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Florida divorcee Shane Stanfield, author of the only seduction guide
for men over 35, reveals…
The true story of a middle-aged guy who effortlessly gets phone numbers and dates beautiful women…
And how you can start using these methods right away…
Dear Friend,Let me cut to the chase…

I’m breaking all the rules of marketing and telling you upfront what I have for you: A seduction system for men over 35 who are ready to learn how to attract and meet super-hot women anytime, anywhere.

You can learn to become a better cook, golfer or musician by taking lessons. Success meeting women is no different. Any man can learn how to do it if he really wants to.

Let me ask you a few quick questions…

Do you think you are too old to meet beautiful women?

Do you think you need to be rich to get hot dates?

Do you think the silver in your hair works against you?

Do you ever feel insecure or anxious around women?

Do you ever clam-up because you don’t know what to say?

Do you compare yourself to other men?

Do you lack sexual confidence?

Do you think you are unattractive?

Do you agree with everything a woman says – even if you don’t really agree?

Do you think women want you to be a nice guy?

Do you make excuses why you shouldn’t approach women?

If you answered YES to any of these, let me assure you that you’re not alone … but you can easily learn how to overcome these and every other hurdle you’ve ever encountered.

But most men will never learn how to do it. They’re too embarrassed or think they’re losers for seeking help.
And it’s normal to feel this way.

Hi, my name is Shane Stanfield.

If you want to get back in the dating scene after a divorce, a long-term relationship, or if you’ve never really been in the dating scene to begin with – this will be the most important letter you ever read.

That’s because I am going to show you how to bring out that “inner game” so you will become “the man” – women flock to.

Before I get started, I’d like to expose some myths that are holding guys back from attracting and meeting beautiful women…

MYTH #1: You need to be handsome to meet gorgeous women… NOT TRUE. Ever go to a bar and see an ugly guy with a hottie? You’ll learn exactly how “average Joe’s” can meet any woman they desire…

MYTH #2: You need to be rich to attract the woman of your dreams… NOT TRUE. It doesn’t take fancy clothing, candy apple red Ferraris or mansions to get the woman of your dreams. And I’ll prove it to you in a moment…

MYTH #3: You need to get ripped and fit to get dates… NOT TRUE. Almost all men over 35 have a few extra pounds. And once you know how to use your age and everything that comes with it to your advantage – you’ll discover that a few extra pounds doesn’t mean squat…

You don’t need to have model-like looks and six-pack abs to meet women.

And you don’t need to be rich either.

What most men don’t realize is that attracting women is simple – you just need to make a few tiny tweaks to your approach and it will happen.

In this letter, you are going to discover actionable tactics – which you can start using right away – to get the women you really desire.

Maybe you’ve been shot-down a few times and are getting frustrated with the current dating scene. But I have no doubts this system will help you start getting dates – so you never spend another Saturday night alone.

Soon you too will go from letting women choose you… to choosing the women you really desire.

You’ll no longer get put into “The Friend Zone.”

And you’ll start attracting more women than ever.

Let me show you an entirely new approach – that works especially great for men over 35 – to getting phone numbers and making dates with beautiful women every single night…

These are brand new techniques for 2011 that work with astonishing results.
So if you are willing to put in a tiny amount of effort and really want to learn how to become a “woman-getting machine”…

Forget whatever you’ve previously learned… because what you are going to discover works great without…

Without… Using cheesy one-liners
Without… Acting like a jerk
Without… Buying women drinks
Without… Wearing fancy clothes
Without… Being the life of the party
Without… Spending hours in the gym
Without… Using tricky ‘persuasion’ techniques

If you’re a divorcee, have kids and a full head of gray hair – even better.
I’ll show you how to use these to your advantage.


You’ll know exactly how by the time you’re done reading this letter.

You see, I recently made an incredible discovery… and I’d like to share it with you right now…

A few years ago, I was insecure, self-effacing, and clueless when it came to attracting and picking-up women.

And unfortunately it took a near death experience to turn my entire attitude about life around.

You see, I was involved in a near-fatal accident, thrown from a vehicle and laid in a field for two hours, willing myself to live, despite a crushed face, a severed lung, and massive bleeding.

At one point, I remember hearing my buddy say, “Don’t die.” Right then, I made the decision to fight to stay alive.

Doctors told me I had a 10% chance to live, but I beat the odds. I spent almost a month in the hospital, and I have undergone hundreds of hours of facial surgery.

By my side through it all was my girlfriend Kathy… the woman I eventually married.

Getting married was a HUGE mistake… Kathy and I got divorced after just a few years.

I was at the absolute lowest point in my life. The accident had virtually destroyed the little self-esteem and confidence that I had. And I felt that no woman would ever want to be with me again.

I went to therapy and it really helped me heal inside, but it wasn’t until I started reading pick-up and seduction books that something ‘clicked’ when it came to meeting women.

I read every book and DVD I could get my hands on. My confidence was starting to grow and I even attended boot camps where you go out ‘in the field’ to pick-up women with the experts right there by your side.

It wasn’t long before I became so good that I was asked to start coaching people at these boot camps.

But there was a problem: Most of the guys I was coaching were just 18-25 years-old. These guys just wanted to play video games, meet ‘chicks,’ and get laid. That’s fine for a 22 year-old, but I was long past that stage of my life. I found myself wanting to help guys who were more like me, guys who were looking for something more in life.

And that’s when it hit me – no one is out there teaching mature men, who have been out of the game for a while (often because of a divorce or the end of a long-term relationship), how to attract and meet women.

So I began to refine my methods and began coaching only men over 35.

I’ll say this one more time because it’s important: I learned from the VERY BEST in the business, and I learned a lot. But when I realized 99% of the material being sold is written specifically for the 20-something crowd – I knew it was time to develop something different.

That’s when The Silverback Seduction System began to take shape.

I’ve developed The Silverback Seduction System so that you can access and start learning all the secrets of attracting women immediately – from the privacy of your own computer.

Here’s just some of what this 215 page seduction guide covers:

• How the ‘silver’ in your hair can help you dominate the dating game.

• The 6 step blueprint to seducing the beautiful women you really desire.

• How I went from being an insecure, self-effacing, and clueless “average Joe” to a seduction machine… and how you can too!

• The secret weapon that strengthened my “inner game”… it will work for you too.

• Why YOU have a huge edge over guys 18-25 years old… and a clever way to exploit this edge to your advantage.

• Did you know most dating advice books and courses recommend you have a certain “lifestyle?” Here’s why this is a HUGE mistake for men over 35.

• Why mastering the art and science of pickup is about more than getting laid.

• Why having kids from a previous marriage can be a HUGE asset when seducing women.

• The single most important word you should never say to a woman.

• A great trick to demolish your self-doubt.

• Do you really know what’s going on inside a female’s brain? The answer will surprise you.

• The single most important secret you MUST learn so you don’t become a pussy-whipped doormat for the rest of your life.

• How to tease, captivate, and attract women… hook, line, and sinker.

• The one simple thing you can do right away to make any woman go nuts.

• How to get a woman to “flip the switch” on her romantic love circuits.

• Why attracting a woman has absolutely nothing to do with your physical appearance.

• 10 attraction triggers you need to master to become a woman getting machine. Master these and you’ll meet more women than you can imagine.

“Within a week of purchasing this I was getting phone numbers!”
“I have to say I was skeptical about The Silverback Seduction System before I purchased it.

My experiences meeting women in bars were few and far between. Within a week of studying the system, going out and getting phone numbers has been easy.

I can’t wait to keep practicing!”
~Tim, Colorado

• All women love this kind of man – and how to become “that man”.

• How to show strength through your body language by moving slowly across a room.

• How to “establish your space” and get other men to back-off your turf 99% of the time.

• The safer a woman feels, the more she will be drawn to you. The nifty insight revealed here paves the path to a sensual or sexual response.

• How to get more women around you… so you’ll be more desirable to other women… this simple trick gets beautiful women to hang out with you all the time.

• Why you always need to be calm and composed in every situation… and a simple way to do this.

• If you take yourself too seriously – you’re screwed.

• The #1 thing women want in a man. Hint: It’s not good looks or money. Get this right and you’re on easy street.

• Can certain TV shows help you seduce women? The answer might surprise you.

• 3 topics to never, ever mention. Bring these up and you’ll never get laid.

• 10 keys to telling great stories that will make women melt.

• Learn how to go from women choosing you, to you cherry-picking the hotties you really want to be with.

• One thing you should never do when you first meet a woman. Do this and it’s another night of watching The Office re-runs alone.

• Why you must always abide by “The Golden Rule.”

• 4 simple ways to get your mind to stop saying, “I don’t have many choices in women,” and start believing that you have too many choices.

• Why you should never resemble Larry from Three’s Company.

• Learn how to send signals to women that you are a sexual rock star.

• Why you should never seek a woman’s approval.

• A simple way to let a woman know that you’re adventurous and spontaneous in the bedroom… without ever talking about sex.

• How often should you text, email, or call her? The answer may surprise you.

• How to break out of your comfort zone and get women to go crazy for you.

• Just 25% of men over 35 are willing to do this. Do it, if you have the guts, and younger women will be all over you.

• Learn how to read a woman’s body language to know if she’s interested in you.

• 14 non-verbal signs that tell you a woman is interested in YOU.

• Why you should never buy a female drinks until she’s given you this important signal.

• The worst mistake you can ever make… and how to avoid ever making it.

• How to subtly manipulate any conversation towards what you really want to talk about.

• 4 questions you can ask to instantly start a conversation and get the ball rolling.

• A simple way to validate if you have the dreaded “Nice Guy Syndrome”… and how to get rid of it if you do.

• Do your clothing and hair really matter? The answer may shock you.

• Learn how to send a clear signal that you are of high status and women should choose you to reproduce with.

• 3 super easy ways to establish a killer look that will drive the ladies crazy.

• Should you try to dress like a stylish 25 year old? Not so fast.

• Your shoes are not the first thing women look at… but this article of clothing is.

• 4 things you should never wear… and why women will only want to be your friend if you do.

• Is it okay for men over 35 to wear bling? If so, how much and what?

• Why you don’t need 6-pack abs to get dates… but you do need to maintain your “dating weight” to be in the game.

• Learn why properly maintaining your body hair is so important… and discover how to groom everything from head to toe – for success.

• 3 hair styles no man over 35 should ever get.

• A super quick way to turn a woman off, and an even easier way to prevent this embarrassing moment from ever happening to you.

• 10 simple things you can do in less than 5 minutes that will make your body language show her that you really are “The Man.”

• A simple trick that will make every woman in a bar want to know who you are.

• Learn the most important thing you should do when you enter a room. If you don’t do this – you’re doomed.

• The surprising secrets that a woman’s mouth can tell. If her mouth is opened slightly you better know what it means.

• The 10 Commandments every “Silverback” must know… before heading into the dating scene.

• The phenomenon that will occur between you and your friends and family… and why they will be shocked by your new-found confidence.

• Learn why successfully seducing women is a lot like chess.

• How a simple technique revealed in the movie Top Gun can help you overcome any failure you have in life.

• The 6 stages of becoming a “woman getting” machine.

• The secret to approach a beautiful female stranger and starting a conversation with her.

• 4 techniques to seize a woman’s attention in less than 3 minutes.

• Learn how to “re-boot” your mind and convert negative energy into positive energy.

• The BIG myths about getting a woman’s attention, and why they never work.

• 3 tricks on how to “advance” when you first meet a woman.

• How to increase your chances of meeting a hottie during Happy Hour at the local bar.

• When the woman you’re interested in is in a group… Learn why you’ll want to meet her last – not first.

• Do the pick-up lines that work in porn movies work in real life? The answer may surprise you.

• A neat little way to get woman to think your super important.

• 9 killer “Hot Buttons” to get a conversation started with anyone.

• 3 ninja-like techniques to meet a woman at a bar, grocery store or video store.

• Why it’s critical you follow the “9/10 Rule”… and the consequences if you don’t.

• Do you know what to do when a woman tells you to “wait here”? Hint: It’s not what you think.

• Why and when it’s best to say absolutely nothing.

• How to “cold read” a woman like a fortune teller. Learn this easy trick and she’ll be amazed.

• An amazing little drill-down technique that will make her think you’re Kreskin.

• A simple way to get a woman to relax and smile –with YOU.

• Does accusing a woman of something really get her to talk to you? Yep… and here’s how to do it.

• The BIG difference between what attracts a man… and what REALLY attract a woman.

• 9 signals she may be into you.

• Don’t make this move for too long or she’ll think you’re a complete creep.

• The 1 thing you must avoid if you’re looking for a one-night stand or casual hook up.

• Learn the “12 Year Old Niece Rule” that will keep you from ever saying something stupid.

• Here’s how to captivate a woman by “Going with what you know.” Sounds cheesy, but its super effective.

• 3 positive indicators that let you now she’s really into YOU.

• Learn how positive reinforcement will make her like putty in your hands.

• Do sexual innuendos really drive women crazy? Only if you say them like this.

• When playfully teasing a woman… you better not break this “Golden Rule” or you’re going home alone.

• The exact best time to ask a woman for her email address.

• 3 key variables to be aware of when you meet a woman at a bar. If you know these you should get her number – maybe more.

• Most men have no clue that there are 3 stages of challenging a woman… Do this right and you’ll know exactly where you stand.

• Why a woman is just like the stock market… and how to invest in the right one so you get more dates.

• Learn when to tell a woman, “You have great lips, I bet you think you are a good kisser.”

• The precise time you need to move from social to friendly touching.

• How to properly “handle” her friends and peers when you meet in a group setting.

• This is the absolute worst thing you can ever say to a woman, even if it’s a joke.

• Learn how long to place your hand on hers… A word of warning here: Keep it there too long and you might as well go home and watch Caddyshack by yourself again.

• Ever make a fake call to the police when you’re with a woman? Here’s why you might want to.

• 5 sure-fire signs that you’ve got her – hook, line and sinker.

• The only time it’s okay to pass on a one-night stand.

• Learn exactly when to call a woman after getting her phone number… and precisely when to text her too.

• The 1 thing to never include when sending your first email… put it in there if you dare, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear from her again.

• 3 things every man MUST read to impress her… and so she knows that you’re the hippest guy in town.

• A simple way to set-up a “Theme Date” that will rock her world.

• 5 kick-ass tips to kiss her like Don Juan.

• The real secrets to turning her on with heavy petting.

• These 5 sex tips will get you to perform just like a porn star, maybe better.

• Does she have any sexual fetishes? Here’s how to find out.

• 2 things to avoid doing to help prevent erectile dysfunction. It may be common, but it’s still embarrassing.

• How to use modern technology to your advantage. Here’s what you need to do right away.

• This simple – yet clever – trick gets your name and phone number into her cell phone, instantly. You’re going to say “why didn’t I ever think of doing that” when you see how easy it is.

• 6 great ways to get her to text you.

• 9 techniques for leaving her the perfect voicemail. She’ll probably call you back within minutes.

• Don’t ever do what Jon Favreau did in the move Swingers. Screw up like he did, and you’re toast.

• 5 simple tricks to send her the greatest emails she’s ever gotten. Do #5 right and she’ll think you’re the most thoughtful guy in the world. Even if you’re really full of crap.

• Learn why Facebook could be a huge asset… or your worst nightmare.

• The 6 simple secrets to becoming a Facebook stud.

• Who never to “friend” on Facebook… and who to always “friend.” Get this right and you’re set.

• Should you use Twitter?

• A simple way to avoid ever becoming an “obsessive loser.”

• Learn if you really should use acronyms when texting. LOL, LMAO, TTYL… Do these impress or turn-off younger women?

• Date this type of person and your career could come to a screeching halt.

• Is your “Ultimate Payoff” the same as 99% of guys over 35?

• 6 signs she’s crazy about you… and you’re nuts about her.

• The 8 simple rules of the “11th Commandment” that you can follow for the rest of your life. If you want to meet more women, become super successful, 10-times more confident and happier than you’ve ever been.

• JUST ADDED BONUS CHAPTER: An amazing 17-page CASE STUDY of a Doctor who used The Silverback Seduction System to find the woman of his dreams – after his marriage ended in a brutal court case – and is now in a very happy long-term relationship. This is a must read!

• And so much more…

The secrets revealed in this thorough guide are so powerful and effective that if you can’t make them work, it won’t cost you a penny just to try. More details on that in a moment…Plus, when you try The Silverback Seduction System today, you’ll also get access to six video recordings…

Module 1: What Females Really Think And Why
Here’s where you’re going to discover how the female brain is really ‘wired’ and what causes them to think how they do. This is fascinating and powerful information. And I’ll show you exactly how to use it to your advantage.

Plus you’ll learn…

How to re-program your mind to feel good instantly.
Why you need a “nothing” memory when meeting women… and a simple way to get one.
A great trick to overcome anxiety in under 2 minutes.
Learn a simple way even a shy guy can start a conversation with anyone.
Discover why it’s the second thing you say to a woman that matters most… and what it needs to be.
And much more!

Module 2: Mastering The 10 Female Attraction Triggers
There are certain things in a man that women are attracted to. And I’m not talking about looks or money. This detailed video reveals the 10 Attraction Triggers any guy can master in no time. Do this and you’re on easy street.

For example…

Learn why women go nuts when they find a guy non-threatening… and a simple way to give them this feeling whenever you go out.
Discover how to get other men away from the woman you desire 99% of the time.
A piece of advice from Rudy Guliani’s father that works great in any situation.
Women love to play head games… here’s how to win every time.
Is it ever okay to get in a bar fight… or should you walk away? The answer may surprise you.

Module 3: The Ten Commandments Of A Silverback
These simple, but extremely important ‘Commandments’ are a great tool that can help you attract more women, feel better about yourself, and improve the overall quality of your life. Powerful stuff, I promise.

For instance…

Silverback Commandment #1: Thou shall never view women this way. If you do, you’re totally screwed.
Silverback Commandment #2: Thou shall never fear this… when you learn exactly what and you’re on easy street.
Silverback Commandment #3: Thou shall not be this kind of guy… make this mistake and you’ll fall into ‘The Friend Zone’ every time.
Silverback Commandment #4: Thou shall never let this particular group of people bring you down. Keep them out of your way, and you’re set.
Plus 6 more super-important Commandments that will definitely boost your love life ten-fold…

Module 4: The Evolution Of A Silverback: Steps 1, 2, 3
The first 3 phases of becoming a ‘Silverback’ include: The Advance, The Crossover, and The Allure. Learn these techniques properly and you’re off to the races.

This great video includes…

Why most men freeze like a deer in headlights when approaching a beautiful woman… but once you master this technique you’ll never even hesitate.
There are 2 types of advances… learn which work best and when to use it.
Do you know the ‘Salsa Method’ for meeting women? Hint: The Mild, Medium and Hot methods all work great.
Learn why the ‘Engagement Ring’ question always starts controversy… and why that’s exactly what you want it to do.
Discover how the movie Footloose and the preacher who wouldn’t allow dancing could get you a date.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Module 5: The Evolution Of A Silverback: Steps 4,5,6
Now we’re getting to the core steps to becoming a true Silverback. Master these and you’ll send signals to hot women that you are in a different league than those young 20-somethings. Get ready for even more dates…

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover…

A simple way to determine if she meets the high standards of what YOU are looking for in a woman.
Make sure you don’t make this fatal mistake… do it and you’re doomed.
When a woman is out with a group… these 2 tactics work great if you’d like to get her alone.
A great way to ‘talk kinda dirty’ (but in a wholesome non-offensive way) to let her know you don’t want to be just friends.
The perfect time to forget ‘friendly touching’ and move on to something a bit more… Your timing is critical here!
And much more…
Module 6: The Evolution Of A Silverback: Steps 6,7,8
We live in a technology savvy world, and as a true Silverback you need to know how to take advantage of these advances. From iPhone to Facebook to Twitter… you need to get a grasp with what’s going on. And I’ll show you exactly how.

For example…

Do you have a humorous nickname? Maybe you should get one when doing this.
2 simple ways to win-over her friends. These work great 9 of 10 times!
Kick-ass hints on how to send women texts like a pro.
Do women like it when you email porn? The answer will shock you.
Are long-term relationships and marriage really the Ultimate Payoff? The answer is here…

But there’s something else I’d like to give you… Plus, You’ll Also Get Complete Full-Length MP3 Audio Recordings Of All 6 Videos
Yes, you’re getting over 5 hours of videos that you can access right away, but you’re also getting complete MP3 audio files.

I thought it would be great to give you the complete recordings to listen to whenever you want.

So, just 3 minutes from now you’ll be able to listen to the MP3s no matter what you’re doing and when it’s most convenient for you.

I listen to material like this in my car and when I exercise all the time.

You’ll have all the tools you need to attract and meet women at your fingertips. And you’ll get them just minutes from now!

But there’s something else I’d like to rush you right away…

Get The Word-For-Word Transcripts Of All 6 Videos…
This complete transcript of over 5 hours of videos is yours too.

This is a great way to have all the dating, pick-up and seduction secrets close by. Print them out and keep this in your briefcase or just save it on your laptop and read it whenever you want.

All I can say is keep it close. The secrets revealed here are the exact steps I’ve used and perfected over the years to date women… which have also led to several long-term relationships.

This is the very first time I’ve ever given this away, and you’re going to be amazed at how effective it is.

But that’s not all you’ll get. If you take me up on this offer right now, you’ll also get these valuable bonuses…


Bonus #1: How Young Is Too Young?
• Do you know how young is too young? Use this simple formula to instantly figure out if she’s the perfect age for you.

• 6 crystal clear signs that a young hottie is dead wrong for you.

• Half your age plus ‘this’ many years give you a very important number… that you better know.

• Could a 25 year-old be perfect for a guy over 35 looking for a serious relationship? The answer will shock you.

• And so much more!

Bonus #2: The Importance Of Having A Great Wingman
• Learn the real reason you better have a good “Wingman.” Maverick had Goose… who do you have?

• Should you really wear an Armani suit and sport a $100 haircut? Not in this case.

• A simple trick you can learn in 2 minutes to be the perfect wingman.

• Don’t ever hit on this woman… or you’re screwed.

• Why a surprising Craig’s List ad that may shock you… is so darn important.

Bonus #3: How To Successfully Drink And Date
• 4 simple rules to follow when it comes to drinking alcohol and using these powerful techniques to meet women.

• Nothing sucks quite like one of these.

• Learn a great place to take a woman if she gets really drunk. Every woman loves going here.

• The powerful “Las Vegas Secret” that can make you money at the tables… and helps you attract more women.

• How to pace yourself when drinking to maximize the amount of women you’ll meet.

Bonus #4: How To Turn Divorce, Kids, And Unemployment Into An Asset
• Think divorce, kids and unemployment are deal breakers… think again!

• A simple tactic to transform any ‘liability’ into HUGE assets.

• If you shrug a divorce off like it’s no big deal – you’re screwed… Here’s exactly how to handle it.

• Some women will go nuts when you tell them you’re a loving, caring, involved dad… one simple phrase is all you need to say.

• 2 effective things you can say to overcome the unemployment hurdle…

• And so much more!