Shark – The Black Flag PDF Download

Shark – The Black Flag Description:

Many of you are familiar with my stance over the hyper-industrialization of Game so I find it difficult to “talk” about my book. I don’t mind when people sell good products, but far too many self-stroking gurus are using Game to exploit people in need of help; and so I refuse to “advertise” my book in the conventional preening manner. It’s here if you want it, veteran readers already know what they are getting. The book’s focus is on GETTING a girl, I plan on writing another one about KEEPING a girl in the future (not any time soon).

The Shark – The Black Flag is split into 7 chapters, the main premises being:

Shark – The Black Flag Internal Game
Shark – The Black Flag External Game
Shark – The Black Flag The Pick-Up / Not-Pick up
Shark – The Black Flag Mid-Game / meta-Game
Shark – The Black Flag 3 of my own experiences

If you’re having any difficulties, just drop a comment.

The only thing I WILL say is READ IT FUCKING CAREFULLY. There is no “fluff” in the book, every sentence is there for a reason, every piece of information is valuable. The few pages about body language, for example, compresses the information from 4 different BOOKS. Don’t casually glimpse through it, put the book on a vivisection table and absorb everything you can. It’s meant to OPEN YOUR EYES, in both an inspirational and informative way.

As for why it’s called “The Black Flag,” you’ll know in the future reading the book  Shark – The Black Flag PDF