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You are smart. You know that the only way to have great, passionate affairs with women is to connect with them. And you’ve heard all about what it takes to do it.

But you may not know that there are 3 distinct, critical stages when you meet a woman that make the difference between being her greatest lover, or just a friend.

Now I am going to drill the steps for those critical stages into your brain so you know them like you know your own name.

It’s called Rapport. And there are tons of techniques and routines out there to show you how to fake it.

But none of them will actually get you what you want. None of them will actually get you the girl. That’s why I’m finally putting together the very best of my lifetime of teaching and breaking it down in one power-packed hour to show you EXACTLY how to connect with women so they love you like no one else in Real-Deal Rapport .

No tricks. No games. Nothing to memorize and nothing to fake. This class is guaranteed to teach you how to turn boring conversations into deep, meaningful connections, and wil change your encounters with everyone you meet, especially beautiful women.

I will show you all my very best approaches to connecting with total strangers, and turn what seem like random encounters into moments out of time that leave women thinking “I’ve never met a man quite like this… someone who understands me, someone who gets me, and someone I can trust with everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Including, of course, those dirty fun things she’s always wanted.

If you want:

* To be the guy that women leave other men for, not the one that women leave…
* Make women dream of you and ask “who IS that guy” just minutes after meeting you…
* Blow all the handsome charm monsters out of the water and make their silly little jokes seem like just that… compared to your leading man sexiness… and walk off with the girl while they are at the bar betting to see who has the most ripped abs…
* Have everyone you meet think of you as a real-life hero, all without lying, bragging, or doing anything all that heroic…
* Finally understand and realize what it is that is special about yourself, and make women know that instantly…

And of course, have better sex than anyone else because you know the natural way to open her up to you completely…

* NEVER have to read crazy-ass marketing copy like this, or like “get 4 dates in 4 minutes with my Solid Gold Super Seducer Pack!”… because you understand just what it is the men that women lust after have been offering them since before language was invented (I’ll give you a hint… it’s nothing to do with looks, money, status, or anything alpha… and it’s something you can start doing right NOW)…

Well, pardner, you come to the right place.

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are cool, nerdy, handsome, plain, old, young, thin, fat, exciting or dull. Once you learn how to connect with women like they’ve dreamed of their whole lives, you will become the kind of man that women love so much, they will choose you over anyone else.

Even, and especially, the player/stud/pickup artist dudes you’ve been losing out to. Time to take back what is rightfully yours. Great girls deserve a great guy. They deserve you. This class will make it happen.

Look, everyone is going to offer you solutions to “connect” you with women. Even nerds turned players are getting rich now off saying they know the secrets to connect with women and get any kind of relationship you want with their patented system. The truth is… there is no system. There is only knowledge that comes from experience. I’ve been dating beautiful women for over 20 years, and for most of it, I didn’t know a damn thing about pickup lines, attraction, theory, body language, or anything that guys say you need.

All I knew was how to connect with my words, my eyes, and my emotions. And that, my friend, is all you need.

I’ve been waiting years to teach this class to the whole damn world, and now I finally got my chance… I went a little crazy. See, these classes are always an hour long, so you get plenty of teaching at a fair price. But when I started this… I went over 2 hours! And I’m keeping it the same price, because what I want most is for you to know what you need.

The best women settle for nothing less than a hero. Now you will discover the hero in you with Real-Deal Rapport