RSD Glenn – Energy Awareness Training Download

Glenn Ackerman leads this fun, enlightening and life-changing workshop, where major shifts , recovery and enlightenment take place every week. It is a totally new, unique and innovative concept developed and given by Glenn.

Using the latest research and tools in spirituality, recovery, energy medicine and personal development, Glenn has created an amazing experience where you can relieve your stress, let go of negative or stuck energy and low-vibration frequencies, and then experience a profound shift as he raises your energy to a very high vibration. In this state you will experience total bliss as you connect to your full potential self and become one with Divine power. Here, you are unlimited and anything is possible, so manifesting the life that you desire becomes easy and effortless.
You will:

• Clear out and release all the stress of the week
• Free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings
• Let go of all your anxiety, worry and fears
• Reduce and delete emotional distress
• Remove success blocks and self-sabotage
• Feel empowered and energized
• Increase your self-confidence and personal power
• Dramatically increase your recovery from any addiction
• Experience the energy/ecstasy/empowerment process
• Feel the presence of higher power