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“Discover The Underground Secrets That Will Get Hot, Sexy Women Into Your Bed Every Night You Go To A Bar Or Nightclub…”

If you are not getting the type of women you want in bed every night ready and willing to fulfill all your craziest fantasies, then it’s time you discover the closely guarded secrets the dating experts didn’t dare teach you….until now… Let’s get down and dirty!

Let’s Face it: You want to get laid, not somewhere down the line…but right now. If the statistics psychologists often throw around are even remotely true, then you probably spend half of every hour thinking about sex. If you’re like me, you don’t want to just think about sex, You want to be having sex…NOW!
If you have ever been curious how the world’s greatest ladies men are getting women into bed the very night they meet them, then wonder no more. I am ready to reveal the secrets I have personally used for years to get women into bed in a couple hours….MAX!
If you have ever gone to a bar and sat around bull-shitting with your buddies all night and left the bar without a girl, isn’t it time you stop this madness and start getting laid!??
If you have ever gone out to the bar and DID talk to women only to get a bunch of numbers that never went anywhere…or at best she made you wait to get into her pants…wouldn’t you rather just take those girls home and fuck them?
Getting a girl into bed the night you meet her or getting Same Night Lays as they are called is not only possible, but within your reach…if you only knew the secrets to doing it…
These are the secrets I will be revealing to you!!

Warning: This is NOT a beginner’s guide. If your game is such that you cannot currently attract and seduce women fairly consistently, this guide will NOT be very beneficial for you. If you cannot already get women into bed in a “reasonable” timeline, this guide will NOT be the magic bullet that instantly transforms you into the Charming Rogue™ who can! I will, however, recommend some excellent places to learn solid attraction game, so you can get the fundamentals down and later put the additional techniques described in this book into practice. For those that have solid fundamentals, however, this IS the guide that will ensure you never have to leave the bar alone again.

But don’t just take my word for these outrageous claims,

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“The Charming Rogue™ Presents: Secrets of Same Night Lays”

Introducing the exclusive underground Secrets of Same Night Lays that guarantee you become the guy who can:

* Quickly screen for the women who have the logistics necessary to go home with you that night (and not waste your time on the women that don’t…you’ll be getting those women into bed later!)
* Overcome her 5 Objections to jumping in the sack with you in only a few short hours (and often minutes when you apply the Secrets of Same Night Lays methodically)
* Create intense Sexual Tension inside the woman so she is begging you to take her home and give her the fuck of her life (that’s right, she will be pursuing you!)
* Apply the closely guarded secrets of Sexual Framing that unleash her naughty side so she feels completely comfortable getting uber-sexual with you (and knock her out of her typical role of pretending she isn’t interested in having sex with you!)
* Easily extract her out of the bar or nightclub and into your bed the same night you meet her (and have her coming back for more any time you want!)
* And much, much more….

Best part: These secrets integrate seamlessly into any method or structure you are currently using so you don’t have to make any drastic changes…These small tweaks are the only adjustments you need to make to turbo-charge your game and accelerate your seductions!

From: Adonis Las Vegas, NV

Allow me to introduce myself…My name is Adonis and what you are about to discover will transform you from the guy who occasionally gets women to the kind of guy who enters a bar, nightclub or party and leaves with a turbo-hottie–EVERY TIME! I will be revealing the Secrets the dating experts didn’t want you to know about getting women into bed the same night you meet….often in less than an hour! (No, it doesn’t have anything to do with being rich, good-looking, famous, or driving a bad-ass car…trust me, none of these adjectives can be applied to me!)
That’s right. I will finally be revealing the Secrets of Same Night Lays!

I have been pulling Same Night Lays regularly for several years now, but I must be honest and admit that I didn’t initially think it was possible to consistently meet and seduce the sexiest, most sought-after women in the bar or club the same night I met her…and this was even after I was getting amazing results with women!
In a moment I will be telling you the realization I made that led to discovering the secrets that you too will be using to obtain outrageously rapid results, but right now I want to tell you how I discovered them.
You see, many years ago I was not particularly good with women. Sure, I got a few girls here and there but it was never very consistent. The few relationships and random “hook ups” I had were more a matter of chance more than anything…I had yet to learn how to attract the kind of women I was after. Like most people, I took whatever came my way…Sound familiar?
Well, after a particularly brutal breakup from a 3-year relationship with a woman who, in retrospect, I didn’t even really like, I decided to become the kind of guy who could attract the kind of women I had been merely fantasizing about my entire life. I had many good mentors along the way and through diligent effort and practice…I became really good with women!
But that is not what this letter is about. Sure I could meet women and eventually get them into bed….and I’m talking about Maxim and Playboy hot women (yes, I have dated a Playboy Cyber Girl & a neurotic but crazy girl from a well-known Reality TV show)…but it would take some serious time between meeting them to getting them in bed. Often several days and over a few “dates” or meetings.
The Realization That Changed Everything…

During this time period when I was starting to see real results with women and began having several relationships with a multitude of women, I relocated to Las Vegas….and something happened.
I noticed that my results started going down significantly!
Here I was in America’s Adult Playground with more sexy and alluring women than anywhere in the country, and I was not getting the results I had previously enjoyed. I began to realize that all the stuff that I had learned, though still valid, was not yielding me as many results. I began to think back upon all the results I had experienced in the past and noticed a pattern that resulted in my personal maxim for getting women:

“If you want to get the girl, you need to sleep with her as quickly as possible.”

I noticed that if I didn’t get a girl into bed within a week or so of meeting her, it rarely happens at all. I’m not saying this was always the case, but in my experience this was more often than not true. (I later discussed this topic with other expert seducers and they noticed the same pattern.)
Vegas is a very transitory and touristy town. I would often meet a woman, have her extremely attracted, and then she would be gone. Her vacation would end or she would leave town. I needed to start making things happen even quicker than I had previously done. I needed to get her into bed the very night I met her because tomorrow, she will more than likely be gone.
I needed to start getting Same Night Lays!

Here are some of the Secrets what you will learn:

* Why you should aim for Same Night Lays (And why you will actually get even MORE women in your life and in your bed by doing so)
* Where to obtain the cutting edge technology for meeting and attracting women (Since this is NOT a beginner’s guide and I won’t bore you with re-hashing this stuff, I offer no fluff you can find elsewhere, only the secrets you need to get her in your bed fast!)
* The only 2 rules you will ever need to get any woman you want in the sack fast (Who said getting girls to fuck you quickly should be difficult!??)
* The shocking secret women don’t want you to know about them (and how knowing this secret will get you laid!)
* The 5 Logistical Questions you absolutely must ask every woman in order to maximize your efforts (never again will you waste your time interacting with a woman you cannot get that night!)
* The 5 Objections and consequences women fear that prevents them from having sex with you RIGHT NOW (and how to easily bypass them so she will naturally want to jump on your dick ASAP!)
* 4 Common Scenarios that naturally lead to rapid sex (some of these may shock and surprise you!)
* How to create intense Sexual Tension in a woman so she finds herself sub-consciously wanting to fuck you right there in the bar (You will be amazed what happens to a woman when the roles are reversed and she starts sexually pursuing you!)
* Techniques for Sexual Framing so closely guarded that some of the top experts are going to kill me for revealing them (and you will be amazed how “naughty” a woman will behave once you have unleashed the floodgates that allow her to behave exactly how she truly wants to!)
* Frame Games and Tactics you can easily add in to your repertoire TONIGHT that will get her naturally behaving sexually with you (And they are so easy to add to your game that you will master them almost INSTANTLY!)
* How to create your own routines for sexual framing (so you will never be accused of reading “The Game” or watching “The Pickup Artist” on VH1!)
* 3 Simple Default Moves you can use any time you get “stuck” in an interaction (that’s right, never be tongue-tied or at a loss for what to do with a hot woman again!)
* Techniques for Escalation that lead you and her out of the bar and into the bedroom naturally and every time! (Some of these techniques can even be used without saying a single word!)
* How to avoid a rookie blunder so many wannabe ladies men consistently make (You would be surprised how many guys you think are players are not actually getting women into bed…even though they appear to get results!)
* Special Kino Tactics that seem “innocent” enough to perform in front of her friends and onlookers at the bar, but get her incredibly horny (I have seen women visibly soak through her jeans after doing them in a bar more than a couple times!)
* How to properly bait a woman to want to chase you (and how this gets her so invested in you that even if she didn’t initially like you, she can’t help but rationalize to herself that she does!)
* How to use NLP tactics that rapidly increase your results with women (Hint: you may not realize this, but most of the top seducers that are getting rapid lays are secretly using NLP!)
* And finally, the Closing Tactics you need to smoothly extract her from the bar and into your bedroom (There are so many little things you can do to make this often tricky move so flawless and natural that you should never have to convince a women to go home with you EVER AGAIN!)

Free Bonus I will also throw in an Audio Version of the book!

Let’s face it: You have a lot going on in your life and you don’t always have enough time to sit around reading this book (no matter how good it is and how quickly its contents will get you laid). Well don’t you worry…I’ve got you covered. I am also going to include a full audio version of the book so you can listen to anywhere! Perfect for the drive to the club for that last minute reminder of the things you need to do to get your girl out of the bar and into your bed.
This bonus audio is valued at $47, but I am going to give it to you FREESame Night Lays. because I know you are often too busy to read the book and I really want you to become a Master at getting

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The Adonis Black Book is a simple tool designed to diagnose your sticking points so you can know exactly where you need to focus your efforts to master the art of getting Same Night Lays. Using this book is THE BEST WAY I have found to truly attain a high level of mastery in as little time as possible.
Let’s face it: Most guys have no clue where they are going wrong.
The Adonis Black Book will solve this problem once and for all! Use it every time you interact with a woman and before long you will see patterns emerging that will reveal exactly what you need to work on next. You will never have to flounder cluelessly wondering where you went wrong ever again!
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