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Today I bring you something very special.

I always thought of Stockholm as the last major city in my first round of hotseats. I’ve now created the second Hotseat and well into footage for the 3rd Hotseat, which means that I’ll be teaching for at least 5 years to come. I think I’m meant to teach pickup. Not just teach, but innovate, like my comrades Tyler, Jeffy, Julien, Ozzie, Brad and Todd.

As an incentive to commit to the Alexander Hotseat I created bonus videos that fully explained the method that I’ve observed that is the Da Vinci Code to picking up girls form cold approach. There is one video that explains principles, and three videos about WHAT YOU DO that give you the facts. The actions that you need to take that so many guys learning pick-up yearn to obtain.

The videos are the Attraction manifesto, The Creative Initiative Video, The Endure Tests Video and the Physical Rapport Video.

These videos total about 11.5 hours.

Just as Jeffy made his Jeffy Show, Tim made the Flawless Natural and Tyler Did his original Foundations here is my full program. My full Manifesto, here for free.

You might wonder why the hell would I want to give away my ‘life’s work’ for free? Well, my life’s work is really my Hotseat, the live programs where I show the videos of the pick ups I’ve done, break it down, and show you how I grew from confusion about the game and myself into the mindset that there is “no reason why I’m not enough” and amazing results.

In giving you the Natural Instinct Method for free it brings me into accountability to step my content up to the next level. And of course I’ve got new ideas and content in mind waiting to be released.

About the Natural Instinct Method.

This is not my method. This is a method I have observed. To say that it’s MY method would be to claim that I played a part in biological evolution; which is ridiculous. The Natural Instinct Method is an observation based on empirical media evidence not something I **think**, but rather something I know from evidence. The Natural Instinct Method is something I have extensive video evidence of. Some you see in the Hotseat, some is locked away in the archives.

I called what I’ve observed the Natural Instinct Method because is the way natural guys behave when they’re most outside of their head, when they’re unthinking, emotional, empathetic and in touch with their sexual state. When they’re natural and instinctual.

I originally studied the science of psychology at University in Australia and was educated in the scientific method.

When we started using cameras to observe ourselves infield, it was the first time we could measure with records what caused guys to get results with girls. Through observation we discovered and became more effective at the variables that cause a guy to have great results when picking up girls.

And I’ve made videos about these variables here for you. Starting with the all-harrowing attraction manifesto!

In 2007 I thought the terminology of ‘attracting girls’ confused too many guys. I wanted to move as far away from ‘attraction’ it as possible. I realized that arousal was far better way to practically describe and “DO” attraction.

In the cold approach game there are three essential skills that need to be applied. Talking, enduring tests and initiating physicality.

The most important of these is enduring tests. It’s in the endurance of dealing with bullshit that turns you from beta male and naturally unattractive to alpha and naturally attractive.

The video of Enduring Tests is the most essential for the newbies. Explaining how you can transform and evolve yourself into a sociable and emotionally strong guy.

Please enjoy this program over and over again. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments below.

And if you’re already seen these videos and you’ve taken your game to the next level please tell me how its helped below.