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Congratulations on your enrollment in Advanced Dating Strategies! This system is the most potent and effective system to attract women on autopilot and get them turned on quickly so that they are begging you to take their phone number and go out with them. Like we said, this system will give you everything you need to know from “hello” until you get her back to your bedroom.As a new member of The Advanced Dating Strategies I would to help you develop yourself into the TOTAL PACKAGE with women. If you want to take advantage of the most we have to offer, we are going to give you a chance to get your hands on something we don’t show to everybody, in fact we don’t even offer it unless you have purchased Advanced Dating Strategies.

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There are a handful of “forbidden skills,” that when mastered, make you damn near irresistible to women. You’re already going to know how to master the art of attractive behavior… why not take your game to a completely new level?

For the past five years we’ve been turning men into women magnets… by just making a few slight “tweaks” to their game, and overcoming just a few small challenges that are probably holding you back.

Fortunately, we’ve have defeated those challenges for you. These supplemental “Seduction Tool Kit” training originally sold for a total of $588. But today if you choose just one for HALF PRICE

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Training #1: The Player Circle: The Elite Members-Only Teleconference That Reveals the Secrets of FAST SEXUAL ESCALATIONApprox. 5 hours of Recorded MP3 Calls & PDF Worksheet Companions:

Look, some guys want relationships and thats fine…some guys like to move slow and that’s ok…but some guys want the confidence that comes with knowing they can set up a date, get the girl back to their place that night and have her in their bed with no questions asked. Or better yet…go out, see a girl, be lying next to them hours later.

If you’re one of those guys…the type of guy who wants to know for certain that you can close the deal when the time comes you’re really going to love this program.

  • Get the 4-step roadmap to move her from the bar to your bedroom, so you know how it will go before you even say hello
  • Two simple things to ask that will instantly tell you if she’s looking for a one night stand tonight
  • A trick we accidentally stumbled upon that always gets her to suggest coming back to your place (we don’t ever have to “make a move” anymore and neither will you)
  • Get used to hearing “I NEVER tell this to guys so soon” when we show you how to get her divulging her most wild sexual fantasies
  • The three easy things to do to bring out any woman’s “wild side” so she is in the mood to hook up before you even leave the bar (if you’ve ever wanted to pull a
    girl into the bathroom, this is how to do it) The ONE sign to look for to know when she’s ready to go home
  • How to avoid next-morning-awkwardness, get her out of your place with ease, and make sure she’s dying to see you again
  • Some cheap ways to make your place a chick-friendly pad where girls immediately feel comfortable and want to stick around
  • Zack’s secret for making sure that you seal the deal when you’re solo with her

So in short next time you’re out and you see a girl at the bar that catches your eye, or you have a date with a girl you really want to be with, you’ll know exactly what to do and say to get her in your bed in under 4 hrs.

If you think you’re ready for this sort of power, if this is something you have always wanted but didn’t know exactly what to do, and if you find yourself wondering what to do to “seal the deal” then you absolutely must take this up right now…this is the only time we have ever offered it outside our advanced coaching programs. It is only available now for $97 because we know you are serious about getting this handled, and will actually put this gold to good use.

“I learned things from Zack, things that will accelerate your ability to get Same Night Lays…” –Mehow

“Just got my first SNL in my city, and it was all thanks to you guys.” – John, Melbourne

Training #2: Dating Strategies Shortcuts: 4 Blueprints for Using the Advanced Dating Strategies During the Daytime, Over Text, In the Bedroom, and On a DateApprox. 3.5 hours of Video/MP3 Seminars, 5 Accompanying Reports & PDF Companions:

  • The exact text that Zack used to get a 89% meet-up rate for over three years.
  • What to text a girl right before you meet her for the date to guarantee that she is turned on and down to hook up before you even show up
  • The first text to send a girl after you meet her to make sure she remembers you and wants to see you soon
  • The exact blueprint of how to set up a date that ends up back at your place less than 3 hours later!
  • The one thing you must do to guarantee the date starts off on a good note
  • The 4 subjects that will ruin a first date, and how to avoid them if they come up
  • Step-by-step instructions for what to do on the date so that you know exactly what to do minute-to-minute
  • How to get physical and “crank up passion”
  • How to get her to suggest that you go back to your place, so you don’t need to make an awkward move



Training #3: Date Hotter Girls Seminar Room Presents 3 Keys to Getting Laid TONIGHT  Approx. 2 hours of Video/MP3 Seminars

  • Why being nice and considerate won’t get you laid (and how you can easily fix this by asking women LESS of this certain type of question)
  • Rob’s famous “Terminator Story” that exposes the secret technique to meet any woman and get her interested and alone with you in just seconds (for real)… and probably making out with her soon after!
  • The little-known reason why you should always try to sleep with a woman on the very first date
  • Avoid the friend zone! Is she laughing because she thinks you’re a comedian or because she’s turned on and wants to sleep with you? You’ll learn a foolproof test to know for sure.
  • How to have true long-lasting confidence with women that doesn’t continuously go up and down every day of the week depending on whether she’s texting you back or if a certain woman isn’t receptive to you.

Training #4: Date Hotter Girls Seminar Room Presents Master the Forbidden SECRET of Touching WomenApprox. 1.5 hours of Video/MP3 Seminars

  • Want to know how to sexually arouse women with just your words? Follow this formula or simply use our examples to get her panting with desire.
  • The 5 easy ways to ensure that your dates end back at your place
  • How to talk dirty to women without seeming weird or creepy
  • The quickest and easiest way to “make a move” on a woman without any anxiety, awkwardness, or guesswork
  • Plus MUCH MORE!

That’s more than 75% off the ‘normal’ retail price for all 4 products. I know I can try out all 4 courses completely Risk-Free with your “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. (Note: You will receive instructions to access the member’s area immediately.) Please add these to my Advanced Dating Strategies course. These programs will make sure you never wind up in the friend zone, you never again get stuck transitioning to sex, and women always view you with raw physical desire.