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Revealed: New Seduction Language that Makes Picking up Strippers and Hired Guns EASY!

Today I have something really awesome for you, but before I get into it, I need to warn you.

What I’m sharing with you today is basically a completely, brand new type of pickup “language” that is specifically geared towards strippers and hired guns.

What I’m saying is that if you try and use these tactics for “average” girls, it probably won’t work.


Basically, strippers and hired guns are different than other women for a lot of reasons.  And because of this, you need to use completely different tactics to pickup these women.
And, for the first time ever, I’m revealing those exact tactics in a video presentation.

But before you do, be prepared.  This is a totally, NEW type of game that you’ve never seen before, ANYWHERE.

But it’s sooooo effective when it comes to picking up strippers, waitresses, bartenders, and other “hired guns.”Best,Jon