Sue Ostler – Sex Dating and Really Confusing Girls PDF Download

Lust In Translation Sue Ostler – Sex Dating and Really Confusing Girls PDF

Feisty, flirty and effortlessly funny, Sue Ostler is the author of five books on the subject of all things mating, dating and matchmaking. Known as the Flirt Diva, and hailed as the Queen of Love, Sue’s signature book Flirt Diva was aimed at single, sassy women who wanted to learn to flirt. Encouraged by those same women who said, ‘But what about the men?’ she sat down and compiled her knowledge into an instructional manual for men.

Sue has entertained the troops across London’s single’s scene with hundreds of events, from the West End’s infamous Flirt Schmooze & Shimmies to Hen’s Parties, Men-Only masterclasses, oh, and the occasional stand-up comedy gig, since she arrived from Sydney on the day of the London bombings in 2005 – talk about an explosive welcome!

Thanks to her books, columns, live events and appearances across the world’s leading media – Sue has helped clients worldwide and has the heart-warming testimonials to show for it.

Sue’s undying belief that there’s a Flirt Superstar in every man, woman and hormonally challenged teen, has developed into a unique career, and a nomination as Australian Woman of the Year in the UK 2010 and 2011.


In order to attract a beyoutiful woman you need to push yourself and take risks. You must have the enthusiasm and bravado of an SAS lieutenant, and be prepared to drop your stiff upper lip. You should be willing to face the good, the bad and the ugly, and take a deep breath and say, WTF! Above all you have to be resilient and persistent because, as my good friend’s Uncle Tony says, “It’s a numbers game.” And it can be tough. But don’t worry. It’s all part of the fun. So long as you’re aware that at some point, you will screw up.

That’s where I come into it. As a dating expert, it’s my job to take you out of your comfort zone and hassle you about hedonistic-supercharged-sexual-flexibility – oh, and dating related issues. Consequently this  Sex Dating and Really Confusing Girls PDF will make you want to meet women and go on dates – and much more.