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Perfect Eye Contact – The Alpha Dog

“Sean I think that was the best podclass you’ve done man that is truly world class!! Such a subtle thing that i would never think to do! The exercise for being present is really enjoyable makes you feel calm,peaceful,happy! When i finished listening i was giving you a standing ovation at my computer! Brilliant stuff man!” – Tim

Have you ever heard the following?

“Why are you acting so weird?”

“I like you, but as a friend.”

“I don’t have a phone, so why don’t you give me your number?”

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t figure out what women really want, and wondered why they can’t seem to hear you?

Do you want women to see you as a lover, not just another sad, ordinary guy?

There’s an answer. And it’s in your eyes.

The way you see women is the way they see you.

If you want to be the man women love, you need to learn how to see them the right way. You need to learn to talk with your eyes, and say exactly the right things.

And now there’s finally a workout and exercise you can practice on our own, at home, no workshop, no bootcamp, no $5000 weekend, to start getting it right.

It took me 21 years to figure out what it was I did with my eyes that made women come to me, and made men say things like “you are the kind of guy who could take any woman from any man” (not that I ever would, of course! smilie

And it took one perfect hour to get it all recorded to teach you how to do the same. Join me for “Perfect Eye Contact – The Alpha Dog,” and you get:

* the things that “naturals” do to get women without saying a word (it has nothing to do with what they LOOK like!)
* a simple 5-minute practice you can do anywhere at any time that will completely destroy any approach anxiety and replace it with real, not fake, confidence (and no one will ever know what you are doing!)
* A new way to see women that will forever change how they see you (and ensure you never hear “let’s just be friends” again!)
* One change in your body that will allow you to be totally cool and happy with yourself no matter what happens with her (which makes you bulletproof to rejection, and therefore super-duper sexy!)

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