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I frequently hear men say how much they benefit from listening to audio books and podcasts while driving in their car or listening on their mp3 player while working out or riding the bus to work. That is one of the reasons I started recording Dating Essentials for Men Q&A Podcasts.

In addition to these weekly podcasts for single men, I have also recorded a number of podcasts to help all men and women put their intention into action.

My Intention Into Action Podcasts cover a number of subjects ranging from “Breaking Free from the Nice Guy Syndrome,” to “Opening up a Woman Sexually,” to “Overcoming a Fear of Success.”

Browse the entire Podcast Archive to get the information and tools you need to start getting what you want in love, sex, and life.

Dr. Robert Glover

As I began to have dating success, many of my single clients started asking me to describe to them what I was doing that was working so well. Out of these requests came Dating Essentials for Men.

What began as a weekend workshop to present the concepts and skills to a few, has grown into four online courses and a weekly Q&A Podcast that have now helped thousands of men get what they want in love and sex.

Most Men Make Dating Way Too Difficult

One of the most common reactions men have to the material I present in my Dating Essentials for Men courses, workshops, and podcasts is “This is easy, I can do this!”

By showing you how simple it is to talk to women, get their phone numbers, date them, and get them into bed, it increases the likelihood that you will actually get out there and do it.

Dating Essentials for Men is not pickup.

I won’t turn you into a “Geek with Techniques.”

My goal is to help you expand your social and emotional intelligence to where approaching women, talking to them, and asking them out feels perfectly natural and easy to you.

Dating Essentials for Men will teach you how to:

*Change your thinking

*Soothe your anxiety

*Apply the skills to get out there and approach women with confidence

You will be amazed at how easy it is to meet women, talk to them, get their phone numbers, and even get them into your bed when you learn and practice what really works!

Dating Essentials for Men courses and Q&A Podcasts will help you:

*Clearly identify your goals for dating — and achieve them

*Face your fears and soothe your anxiety

*Learn new, effective skills for dating, mating and breaking up

*Challenge yourself to act and practice new skills

Robert Glover: Dating Essentials Q&A Podcasts (Late 2012)

Dr. Glover’s late 2012 podcasts.

This should complete the entire collection of known Dr. Glover podcasts as of now.  


Dating Essentials podcasts

de-podcast-120702-Accurately Reading Indicators of Interest
de-podcast-120703-Questions about Setting the Tone and Taking the Lead
de-podcast-120704-Nice Guy Seduction
de-podcast-120802-Dating Younger Women
de-podcast-120803-Random Questions About Dating
de-podcast-120804-Three Questions About Testing For Interest
de-podcast-120901-Breaking Up
de-podcast-120902-Two Random Questions About Dating
de-podcast-120903-Overcoming Resentment and Negativity Toward Women 1
de-podcast-120904-Overcoming Resentment and Negativity Toward Women 2
de-podcast-121001-Treating Dating Like a Scientific Experiment 1
de-podcast-121002-Treating Dating Like a Scientific Experiment 2
de-podcast-121101-Kids Two Questions About Dating and Children
de-podcast-121103-Should You Ever Pursue a Women
de-podcast-121202-How to Handle Yourself at Company Holiday Parties (*)
de-podcast-121203-Going on a Dating Hiatus 1
de-podcast-121204-Going on a Dating Hiatus 2

Intention into Action podcasts

intention-into-action-podcast-120801-Dealing With Infidelity
intention-into-action-podcast-121003-Becoming the Non-Judgmental Observer of Self
intention-into-action-podcast-121102-From Pink to 50 Shades of Grey Do Women Really Need Positive Emotional Tension
intention-into-action-podcast-121104-How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship – Part 1 (*)
intention-into-action-podcast-121201-How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship – Part 2 (*)

Robert Glover – Dating Essentials Q&A Podcasts (Late 2013)

Dating Essentials Podcasts

DE Podcast 130804 – Dating Multiple Women
DE Podcast 130901 – Loneliness, Part 1
DE Podcast 130902 – Loneliness, Part 2
DE Podcast 130903 – Busting On Women, Part 1
DE Podcast 130904 – Busting On Women, Part 2
DE Podcast 131001 – Attachment to Outcome and Conscious Dating, Part 1
DE Podcast 131002 – Attachment to Outcome and Conscious Dating, Part 2
DE Podcast 131003 – Attachment to Outcome and Conscious Dating, Part 3
DE Podcast 131004 – The 3Ts – Touch, Tease, and Tell
DE Podcast 131101 – The Early Stages of Dating, Part 1
DE Podcast 131102 – The Early Stages of Dating, Part 2
DE Podcast 131103 – The Early Stages of Dating, Part 3
DE Podcast 131104 – The Middle Stages of Dating

Intention into Action Podcasts

IIA Podcast 130703 – Healthy Masturbation_ Pt 1, What Is It_
IIA Podcast 130704 – Healthy Masturbation_ Pt 2, Questions About Fantasy
IIA Podcast 130801 – Healthy Masturbation_ Pt 3, What To Think About and Wet Dreams
IIA Podcast 130802 – Healthy Masturbation_ Pt 4, Erections and NoFap
IIA Podcast 130803 – Healthy Masturbation_ Pt 5, Guided Meditation
IIA Podcast 131201 – A Dozen Questions About Women, Pt 1
IIA Podcast 131202 – A Dozen Questions About Women, Pt 2
IIA Podcast 131203 – A Dozen Questions About Women, Pt 3
IIA Podcast 131204 – A Dozen Questions About Women, Pt 4