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Dear soon-to-be Total Package,

   It doesn’t matter whether you’re (1) a skeptic – a guy who’s convinced all dating advice is total BS, or (2) a frustrated dating-advice whiz – a guy who’s confident that he “knows it all” but is still deeply confused because he isn’t getting the results he thinks he deserves —

   If you’re sick of not getting the types of women you most desire… if you’re fed up of being ignored over money and good looks… if you can’t stand insulting-your-intelligence worthless advice from pseudo “experts”…

   If you hate settling for “average”… and would rather NOT waste your best years masturbating to Internet videos, while other guys are “bagging the hot chicks” or stealing your dream girl…

   If you feel there must be more to life than this…

   If you are any of these, I know you are ready to fully exploit the breakthrough roadmap I’ve prepared for you.


   If you have the determination to learn the TRUTH about dating success, and stick to it — The Possible Dream System may be the LAST dating-advice resource you will ever have to read in your entire lifetime. It will give you the complete “secret” attraction education that most men desire. Everything you’ll ever need to know to have complete control of your dating life… everything you’ll ever need to join the top 10% circle and even the elite beyond.

   But because I know talk is cheap and because I know that usually the most convincing proof of all is personal experience – I’ve already given you 34 powerful “Total Package” secrets for free as a demonstration of my new, breakthrough system.

   If you find them powerful – just imagine how much more powerful the complete Possible Dream System is. As good as this little black book is, it pales in comparison with The Possible Dream System and the hundreds of routines, techniques, principles and strategies you’ll discover inside.

   Indeed, this indispensable training is far more than just a collection of the most effective, advanced, no nonsense “Total Package” ideas I’ve discovered from more than 9 years of thousands of approaches… the last 2-3 of them gaming at the highest level (thanks to our fashion boutique) … as well as over $50,000 worth of the best materials out there. It’s my complete blueprint for achieving what I like to define as…

The POSSIBLE DREAM in your life:

  • From fearless, spontaneous and highly potent ways to approach and meet gorgeous new women…
  • To the secrets of optimizing and conveying your Natural Attractiveness, Self Image, Charisma, Not-Giving-a-F–K Attitude – among 8 most important above-average factors – as you never have before …
  • … to become a “Total Package” – the type of guy who seems to have it all. The type of guy women talk about and instantly notice. The type of guy women want to be approached by, and even will approach themselves.
  • Followed by learning how to use THE BIG GUNS – persuasion head games and salesmanship ammunition to “sell” that “Total Package” image with a consistency and efficiency not one in a hundred guy can comprehend… not to mention replicate (even if he’s a “world renowned mPua” *laughing with tears*)
  • Combined with under-the-radar techniques to trigger the 4 main emotional hot-buttons that can immediately enable you to provoke irresistible desire …
  • As well as stacking on top of all that “Deep Connection”, so you can sweep a woman of her feet the way she has been daydreaming since a young girl.
  • Right on down to knowing how to emotionally and physically escalate things, ignite lust, get her in your bed and all that as a part of one heck-of-a cool, fun and exciting lifestyle. Where you have an inner circle of at least 3-4 hot, rotating bed bunnies and where you can almost effortlessly renew this circle not by weird “sarging missions” but simply as a natural part of your cool lifestyle – knowing that you need no more than 2-3 nights out to get it done.
  • Ultimately, enjoy this “top 10% sex life” stage, until you get it out of your system and be ready to find and settle down with the one special woman…
  • And every one of the scores of “do-or-die” steps in-between that most guys miss.

   What I want to emphasize is this: with this resource – assuming you’re “coachable” and take action – I guarantee that you will achieve unprecedented consistency in all the above with a success rate you’ve never thought possible for yourself.


YOU GET THE 14 DAY TRIAL: Pay nothing except a tiny $1 processing fee! THE POSSIBLE DREAM SYSTEM is yours to examine basically FREE for 14 days without risk or purchase obligation. Look it over for 14 days, then decide if you want to keep it. I’m doing this because I want to eliminate any excuse a guy can have for not trying out this remarkable system. Plus, when you have a product that delivers, I’ve found this absolutely-no-risk approach works best in bringing in huge numbers of happy and loyal customers.


YOU GET “THE POSSIBLE DREAM SYSTEM” – 15 chapters of 417 pages complete with my cream of the crop secrets, routines and tricks… your personal Action Challenges to turn the information into results… motivational sections that won’t let you deviate from the path… and so much MUCH MORE!

Chock-full of important information that can be found nowhere else – at least not in any dating material.


YOU GET “DAY GAME MASTERY” – You get amazing insights on how to get KARMA as your “wing woman” to help you net high-quality gorgeous women in the street, coffee shops, malls, stores, etc… PLUS a few simple yet astonishingly powerful delivery tips I learned from The WOLF of Wall Street that will grant you inhuman consistency with your indirect openers.

Update: PLUS a ready-to-use routine stack from the best dating-coach no one has heard of (This guy is legit).


YOU GET “THE THRILLING ART OF THREESOMES” – the ground-breaking method for making girls want to experience threesomes with you and another hot woman.

No guarantees, but when this little formula works – and it does relatively consistently – it can absolutely blow your mind! After all, how often do guys experience a simulatenous BJ from two hot women?
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