.
  • A few simple and hilarious words that turn resistance into sexual compliance within seconds.
  • Written exercises that din this formula into your brain, so you can leverage any barrier to your advantage.

Just Think How Good It Will Feel Having The Power To Turn A Cold, Aloof Woman Into A Warm, Affectionate, & Giggly Little Girl Who Can’t Keep Her Hands Off You!

Here’s what this man had to share…

“Your formula for knocking down women’s barriers is high level jedi mind shit. I feel like whatever a woman throws at me I can turn into attraction.”

Fred from Miami

And There’s Even More…

The material inside Foundations For Generating Attraction will probably keep you busy with women for the next decade.

But in addition to all of this, I’ve also included a ton of bonus secrets that address many of the common sticking points men experience.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Bonus Secrets You’ll Get…

  • A word-for-word example of yours truly going from approaching a woman to having sex with her a few hours later.
  • Four little known secrets that compel women to give you their number.
  • The best time to call a woman after meeting her. (Not knowing when to call a woman can kill your chances with her).
  • The first thing to say when calling a woman for the first time.
  • The three deadly sins most men make while talking to women over the phone (and the secret to never committing these sins again).
  • How long you should talk to a woman on the phone. (The answer might surprise you).
  • Conversation topics to use while talking to a woman on the phone that build attraction, fuse a connection, and make her want to get together with you.
  • Four techniques that get the woman from the phone to out in person with you. (Plus, these techniques almost entirely eliminate women flaking on you.)
  • A powerful technique for getting a woman to break her current plans and go out on a date with you – this works seventy percent of the time.
  • What women almost always tell men they’re planning to flake on. (Knowing this will save you a buddle of time).
  • A deadly response to this that cuts the chances that they’ll flake in half.
  • The secret to getting a resistant woman out on a date.
  • The best places to take women out on dates. (Most men have never considered many of these places.)
  • How to compel a woman to want to come back to your place at the end of the date.
  • A step-by-step sequence for turning a friend into a lover or a girlfriend.

Who Foundations For Generating Attraction Is For…

  • If you want complete power and control over the direction you take your female interactions in.
  • If you aren’t getting the results with you want and are finally ready to get this area of your life handled.
  • If you’re already successful with women but want to take your game to the next level.
  • If you’re sick and tired of missing out on opportunities with women and are ready to do something about it.
  • If you’re just greedy and want the skills to get the women your friends can’t.
  • If you’ve been looking for a complete system that takes you from meet to bed.

Who Foundations For Generating Attraction Isn’t For.

  • Men who one-hundred percent believe that they cannot get better with women. (This course isn’t designed to convince you that it’s possible. Instead, it shows how to get the women you want.)
  • Men satisfied with their mediocre dating life. (Some folks are happy as a pig in shit putting along with their barely functioning sex life. On the contrary, this course is designed for men wanting to milk every ounce of value out of life.)
  • Men in an awesome relationship with an awesome girl.
  • Men experiencing so much success with women, they couldn’t possibly handle any more.

Here’s Why Foundations For Generating Attraction Is Different From Other Courses…

Reason # 1:

I’m The Originator Of Many Of The Techniques Taught In Other Courses & Used By Master Seducers From Around The Globe…

Here’s what dating expert Angel Donovan had to say about me…

“[Swinggcat’s techniques are] the original foundations of knowledge in the pick up community. It is the root of many copycat type products, or products that have used Swinggcat’s material in later years. ‘Prizing’ and ‘Push and Pull’ are core techniques that have today become often used tools in the portfolio of techniques of the best dating masters and gurus.”

While other authors have borrowed some of my attraction material, they don’t explain why or how it works.

Or their explanation misses the mark completely.

When you understand the structure behind a great line, you can create an endless stream of your own great lines while talking to women.

Foundations For Generating Attraction takes you straight to the source and reveals the underlying structure behind everything I say and do.

Once You Understand Why & How These Attraction Building Blocks Work, You’ll Know How To Create An Endless Stream Of Great Lines While Talking To Women.

Reason # 2:

15 Years Of Experience…

They say it takes 6-10 years to truly master a skill.

Night-after-night and day-after-day for the last 15 years I’ve been picking up and seducing women.

And I’ve been professionally coaching men for over 12 years.

Some experts have PhDs, a few novel ideas, or a couple years of experience picking up women.

But almost no one can match 15 solid years of consistently picking up and seducing women.

Learning from someone with a deep and intimate understanding of what makes females tick gives you the quickest road to getting really good with women.

Here’s How It Works…

When you click the “Get Instant Access” button bellow, you’ll be taken to a secure order form. As soon as your order is processed, you’ll be able to access your courses through your computer, iPad, or smart phone.

The whole process takes just a few minutes. You’ll be listening to the Foundations For Generating Attraction audio course in about 5 minutes from now.