Style’s Approach Anxiety Buster Kit Download

Approach any woman without the fear of rejection, gain unstoppable confidence and get the things in life you want!

Dear Friend,

You see her… She’s just a few feet away… It should be an easy thing, to say hello. But you’re frozen in place, feeling your pulse race and your heart pound. You’re nauseous, like you just crested a roller coaster summit and now you’re plummeting down, your stomach dropping, your face burning hot, your palms cold and clammy. You’re not sure what is the worst part.

That you will fail or that she will laugh or that everyone will witness your humiliation. It’s too much. You’ve got to push these feelings away. Calm your heart rate, stop the thunder in your ears. So you make excuses. “She’s probably not my type” or “I’ll go over after I’ve had my beer.” You turn back to your friends, maybe check your cellphone. You start to feel normal again. You look up and she’s gone. You feel better — on the surface — but deep down inside, you feel worse and more lonely than ever before.

I know what it’s like. I’ve been in your shoes.

After I finally decided that playing it safe and going home alone was no longer an option in my life, I learned that this set of gut wrenching feelings that arise when you see a woman you’d like to speak to is called Approach Anxiety.

I (like most guys) allowed Approach Anxiety to bully me into sitting in the corner, avoiding it, catering to it. Instead of having fun and meeting the woman of my dreams, I hid and made excuses.

Until I discovered the seduction community and spent years studying with the best in the world. As I learned how to speak to any woman, any where, at any time, I realized that Approach Anxiety didn’t just affect me socially. It held me back from accomplishing things on a professional basis as well. It was a long journey. It didn’t happen overnight.

But today, I have no problem calmly and cooly walking up and starting a conversation with anyone. And it’s all because I learned how to bust through my Approach Anxiety. It’s a skill, it can be learned. There are proven strategies for dealing with it, for mastering it, for harnessing those emotions to allow you to accomplish the things you dream about.

We had originally compiled some of our most successful material, the stuff that’s been proven to work time and time again, into a package for a contest winner. But so many people asked about the package that we’ve decided to make the Approach Anxiety Buster Kit available to those who are interested in the Mini Stylelife Challenge. Because we’ve all been there. We’ve all gone over that roller coaster and been frozen in fear. Every great pickup artist has felt that way at one point in their life. But they mastered it. They overcame it. And you can too.

I’ve worked with my team to assemble all the best ingredients you’ll need to turn yourself into the CONFIDENT MAN with one of …

25 Style’s Approach Anxiety Buster Kits

Everything You Need to Have the Confidence to  Approach any Woman You Want

It’s the easiest, quickest path to becoming a fearless CONFIDENT MAN and destroying your approach anxiety forever. You will learn to remove all of the fearful habits you’ve created over your lifetime and replace them with the confidence to consistently approach, number close, and kiss women, with absolutely zero self-doubt. Here are the details:

Style’s Fundamentals of Approaching and Opening 

  • See 3 Stylelife Academy Coaches filmed with hidden cameras while picking up women. Real in action footage, so you can see how the masters do it.
  • Style’s groundbreaking “Cheating Opener” that is guaranteed to start a conversation with women.
  • Learn the TRUE 4 OBJECTIVES of PUA openers to maximize your successful opening percentage.
  • How to avoid one low value move that will blow you out of every set in a club before you ever approach.
  • Body language secrets used for attracting women all around you, locking in to convey value.
  • Style’s “Penny, Nicholas, and Dime DHV” for hooking sets and how to run it perfectly.
  • Plus much more on the secrets of how a PUA approaches a woman for maximum attraction success…

Style on No Failure Opening –  Audio CD

  • The aspect of opening that is more important than the opener itself
  • How to talk to a woman in a different way than everyone else in the bar
  • How to be the source of fun when opening a woman
  • Why the longer you think, the more you lose
  • The difference between questions and obstacles that come up in your head vs. in the field
  • What to do if you’re shy and you’re getting started on the evening
  • What common mistake immediately marks you as the LEAST cool guys in the room
  • The importance of a “safe set”

Style on Limiting Beliefs And Las Vegas

  • What Style does when he says the words “I can’t”.
  • How to reframe your limiting belief into a disqualifier that gets women hitting on you.
  • Why role playing negative “what if” scenarios in your head will destroy you and what you should do instead.
  • The nice guy/jerk guy myth debunked.
  • How dressing in a tribal way and having a path to achieving your goals, can be more effective than being rich and famous.
  • A quote and technique from Style’s natural friend to boost both inner game and outer game.
  • The system Style uses to overcome limiting beliefs.
  • 5 reasons why a woman will want to call you after spending 15 minutes with you.
  • Getting more second dates through the science of “open loops”.
  • The “Life is short, tomorrow will be gone in a blink of an eye” routine.
  • How to utilize timelines and benchmarks to achieve your goals.
  • Working on shortcomings and eliminating sticking points through a realistic view of who you are and what you can achieve.
  • How to demonstrate value simply by existing.

Style and Hypnotica on Inner Game

  • Hypnotica walks you through a guided meditation transformation into a superior sexy man
  • Why the win-win situation puts you in the right headspace to attract women
  • The secret to having positive intentions
  • The origin story of Hypnotica, Master PUA
  • How understanding that you are a salesman can focus your mind on self-improvement
  • Hypnotica’s NLP hypnosis pattern that drops women into a deep sexual trance
  • Adopt the sexual teaching frame to lose all sexual inhibitions
  • Why beating Approach Anxiety means you can master anything in life
  • The essential secrets to owning your sexuality through voice
  • The 3 Primary Positions of NLP and how to use them to build confidence
  • The secret to destroying your nervous hesitation through command
  • How to use words as anchors for your confidence

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