Best of Ross Jeffries Coaching Vol 1 and 2 Collection

Ross Jeffries Coaching Collection

Claim Your INSIDER’S Copy Of My Latest And Greatest That Gets You More Women, Now!

From Meeting Women, To Seduction Language Mastery, To Smashing Through Stuck Points, Here Are Over 30 Structured, Power-Point Loaded, Video Modules, Plus The Word For Word Transcripts And Audio Files Of 12 “Ask Me Anything” Coaching Calls Where Students Got My Personal Advice That YOU Can Learn From

A Personal Note From:
Ross Jeffries, Your Seduction Teacher

It’s back, by popular demand.

Once again, how would you like a chance to spy on the very best work I’ve put into my Elite Coaching Program, and enjoy my best teaching, advice, and structured video lessons, all in the privacy of your own home?

What if you could watch as I spill the beans, and reveal my own latest theories, techniques, plus deep personal change insights (could all of these stuck points I resolve for these students also apply to you, or just most of them?)

Introducing: The Best Of Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction® Coaching Collection, Volume 2:
2 DVDs, 18 CDS, Of Video Modules, Mp3 Audio Files, Hundreds Of Pages Of PDF Transcripts Of My Very Personal Best Advice, Teaching, And Structured Lessons

Listen: there’s nothing I love more than teaching, coaching, and helping my students breakthrough and achieve fantastic success and satisfaction-sexually, emotionally, physically and every other way-with the women they really desire and deserve.

And in my coaching program, I do just that, both with live access to me on teleseminars and office hours, and in the recorded form of 5 instructional/answers to students “mini seminars” on video, each month.

Now, you get EVEN MORE of this advice, in video, mp3 and PDF format and keep moving on your own fast track to super-success with women.

Among the topics covered in the 30 video modules are:

* Pacing and Leading For Pick-Up Power
* Implication and Using Implied Compliments
* How To Use Gestures, Suggestions, And Commands
* Sexual State Accelerators (you just saw Part 1 above)
* 24 Answers To Students Video Mini-Seminars
* 12 Ask Me Anything Coaching Call / Teleseminars
* And Much, Much More!