100 Days to Inner Game

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100 Days To Inner Game” is aimed at teaching men how to supercharge their ability to naturally get women. It is intended to help men develop the ability to interact with beautiful women that conveys attractiveness, confidence, and sex appeal.

100 Days to Killer, Rock Solid Inner Game

Inner game is one of the, if not THE most important aspects of being able to get women at will. In this program, you’ll get one video per week for 100 days. I go over every single aspect of Inner Game to get you primed for being a “natural” with women.

If you knew for a fact that be doing something or practicing something diligently for the next 100 Days, you could be a master at something really important to you, would you do it?

Now in sports, art, music, and most other things, 100 Days isn’t nearly enough.

But when it comes to meeting and attracting women NATURALLY, 100 Days, with the right coaching, is plenty.

That’s because women are biologically programed to be attracted to the natural YOU. You just need to master your inner game for your attractiveness to radiate.

That’s the exact focus of my 100 Days to Inner Game program

This program is designed specifically to bring out the best you and have women falling all over you without having to rely on gimmicks.

Now to do this is not an overnight fix. That’s why I created this program only for guys who are committed to becoming naturally attractive

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Body language techniques to make you more attractive
– Exercises to master your emotional state and interactions
– Key in-field mental exercises to make you more charming
– How to get women to gravitate towards you as soon as you enter the room
– Reprograming your perceptions and beliefs when it comes to meeting women
– Techniques to master the anxiety of meeting and attracting beautiful women
– Using key sexual trigger points in your interactions to get women subconsciously attracted to you

What You Get:

Online access to 11 videos / 100 day course