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Dear Committed Student,

If you’re the kind of guy who has made a commitment to being successful at game, and sleeping with hot women, and you want to get there in the shortest amount of time possible… then you need to read this.

Because I’m about to reveal how you can become that guy in the fast lane to amazing results with women.

I’ve taught guys to be successful with women for 12 years. And based on my 12 year vantage point I’ve identified the reliable and repeatable formula for getting good at game fast.

Almost every single guy who gets good at game follows the formula that you’re about to discover… And almost every guy who winds up stagnating, losing motivation or giving up altogether, seems to miss at least one crucial part of this formula.

If you follow my 4 steps formula

  • You can watch as “approach anxiety” and “being in your head” become comical things of the past.
  • You’ll quickly reach a level of consistency and effectiveness where you never need to rely on “getting into state” to attract women — being an attractive, sexworthy guy will become “who you are”.
  • Consistently pulling and sleeping with 8s and 9s… maybe even an occasional 10, will become your regular reality.

Welcome to complete sexual abundance.

On the path to sexual abundance, there isn’t a single guy who doesn’t encounter sticking points and plateaus. Here’s what differentiates a “slow lane” guy… from the “fast lane” guy you want to be:

The fast progresser blasts through sticking points. Plateaus do come for him… but he deals with them in a formulaic way that pushes him through the plateau quickly.

Meanwhile, the slow guy gets stuck for months on sticking points and plateaus. And no matter what he tries, he can’t seem to get past them.

No guy is cut from a different cloth — it’s merely the process, and the formula a guy uses to progress that counts.

So which of these sticking points is holding you back?

Maybe you can relate to the following:

  • You find yourself inside your head at the club, unable to approach even an average girl, let alone roll up with intent on an intimidating hottie
  • You have difficulty being able to “warm up”, or hit a relaxed state that girls are drawn into (instead you’re in a negative mood that repels almost every girl you talk to)
  • Your interactions seem to “fizzle out” in just a few minutes. By the end of a night out you’ve approached the whole club, without solidly hooking any sets.
  • You have trouble escalating physically… constantly waiting for permission or “the signal” and worrying that she’ll reject you for escalating too fast…
  • You get girls attracted and successfully build comfort, but you can almost never seem to pull the trigger and take her home… You hear endless objections like “I have to stay with my friends”.
  • You’re stuck in “intermediate purgatory” — every once in a while you managed to pull, but it seems almost random. You can go weeks or maybe even months between getting laid.
  • Getting toward advanced now… You have no trouble getting the 7s, maybe even an occasional 8, but the 9s and 10s still make your heart race and your throat tighten up
  • Advanced guys: you can pull hot girls home for one night stands consistently, but you find they flake out soon after and don’t want to hang around you for the long-term.

I’ve seen guys who follow the right formula for progressing in game overcome all of these sticking points within a year.

And I’ve seen guys get stuck at every point along the way and never move any further.

So where did you rank?

Does it look like you’re in the fast lane or the slow lane?

Will you be pulling stunners left, right and center within a year… or do you need to alter your approach if you want success?

These sticking points all have one cause — “Practice” is not enough

Guys progress slowly because of just one key mistake — They think that “practice” alone is enough.

They think that if they just go out 4-7 nights a week and “practice” that you’ll eventually get good. Fair enough — it’s not your fault if you currently think this way.

After all — who hasn’t heard the expression “practice makes perfect”? There’s a problem with that saying though — It simply isn’t true.

The truth is that “perfect practice makes perfect”. You can go out 7 nights a week…

Though if you’re making a mistakes, your practice is only helping you get better at making those mistakes, deepening your sticking points, slowing your progress to a halt, and arriving at complete and utter stagnation, and eventually giving up.

So what’s the alternative to just “practice”

Guys who get good fast use THIS formula:

You’re about to discover the formula for being that guy who excels at game… rapidly blasts through sticking points and starts sleeping with the hottest of women while other guys are still learning to escalate.

Guys who get good know that “practice doesn’t make perfect”.

They know “perfect practice makes perfect”

If you do “perfect practice”… you’ll get good at game. So what is secret formula for perfect practice?

There are exactly 4 elements. I’ve seen hundreds of guys reach advanced levels… and they always had these 4 elements in check.

Guys who fell off the path… who stagnated, or last motivation, or gave up… they were all missing at least one element in this formula you’re about to discover.

And here it is… the secret formula used by almost every guy who has ever progressed rapidly in the game:

Step One

They constantly study theory relevant to their current sticking points

The key here point here is that they study *what’s relevant to their sticking points*. They don’t just mindlessly consume the video of the week and trust that the info will “absorb” into their brain…

They’re proactive about choosing the theory they study and are always looking at something relevant to what they’re working on improving.

They’re actively looking to contradict their current model of the world. Looking for better behaviors, better strategies and better mindsets.

Their R.A.S. is tuned to looking for solutions to any problems and challenges they’re facing. And so when they see a possible solution (that they’re actively searching for)…

They implement it immediately and test its effectiveness. They keep what works and throw away what doesn’t.

Step Two

Guys who become good fast proactively study the behaviors of other guys

They realize that self-analysis can only do so much for them. And so they’re keenly studying the performance of other guys, looking for models of both success and failure.

When they observe something that works for another guy, they immediately test it out for themselves. And when they see something not working for another guy.

They think “Am I making that mistake as well?” And if they are… it’s removed from their game.

Having models to emulate rapidly weeds out the wrong behaviors and leaves them only with wickedly effective behaviors that consistently seduce hot women.

Step Three

They continually expand their comfort zone and skillset

They’re constantly looking for new tactics, techniques, styles and strategies to try out. Not a single week goes by without them trying something new, expanding their comfort zones, increasing their baseline confidence and widening their skillset.

They’re never getting stuck in a rut of going through the motions, practicing the same thing every week, and making the same mistakes.

They experiment with every single method of opening, creating attraction, escalating, dealing with obstacles and pulling. They force themselves to become comfortable in any situation, so that anything that comes up, they know how to deal with…

Step four

They seek personal feedback from a mentor

This may be the most important… and unfortunately also the hardest to come by.

FACT: No one who gets good at something does it alone.

  • Tiger Woods & Mozart wouldn’t have become masters of their crafts without the help of their fathers from a young age.
  • And Warren Buffet wouldn’t be the most successful investor of all time without his mentor, Ben Graham.
  • And I wouldn’t have gotten good at game without the help of my mentors in the days of Project Hollywood.

Guys who get good seek out a mentor, surrender to the mentor, and allow that mentor to guide them to massive success…

  • Step 1 Study theory relevant to your current sticking points
  • Step 2 Study other guys as models, emulating what works and eliminating what doesn’t
  • Step 3 Continually expand your comfort zone by trying new things every week
  • Step 4 Consult with a mentor and follow his advice
  • Any guy, including you, who does these 4 things will reach an elite level very fast. Any guy who’s missing just one of these… will have his progress will be severely stifled, and be stuck in the “slow lane”.

This is literally THE formula to getting good fast.

Here’s the problem: Not every guy has access to these elements of success

  • You might not be able to identify your exact sticking point and know what theory to study
  • You might not have models of good game around you to learn from
  • You might not know which new things you need to be practicing, which direction your comfort zone needs to expand in, or which skills are the highest leverage for you to learn
  • And if you’re like most guys, you don’t have access to a mentor

As I mentioned before, I’ve dedicated 12 years of my life to teaching guys to become successful with women, and I’ve witnessed the high turnover rate of guys getting into game.

Guys come in optimistic, and within a year they’re motivation has been stomped into the ground and they’ve given up…

So I chose to solve this problem for you

I decided to create a program that gives you everything you need to get good at game fast… And I called this program Valentine University….

I designed Valentine University to put you on the fast lane to success.

Wherever you’re at in game, maybe you’re brand new and you want to ensure you have support and are on the fastest path, or you’re intermediate and you’re facing sticking points and plateaus.

Valentine University is the cure for stagnation, and it’s the key to progressing rapidly every single month.

Here’s what you get when you enroll in Valentine University Videos Directly Addressing Your Current Sticking Points

Every single month you get access to a brand new video explaining how to obliterate a sticking point you’re dealing with. The content of each video is carefully chosen based on what you’re telling me you need to know about.

It’s fully interactive — so you get to tell me what exactly what your problems and challenges are. And I create a video explaining the underlying cause of the challenge you’re facing, and the solution to quickly blowing past it…

And so you don’t have to scour the Internet, or ever the hundreds of hours of RSD YouTube content for the solution to your current challenge… it’s right here for you.

What’s your biggest challenge you’re facing right now in your game?

Imagine how much faster you’d solve this problem and move on to hooking up with hot girls if you could just tell me about it, and watch a brand new video this month by me telling you exactly how to solve it…

You’d almost never face any slowdowns in your game, as you solve almost every problem as soon as it comes up.

Hidden Camera Student Infield Footage Broken Down Frame by Frame by Todd Valentine

The second part of the formula for getting good fast is studying the behaviors of other guys… seeing what works and doesn’t.

That’s why in Valentine University, every single month you’ll get a new “Hidden Camera Student Infield” video. I’ll personally break down, frame by frame, exactly what the student is doing right, and what they’re doing wrong…

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel yourself — just copy what you’re seeing working each month and discard what leads to failure.

You’ll be shocked how easily you notice “wow! I’m making that mistake as well!” — Even mistakes that you’ve been making for months or years that you never knew about.

It’s so easy to get results when you can just emulate behaviors that you know work… and when you’re watching you’ll get to see proven ways of building attraction, escalating and pulling, and much more, every single month.

Monthly Missions to Rapidly Expand Your Skillset & Comfort Zone

The third part of the formula for getting good fast is constantly expanding your comfort zone and your skill set.

Having coached students in field for 12 years… I know what exercises a student needs to do to learn a new skill and expand their comfort zone. And so every single month I’m going to tell you your “monthly missions”.

When you’re executing the missions, even if you miss a month here and there… you will get good FAST — there’s no way around it. And they’re not just missions for the sake of mission. You’re not expanding your comfort zone for the hell of it.

These are the missions that I’ve given to my personal boot camp students who paid me $2000 to learn them.

And these missions and gambits, over and over again, led to them getting laid. In one month you’ll get 4 missions, which if you implement, can lead to you getting laid each and every time.

Mentorship & Personal Feedback from Todd Valentine

This may be the best part.

Because this is where you get me, an RSD instructor of 12 years experience, to be your mentor. Remember — no one who gets good at something does it alone.

You need to have a mentor to ask questions, and give you advice. And so every month you’re going to get to attend a webinar with me where you can interact personally with me, ask me your questions and get my personal recommendation for what you should do.

Anything that you can’t figure out on your own… you can ask me. So you’ll almost always have perfect clarity and certainty of what you need to do in the game to increase your performance and your results.

And you can trust that the advice I give you will lead to success. And that’s not all:

If you write a field report of the missions you’re executing in module 3, I’ll personally review them and give you advice to improve.

Outside of personal coaching with me, you absolutely cannot get this kind of mentorship anywhere else. This mentorship and personal guidance from me will just about guarantee your success in the game.

With me guiding you and telling you how to get to the next level… it’s almost impossible to fail… and you’ll progress faster than almost any other guy in the game. This is truly the winner’s path to success and elite levels of game.

  • Imagine how you’ll feel when you walk up to that stunner and she can instantly tell that you’re “that guy” who’s worked on himself, dealt with all the bullshit and now has exactly what it takes to claim her.
  • How easy is it going to be for you to feel comfortable in almost any situation… and give off that relaxed, chilled, and confident vibe that draws the hottest women into your reality?
  • How will you personally feel, when you’re lying in bed with a well-deserved 9 or a 10, knowing that you’re one of the guys who “made it”… Knowing that you’ve done what most guys simply will not and cannot do…

And maybe you’re wondering… How much is this going to cost?

I know from teaching bootcamps that reaching elite levels of game is valued at thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. And so I know that many guys will easily see the value in investing thousands of dollars into their education at Valentine University…

However — I want Valentine University to be something that almost any guy can get access to. It’s hard enough already to find great wings to model, let alone mentors.

Outside of Valentine University most guys will never find what they need. And so I didn’t want cost to be a barrier to entry here.

I decided a fair price for Valentine University would be $67 a month. And if you wanted to sign up to Valentine University for 1 month, that’s how much you’d have to invest.

But here’s the thing — I don’t want dabblers. I only want guys who are totally committed to their success. And so I decide to reward dedication and commitment.

THERE ARE 3 levels of enrollment

Level One

The Bachelor’s Degree 6 MONTHS ENROLLMENT

When you sign up for Valentine University for 6 months, you won’t pay $67 per months, which over 6 months totals $402. You’ll get an entire 6 months enrollment in Valentine University for the low price of just $147.

Bachelor’s Bonus #1 24 Months RSD Inner Circle Content

And Bachelor’s Degree bonus that’s not all — you’re also getting a very special bonus…

I played with whether I wanted to include this or not… because this is a LOT of value to just give away for free. But I want to be someone who always overdelivers on value. So are you ready?

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