Robert Glover – Positive Emotional Tension Review |

What You Will Learn in PET

  • Why it’s essential for women to feel emotional tension to experience attraction and attachment to a man.
  • How men fail to create emotional tension.
  • How men kill what tension does exist.
  • How positive and negative emotional tension differ.
  • How to stop being “nice” and seeking women’s approval.
  • Why women use “shit tests,” and why you should view them as invitations for sex.
  • How to pass a woman’s shit tests.
  • How to set the tone and take the lead with women.
  • How to stay out of the friend zone.
  • How to create instant and overpowering PET and attraction with a woman the first time you meet her.
  • What you can do daily to maintain PET and attachment in a LTR.
  • How to practice the Three Rules for Great Sex.
  • How to stop pleasing women.
  • Why trying to make a woman happy always fails (and actually makes her unhappy).
  • What feminine drama means.
  • Why you should never try to get an unavailable woman to be available or try to get an unaroused woman aroused.
  • Why women cheat.
  • Why women do things that make no sense to you.
  • How to avoid ever taking personally anything a woman does.
  • Why a woman’s complaining, criticizing, or fault-finding is an invitation to connect with her more deeply.

After completing this course you will not only understand the deep principles of emotional tension and its effect on women, but you will also have a confident grasp of the application of these principles.

P.E.T. Lessons

1. What is emotional tension and why do women need it (for attraction, attachment, and passion)?

2. Why do you fail to create emotional tension and how do you kill it when it does exist?

3. Why women create negative emotional tension (and why you should view it as an invitation for deeper connection)?

4. Powerful strategies for creating attraction, attachment, and passion in women.

Every lesson will present multiple strategies for creating and maintaining positive emotional tension.

How the Class Works


When you register for P.E.T. Positive Emotional Tension, you will receive a link to a class resource page. After the course begins, a new lesson will be added to the class page each week. Most lessons will be presented through a written “lecture,” from which you will be able to download and print the lessons and homework. The course will also utilize some video and audio recordings that supplement the lessons.

The lessons will present information to help you understand the subject and yourself. They will be geared toward helping you apply the information to your life in very practical and doable ways. Each will have discussion questions to stimulate personal reflection and interaction with class members on the online forum. Homework assignments will help you apply the information to your life.

Class Discussion Forums

The class resource page will contain a discussion forum for each lesson, where class members will post their responses and homework assignments. Class members will be encouraged to read and respond to each other’s posts.

A powerful part of the course will be the mutual support, modeling, and accountability that such interaction creates. Most people struggle to change their lives because they try to go it alone, using a limited set of tools. The online forums will help you see that you are not alone or your issues unique. They will build on the concept of “what one man can do, another man can do.”

The online forums will remain available for 12 months after the class begins so class members can continue to support each other and stay in touch long after it ends.

Instructor Q&A Forum

The class will also have an online Q&A forum where class members can ask Dr. Glover questions relating to the lessons. Dr. Glover will have regular office hours, at least twice a week, when he will respond to these questions.

Live Q&A Sessions

This course will feature one live, interactive discussion session with Dr. Glover. The Q&A session will last about an hour and will provide a forum for asking any question relating to the course. The date and time will be posted on the class resource page. If you cannot make the session, you will be able to post questions in advance. The Q&A session will be recorded and posted in the class library.

Class Library

This class will have a library where Dr. Glover will post resources related to the topic, including podcasts, videos, recorded interviews, books suggestions, and article links. This valuable library will help class members apply course information and put their intention into action.