Rousing the Dragon PDF Download

Rousing the Dragon : The White Tigress SocietyTM presents the Eight Oral Techniques and Five Hand Methods of the White Tigress-providing a foundation and general scope for a female’s training in sexual stimulation. Learning these methods will not only enhance her sexual stimulation skills and restoration processes, but will, over time, give her the knowledge and internal energy for learning and experiencing the more spiritual aspects of Absorption and Illumination. We hope all viewers understand that these techniques are but a springboard for discovering her true, inner immortaless self. The Eight Oral Techniques correspond to the Eight Diagrams (Ba-Kua) of the I-Ching (Book of Changes) which is central to Taoist philosophy. Each technique is demonstrated in the sequential arrangement of the Eight Images of Heaven, Valley, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, and Earth. The Five Hand Methods correspond to the Five Elements (Wu-Hsing) and are demonstrated in the order of Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, and Earth. Based on the Eight Diagrams and Five Elements, the techniques in this DVD correlate to the Eight Types of Jade Stems (penises), Five Types of Glans Penis, and the Five Types of Semen. By knowing these correlations, a female can determine which of the Eight Oral Techniques or which of the Five Hand Methods is most suitable for each particular male. For more information, see The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon and White Tigress, Green Dragon. This DVD contains sexually explicit material for adults only.