Sixty Years of Challenge – More Numbers Less Flakes PDF Download

Sixty Years of Challenge – More Numbers, Less Flakes

I’m sure you’ve noticed that one of the most annoying things about going out and meeting women is the high rate of flaking.

Either you get her number and she doesn’t respond, or you can’t get her to meet up with you.

*** It’s Really Frustrating ****

Well, that’s why I spent the last few years researching the best way to turn most of your phone numbers into actual dates with women.

Now I must warn you, if you are looking for secret tricks, this product is not for you.

“No More Flakes” shows you a few simple things you can start doing right now to increase the percentage of phone numbers that end up in your bedroom!

Now you must realize, you can’t get every girl to call you back and meet up with you. There will always be some flaking. That is just part of the game.

But you definitely can turn more of the phone numbers you get into REAL sex.

I’ll give you an example….I met this cute girl at a dance club outside the city and we had a great time. Things got a bit physical, but then she had to leave suddenly.  Luckily I had her number, but she wouldn’t pickup the phone or text me back.

Most guys would give up right away and assume they had been rejected. They would chalk it up to just another flake. Happens all the time.

A more persistent and aggressive guy might keep texting and calling her hoping to break down her resistance. But because he doesn’t have my course, he will end up looking needy and creepy.  She might even contact the police.


But all I did was send her one of my Flake Destroyer text messages from “No More Flakes” and she responded right away. From there it was super easy to set up a date.

Now I ask you, what it would be worth to turn some of the phone numbers you got into dates. Heck, into some actual SEX.

I could easily charge thousands of dollars for this information or just keep it all to myself. But before I release this product to the public with a very high price tag
I will give a few guys on my VIP List  the chance to test it out.

Your Friend,60 Years of Challenge

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