Sexual Fitness by Hank C. K. Wuh & Mei Mei Fox Download

Sexual fitness is about understanding that it is absolutely possible for you to take control of your health, pleasure, and passion. You can play an active role in maintaining them. When you believe in your ability to make yourself more sexually fit, you can follow the seven essential elements presented in the Sexual Fitness Program and achieve a more satisfying sex life in just thirty days!

Most people want to improve their sex lives. Most people want to be healthy. But what most people don’t realize is that there is a clear connection between sex and health: not only is sexual satisfaction better when your health is good, but having sex more frequently is good for your health. Sex is one of the most important biological functions in life and plays a critical role in our intimate relationships. It’s also important to our sense of self-esteem and overall well-being. Understanding the correlation between our sexual and emotional health will lead to a vital, energetic sex life.

Sexual Fitness shows how seven everyday factors-diet, supplements, medications, sensual stimulation, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction-directly influence sexual health. It is the combination of these elements that leads to improvement in overall vigor, increased energy, restoration of passion and pleasure, and an overall feeling of wellness. More important, Sexual Fitness contains an easy to follow 30 day program complete with dietary guidelines, recipes, a daily planner, and plenty of practical guidance to improve these seven elements and maximize the quality of sex and overall health in everyday life.

The 30 day program will emphasize lifestyle changes that will allow anyone to:

Take control of sexual vitality
Enhance sexual satisfaction
Achieve heightened passion and pleasure
Maximize energy levels
Improve overall health naturally