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“How To Mindf*ck Practically ANY Woman Into Bed… And Make Her Your Loyal Sex Slave… Guaranteed!”

MODULE #1: The Mind Control Mind Set

In First, we’re going to install rock solid self-confidence in you. This is not going to be that “surface” kind of confidence that you might have experienced before… it’s going to be real deal confidence that comes from within.

Imagine if you felt deep down that spending a night with you was literally the best possible thing that could happen to a woman?

How would things be different?

You’re soon going to feel this way and it’s going to have a BIG impact on your sexual scoreboard!

In this module, we’re also going to eradicate any feelings you may have that Sexual Mind Control is somehow “wrong” or “cheating.” In fact in some way it’s the most honest, authentic way of sharing yourself with a woman!


MODULE #2: Pushing Her Sexual Buttons

You’re going to get in depth training on some of the most “devious” and manipulative tactics ever devised for getting women into bed. We’ll cover:

bullet The #1 best button to push for making girls chase you…
bullet How to get a woman to sleep with you just to “spite” you (this one is fun)…
bullet The right way to push her emotional buttons to get her horny for you…
bullet The “the Sexual Reaction” technique that works especially well if you’re an average or below average looking guy trying to get a girl who is out of your league…
bullet And MUCH More!


MODULE #3: The Addiction Effect

Now that you’re able to easily get women into bed, it’s time to get her addicted to you so you have TOTAL control of the relationship. Discover:

bullet How to get women obsessing over you when you’re not around…
bullet How to get her to fall in love with you 21 days or less…
bullet My #1 most powerful technique for getting women addicted to you (I’ve never taught this one is public before because I don’t want it to get into the wrong hands)…
bullet How to always have the upper hand in the relationship after you two have slept together…
bullet Secrets of “girlfriend training”… I’m going to show you to train her to be the perfect girlfriend you’ve always wanted…
bullet Secrets of relationship management. This will be especially handy if you want to maintain control of the relationship and still have fun with other girls on the side…
bullet And More!


MODULE #4: Sex Slave On Demand

In this module, you’re going to discover how to transform a woman from “girlfriend” to “sex slave.” WARNING: these techniques are not for everyone. They’re only for you if you want total power and domination in the relationship. Highlights include:

bullet How to fulfill your most “out there” sexual fantasies…
bullet How to get your woman to CRAVE giving you head…
bullet Discover how to get threesomes (even foursomes!)…
bullet Find out how sleep with other women without having to lie about it…
bullet How to get your woman to actually bring you other women to have sex with…
bullet And a LOT more!


MODULE #5: Putting It All Together – The New You

In the final module we’re going to put everything together so you can enjoy lasting success and the life you’ve always wanted. We’re going to make the changes you’ve made so far permanent and you’ll learn advanced secrets I typically only teach to my private coaching students.

By the end of the program you are literally going to be a new man. Gone are the days of lacking confidence and feeling powerless when it comes to women.

Instead, you’re going to be getting laid as much as you want with the woman YOU want … and you’re always going to be in control of the situation… you’re going to have ALL the power.


“I hooked up with some girls I never imagined I could!”

“In the past month since the seminar my confidence has grown and grown. I have stabilized my social circle situation and hooked up with some girls I never imagined that I ever could. I know that I have a long way to go and a lot of learning to do but I know that Sinn will be there when I need him as I journey along. The whole experience has added value to my life and has helped me grow towards that better me I am looking to achieve. I like the way Sinn is always looking to better understand pick up and I would not even hesitate recommending any of his products regardless your level of experience.”

Adam T. Sidney, Australia



“I actuality don’t even tell my friends how quickly I can sleep with women now, because they probably wouldn’t believe me”

A lot of your ideas and teachings have helped me a lot. I love a lot of the sound bites that I learned from you. One that I have used A LOT is “Shhh…. Daddy’s talking” I have told that to other guys as well, and they use it, and have had great results. Girl’s eyes get really big when you say that to them!!

I started doing “strawberry fields” and a lot more sexual framing and have had great results. I actually don’t even tell my friends how quickly I can sleep with women, because they probably wouldn’t believe me.

I have a really awesome girlfriend right now, and I am really happy. She is super sexy, and was turning heads on New Years Eve, and is totally in love with me 🙂 Thanks for all you have taught me.

Tim B. Tuscan, Arizona



“I’m genuinely having fun with women!”

“Hey Jon, during the last few years, I’ve looked into a number of different “methods” if you will and yours definitely ranks as one of the top few I can confidently recommend to a real friend. I live in Los Angeles (which is supposed to be a very tough place for singles), and I’ve traveled all over the country.

Your advice works, period. I’m never 10 for 10 (let’s be realistic), but I can tell you that I’m consistently closer to 10 than 1. I’m shocked myself sometimes.

“There was a time when pickup seemed a lot like work to me. Your knowledge has played a huge part in getting me to where I am today. I’m genuinely having fun with women. I’m almost too comfortable. It seems like the more fun I have, the better things keep getting. Women really do react to the concepts you teach, so unless the world turns upside-down tomorrow, I’m going to be having fun for a long time!”

— Drew, Los Angeles, CA



“I’ve had 11 dates with 6 of them resulting in sex!”

“I just wanted to write in and give you my success story. I was very nervous at first but I went over your material a couple of times. Since I’ve finished the program I’ve had 11 dates with 6 of them resulting in sex.

“I’ve gotten more phone numbers when I go out from the boost in confidence. I even got my first same night lay recently. Thanks Jon for such a great program!”

– Walter R. Carson City, Nevada


I Am 100% Dedicated To Your Success

I want to be with you every step of the way as you go through your personal transformation. That’s why as part of your enrollment in the program, you also get to participate in 2group Q and A calls where you can ask me questions about ANYTHING.

And there’s more …

2 Awesome Bonuses!

Bonus #1: The Complete Sexual Triggers Training Program

This program is filled TONS of tactics and techniques for getting women into bed! You’re going to get access to the core Sexual Triggers program PLUS the 6 Month video training course that goes along with it.

You’ll discover all the basic “nut and bolts” tactics you’ll ever need for getting women into bed… PLUS advanced sections on same night lays, 10 minute lays; day game; 9s and 10s game and MUCH more.

On Sinn – Sexual Triggers Download You’re About to Discover…

How to Use Secret “Mind Control”
Tactics to Get ANY Woman Begging
to Have Sex With You!

Here It Is… The Most CONTROVERSIAL System
in the World That Gives You the Power and Choice
with Women You’ve Always Wanted!

Dear friend,

Today I want to share with you a breakthrough that took me years to discover and perfect. Once mastered, it’s the most powerful tool that you can use, literally coercing women into sex without them even knowing it.

Now I have to warn you though. I’m about to touch on some very advanced and controversial material that may be a turn off for some guys. As a result, I will only be teaching this material for a VERY short time.

You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to dating and seduction but you haven’t heard what I’m about to tell you today.

It’s not…

  • The latest “inner game” breakthrough
  • Some magical routines that will cause girls to drop their panties at the drop of a hat
  • Some new “system” that promises maximum pussy with no effort involved

In fact, it’s something that’s woven deep into every fabric of our society. What am I talking about? I’m talking about…

Mind Control

Mind control and other devices of social influence have become so prevalent in today’s society that we often don’t even take notice of their influence. Think about how many different commercial messages you see each and every day or the latest politician trying to talk you into his way of thinking.

Going back even further, think about all the different revolutions that occurred throughout history or the various wars that have been started.

All of these things started with an idea being planted in someone’s mind and then that idea grows and grows until that person is compelled to act on that idea.

Believe it or not, we can use these same principles to get beautiful women into bed by the truckloads. In fact, you can use the diabolical tactics that I’m about to share with you to…

Talk Women Straight Into Sex

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here. The mind control we’re talking about isn’t about getting women to do things against their will. It’s simply the process of using our knowledge of the female mind to overcome the defense barriers that a woman might have to sleeping with us.

When this happens, the woman becomes a voluntary and willing participant in the seduction process.

And here’s the really amazing part…

You can initiate this seduction process very easily when you know the secret codes known as “sexual triggers.” These triggers activate certain predispositions in the woman’s mind that cause her to essentially surrender to you without any resistance.

And for the past four months I’ve gone through thousands of pages of scientific research, including the latest studies on sexual psychology, behavioral psychology, neuroscience and even the latest research on evolutionary psychology.

I’ve Uncovered 25 Sexual Triggers That You Can Use to Create More Seduction Success Than You Ever Thought Possible.

I’ve even tested out these triggers in the real world on hundreds of women (because I’m one of the few experts out there that still goes out and talks to women) and they truly do work like magic.

When I say these triggers can create more seduction success than you ever thought possible I’m talking about living a life filled with a variety of beautiful women who are at your beck and call at all times. I’m talking about younger women and 9s and 10s wanting to have wild porn star sex, even threesomes with you. I’m talking about women being so into you that they’ll sleep with you within hours of meeting you and MUCH more.

With these 25 sexual triggers, a life beyond your fantasies is not only possible, but it’s probable.

I’m Jon Sinn, the creator of the brand new program I call “Sexual Triggers: 25 Psychological Tools To Control The Minds of Beautiful Women For Maximum Power, Choice, And Sexual Satisfaction.”

Some people are even calling this program the ultimate “cheat code” to seduction success. Because…

When You Master These Sexual Triggers, The Game Is Literally Rigged In Your Favor.

And since these sexual triggers are derived from sound scientific principles based on how the female mind works, they are literally guaranteed to work. This means they’ll work even if you:

  • Think you’re too old
  • Think you’re not good-looking enough
  • Are overweight
  • Have an accent
  • Are short
  • Or if you think you’re tried everything

The other “experts” and “gurus” are not going to tell you this information because most of them flat out don’t know it. And you’re also not going to find this information anywhere in “mainstream society” which has all these outdated rules and regulations regarding sex and would like nothing more than for you to get married and have 2.5 kids before you’re ready and live in a house with a white picket fence.

These Sexual Triggers Will Work for ANY Guy

That’s a promise. They also work on ultra-hot, high quality women.

They even work great on younger women (they might even work better on younger women for a reason that I’ll tell you about a little later)

And although this program covers a lot of advanced material, it will still work for you if you’re a beginner or if you currently have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking to women provided you are 100% committed to mastering this area of your life as soon as possible.

I have to tell you that no matter where you are right now in your journey, you have everything inside of you to become a seduction master.

I don’t care if you have serious anxiety and can’t even approach or “make a move” on a woman or if you’re sick and tired because you’re not going after or getting the women you really want

I’ve been there. And I know exactly what it’s like to see a superhot woman walk by and feel powerless. Or worse, that feeling of seeing that hot woman walk hand in hand with some douche bag who is no better than you. I know what those lonely Friday and Saturday nights are like. And I know exactly what those boring conversations with no “spark” or sexual chemistry are like.

If you’ve experienced any of these situations and are beating yourself up about them I’m telling you right now to STOP! Everything is going to be okay. I promise.

Before you know it, beautiful women are going to be throwing themselves at you. Ever wonder what it’s like to have a hot girl try to seduce on you? You’re soon going to find out. That life you want that involves dating a variety of women, unlimited sexual power, and the ability to be in total control of your dating life is just around the corner.

Sexual Triggers is a 24-week training program where you’ll get one online training video per week along with a PDF action guide that contains very simple missions and exercises to make sure you internalize the material quickly and easily.

The lessons build on each other so by the end of the 24-week program (as long as you did all the exercises) you’ll be ready to have a lifetime of sexual options and power and choice with women. You’re also going to have A LOT of fun along the way!

What I’ve Got for You Here is What Most Men Will NEVER
Have the Chance to Discover!

We’re going to cover SIX modules of various triggers that will cover absolutely every facet of the female mind.
In module 1, I cover the triggers that you need to use right away:

bullet How to effectively use Arousal Triggers to TRIPLE the chances of seduction
bullet How to get a woman aroused with only your words, even if she doesn’t want to be!
bullet “Approach Triggers” that will win the first 5 seconds of any conversation.
bullet The basic psychological triggers that will have women wanting you before you even talk to them
bullet My 5 main tools for increasing arousal levels FAST
bullet Why using arousal and comfort triggers will have her ready to have sex with you over and over again
bullet The secret triggers I use that get same-night-lays over and over again.
bullet Several arousal triggers that will have girls wet within minutes of you meeting them
bullet When and how to use “hard hitting” triggers that will get you laid within 10 minutes of meeting an attractive woman (these are dangerously powerful!)

In Module 2, we drill down further into the minds of the HOTTEST WOMEN. You’ll learn:

bullet The words and actions you can use to psychologically seduce 9s and 10s
bullet How effortless progress from psychological seduction to PHYSICAL seduction with the hottest girl in the room
bullet Which triggers turn off 7s and 8s but turn on 9s and 10s
bullet How to master frame control with the hottest chicks and bring them into your reality
bullet Why “negs” are the worst tactic to use with these women and how to prevent from being blown out
bullet How to switch the confidence trigger and why this will have the hottest women in the room all over you
bullet The mind-trick that will get those super-hot, high quality women that you’ve always wanted naked in your bed instead of dancing with their girlfriends at the club.
bullet A hypnotic tactic that will have the most gorgeous women in the room chasing you no matter what you look like.

In Modules 3, you’re going to get a true PhD in female psychology. Here I’ll teach you:

bullet The trick to quickly identifying different female personalities fast and hitting specific personality triggers that make each type of woman go WILD
bullet How to deal with the “age issue” and turn it around so she becomes wild with attraction
bullet How to tame “alpha females” when meeting them but unleashing the sexy beast within her in bed
bullet How to the guy that every Cougar in the room can’t wait to sleep with
bullet The trick to identifying the women who love control and getting them to act on their sexual desires FAST
bullet How to switch the “fantasy” trigger such that you are the man fulfilling her sexual fantasies
bullet Advanced training on how to seduce different types of women including club girls, college girls, and younger women.

In Module 4, I cover how to use female evolution to trigger her wild side. Here we go over:

bullet How to master the various evolutionary triggers that make women feel biologically compelled to sleep with you
bullet Becoming a master of the female “social sexual cycle” so you know which women are already ready for sex before you’ve even met them
bullet The five stages of the social sexual cycle and how to take advantage of each
bullet How to use sexual triggers to eliminate last minute resistance
bullet Knowing the difference between real LMR or “token” LMR and how to deal with each scenario
bullet One of my favorite “in bed” tactics I call “agree and arouse”
bullet When pulling back will actually make her put her foot on the sexual gas pedal
bullet How to be the guy that she thinks her body is “programmed” to be with

Module 5 is where you become a master of relationship management as we delve into:

bullet A spectrum of relationship triggers that will make that awesome girl you meet want to be your girlfriend
bullet How to create feelings of emotional intimacy that will leave her wanting to see you everyday
bullet The triggers that will have your girlfriend wanting it from you EVERY NIGHT
bullet The keys to making women feel invested in you and invested in having sex with you
bullet How to set up threesomes the RIGHT WAY
bullet The keys to maintaining a “friends with benefits” relationship as long as you want
bullet How to manage dating multiple women at once
bullet The importance of using qualification to keep multiple women around

And finally, in Module 6, where going to cover all of the various rejection triggers where you’ll discover:

bullet How to become totally rejection proof once and for all
bullet The triggers that will have a woman want to be with you even if she’s not sure about you
bullet How to avoid the “loser” trigger
bullet The best ways to qualify yourself as a potential suitor
bullet How to switch the confidence trigger FAST
bullet Why lying can set you up for disaster!
bullet How to have no fear of negative consequences allowing you to go after ANY woman you desire
bullet How to never be the guy that goes home alone

Investing in this product, is not a “one time, money spent” investment. The secrets I teach you in this program are a Lifetime Knowledge. They will work with any girl anytime, now or after 50 years…..

These Are Biological Sexual Triggers That Are Programed Into Women and Will NOT Go Away

And speaking of bonuses. You’re going to get:

bullet A special video training on how to unleash your sexual confidence
bullet An audio program titled, “Installing Automatic Sexual Confidence”
bullet A special report on How to Speak Womanese, which shows you how to decode all the various signals that women give you
bullet A special training on Why Women Have Sex
bullet Zengamsms, which shows you how to master female organism (this will come in handy because you’re going to have so many new women in your bed)
bullet Plus, you’re going to get my Top 10 Top Secret Routines. By now these routines have been used to bed hundreds of women and I’m going to hand them to you on a silver platter, word for word.