Jake Vandenhoff – Seductive Conversation System Download

Jake Vandenhoff introduces his conversation system for getting a woman sexually aroused and intrigued by you. The system was developed as a 3-step sequence that triggers a woman’s instinctive sexual response in her brain.

Jake Vandenhoff – Seductive Conversation System helps you achieve flowing conversations by applying the following steps:

– #1: Make her feel safe
– #2: Take control and lead things forward like a man
– #3: Trigger her sexual arousal on a primal level she can’t resist

It is designed to give you the specific conversations techniques to get a woman to like you as well as yearn for you.

Jake Vandenhoff – Seductive Conversation System Bonuses include:

– Lust At First Sight ebook
– Every Opening Line You’ll Ever Need guide
– The Sex-Date Blueprint

Jake Vandenhoff – Seductive Conversation System Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
– A sexual introduction technique
– How to surround yourself with hot women
– Quickly escalating to get a woman in bed
– How to make her your loyal girlfriend
– Conversation mistakes to avoid
– How to a woman addicted to being near you
– Creating an irresistible masculine presence
– Energy control methods for relaxed confidence
– Keeping several girls in your “beck and call” rotation
– Topics that will pull a woman into your conversation
– How to trigger dirty sexy thought in a woman’s mind
– Correctly responding to what a woman says to you
– Develop your ability to create “magnetic” conversations
– Attraction signals that let you know if a woman likes you
– Stealth conversational techniques for excellent communication
– Sparking immediate attraction to a state of intense sexual arousal
– A 3-step system for having smooth and sexually arousing conversations
– How to enter the Alpha state with “autonomic communication networks”
– Pulling yourself out of the friend zone and becoming her dream lover
– Reach deep rapport levels with the Connection Accelerator Technique
– How to create the perfect vibe for a romantically sexual connection
– How to convince a woman to start talking about sex
– The important words to use right before sex