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Sinn - Inner Circle Intro Package : The Art of Speaking “Womanese” The Women Language

My Special Report on The Art of Speaking “Womanese”

This Report is based on a recent conference call I did with members of my exclusive 12 Months to Mastery long-term coaching club. In it, you’ll discover how to decode the different “signals” that women give you.

This juicy report is 28 pages of my latest information that has never before been released to the public. After going through this report, I promise that you will be an expert on female psychology AND on how to read women’s signals.

This knowledge will give you an almost unfair advantage on the competition because once you know, really know, how women think and respond to certain situations, you’ll get to a point when you know what is going to happen before it happens. You will have what my wing Captain Jack calls “ninja calibration skills.”
With ninja calibration skills, you’ll ALWAYS know what the next move should be and you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re always making the right move. The net result? You’re going to end up with a lot more naked women in your bed. I could sell this report all day for $29.95 value but it’s yours FREE.

Audio CD on “Opening 2.0”

This CD is an update on a well-known interview I did on opening a couple of years ago. In it, I basically give you a Masters Degree on everything you could ever want to know about approaching women successfully.

I go through the different types of openers and I literally give you over two dozen of the best openers ever devised. These have all been field tested to the nth degree and most of them I’ve only shared with members of my elite coaching programs. If you’re having any trouble opening now, you won’t be after applying the information in this CD. You also get the transcript of the CD for easy reference.

Sinn and Brad P on How to Learn Game Correctly
Sinn and AFC Adam on the Five Immutable Laws of Pick-Up
Sinn and Cameron Teone on How to Master the Fundamentals of Pick-Up
Sinn’s Inner Circle – Opening 2.0 Transcript that I scanned.
The Lay Reports book PDF
The Art of Speaking Womanese PDF
Sinn – Inner Circle Phone Game 2.0 : Sinn talk’s phone game version 2.0
Sinn – Inner Circle Dating Philosophy : Sinn talk’s about his Dating Philosophy
Sinn – Inner Circle Advanced Qualification : Sinn Talks about advanced qualification
Sinn – Inner Circle Twenty Attraction Skills : Sinn Talks about the Twenty Attraction Skills
Sinn – Inner Circle Advanced Story Telling : Sinn Talks about Advanced Story Telling
Sinn – Inner Circle Frame Control 2.0  : Sinn Talks about frame Control 2.0
Sinn – Inner Circle Teasing : Sinn Talks about Teasing
Sinn – Inner Circle Beliefs: Sinn Talks about Beliefs and Inner Game
Sinn – Inner Circle Female Psychology : Sinn Talks about Female Psychology
Sinn – Inner Circle How To Get Good At Pick Up : Sinn Talks about how to get good at pick-up
Sinn – Inner Circle – Confidence
Sinn – Inner Circle – Running Out Of Things To Say
Sinn – Inner Circle – Dating Younger Women
Sinn – Inner Circle – Turning Women On
Sinn – Inner Circle – What Is Game?
Sinn – Inner Circle – Transitioning
Sinn – Inner Circle – Routines
Sinn – Inner Circle – Rewiring Your Brain For Success With Women
Sinn – Inner Circle – Flaking – February 2011
Sinn – Inner Circle – Calibration – March 2011
Sinn – Inner Circle – Routines
Sinn – Inner Circle – 9s and 10s
Sinn – Inner Circle – Opening Sticking Points
Sinn – Inner Circle – Social Comfort
Sinn – Inner Circle – Sexual Anxiety
Sinn – Inner Circle – Direct Game
Sinn – Inner Circle (August 2012 – Sexualizing Your Game)
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Sinn – Inner Circle – Routines II – November 2011 – 2000.0 Mb – 271.9 Mb