Road to Rediscovery – Donna Hill Download

Road to Rediscovery - Donna Hill Download

Learn Amazing Ways to Leave Your Past Behind and Create Your Future

You deserve to find the inner peace and freedom that comes from understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck in life!

Twenty-four AMAZING experts share with you their most powerful techniques, strategies and advice on how to finally let go of the past and begin to consciously create the future.

Let go of your past… Create your future

We are so excited that you have decided to join our virtual event, Road to Rediscovery: Learn Amazing Ways to Let Go of Your Past and Create Your Future! You deserve to find the peace and freedom that comes from understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck. Learn how to heal and release the past once and for all. Listen and absorb all of the information during our event, take action, and watch positive changes occur!

We have an amazing group of experts (24!) who will reveal their most powerful techniques, strategies and advice on how to let go of the past and begin to consciously create the future.

During our week together, you’ll be inspired as our speakers share their own rock bottom, defining moment when they KNEW that change had to occur and how they rose to meet the challenge and went on to create the life of their dreams. You’ll hear about the science behind our physical and mental well-being and learn the importance of learning to truly accept and love ourselves. There are some extremely powerful and touching personal stories of great triumph, courage, strength and determination that I know will encourage and uplift you.

I’m so honored to share this event with you! As a thank you for joining us, please open and peruse your first free gift, a digital copy of 20 Key Tips to Build Your Self Esteem.

Self-esteem is the level of confidence that one has in their own value and abilities. Many of us sell ourselves short every day in this area, believing that we aren’t good enough or are flawed in some way. Having a healthy self-esteem allows us to accurately judge our strengths and weaknesses while maintaining a deep level of acceptance for who we truly are.

Having a strong and healthy level of self-esteem allows you to weather the bumps in life without dramatically and negatively affecting the way you see yourself. It’s the cornerstone on which all lasting self-improvements are built upon. Please ENJOY this gift with my compliments!!!!

We have a week jam packed with messages full of inspiration, hope, re-invention, and information! The best part is…you can listen to the interviews on your own schedule! We know how busy life can get, so we’ve set up the event with pre-recorded interviews that will always be available to you. Fit it in during a time that works best for you each day.

You give so much to those in your life. Now YOU need to take some well-deserved “ME” time. Make time to listen in on the powerful words of our experts as they share ways for you to get reacquainted with that creative, passionate, beautiful, amazing person that has always been there, but whose light was temporarily dimmed by difficult times. This will be a week filled with HOPE and STRATEGY. I cannot wait for your journey with us to begin!

Much love,

Donna Hill
Founder, Road to Rediscovery

Welcome to the Road to Rediscovery Speaker Sessons

How Childhood Abuse Disrupts and Distorts Our Self Image and What We Can Do About It
Today we are kicking things off with Matthew Anderson who is a successful life coach and motivational speaker who helps his clients move past life’s challenges. Dr. Anderson will explain the effects of abuse on the development of self-image and what can be done to rebuild it.

How to Live a Joyful Life
Today I speak with Amy Carroll, author and the founder of Next Step Speaker Services, a coaching service for Christian speakers. Amy exemplifies what a joyful person is and she’ll discuss with us how we can let go of the past and mindfully move into a joyful experience of life.

Express Yourself – Writing as a Healing Tool
Sasha Allenby joins us today and she is an author, as well as a teacher and trainer for aspiring writers. Sasha will discuss how expressing yourself through the act of writing and journaling can be a source of healing and self-discovery.

Triumph over Tragedy: You Are in Charge
Today I interview Sandra Miniere. Sandra is a coach, EFT consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Sandra is a breast cancer survivor and she shares her journey towards physical healing and how we can learn to listen to our intuitive voice and find love and acceptance for ourselves.

Unique Self-Dharma – Waking up and Growing Up
Today I am with Barbara Alexander who will discuss how we can discover our ‘true-self’ and the concept of the Unique Self Dharma. She will lead us into a wonderful meditation at the end – don’t miss it!

Resiliency – The Science Behind Bouncing Back
Do you find it hard to bounce back after a disappointment? Linda Graham, a psychotherapist and author of “Bouncing Back”, will explain how we can develop a strong inner resilience that will help us bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Discover the Freedom of Forgiveness
Suzie Eller will talk about the importance and power of forgiveness in order to heal and become truly free from the past. She shares a powerful testimony about her own personal struggle with forgiveness.

Relationships 101
Do you sometimes feel clueless when it comes to love relationships? Tim Weichman takes us on a journey to uncover what makes a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Self-Care Strategies to Transform Your Life
Today Mary Pritchard and I had discussion about the importance of self-care. If you feel you are always taking care of everyone else and you are last on your list, don’t miss this!

Eat to Live – The Importance of Diet for Vibrant Health and Well Being
Lisa Marie Rosati, author and coach, will share some of her Sugar Free Goddess Lifestyle tips! She’ll discuss how we can begin to feel healthier and more vibrant by making some tweaks to our diet. And healthy doesn’t mean boring when the Sugar Free Goddess is involved!

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life
What if you could learn how to stop listening to those negative, self-destructive thoughts in your mind? Gina Hussar, life and business strategist and author, is a mind mastery expert and she will show us how to challenge and silence those negative thoughts to create positive change in our lives.

The Science Behind Fear, Stress and Anxiety
Has stress become a daily way of life for you? Janet Nestor, professional counselor and author, will explain to us the science behind how fear, stress and anxiety develop in the body/mind and what we can do about it.

Assessing What is TRULY Important in Life
Erica Tucci, author, will share with us her personal journey back from her stroke in 2011. Erica’s story of recovery will inspire you to assess what is truly important in life and release the insignificant things. Erica is a radiant survivor!

Tools for Healing Negative Emotions
Aileen Nobles is an Intuitive EFT energy healer, speaker and author. She will discuss tools for healing negative emotions and take us through an actual EFT session that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. A perfect way to end the day!

Get Back into the Driver’s Seat of Your Life
Natasha Black is a speaker, author, workshop and retreat leader who specializes in helping women on their journey to personal and spiritual growth. Natasha will share her personal moment of transformation and triumph which will inspire us to get back into the driver’s seat of our lives!

Conquering Anxiety with One Better Decisionat a Time
Cassandra Herbert is a holistic nurse, psychotherapist, author and speaker. She will explain the physical changes that occur in our bodies when we experience anxiety, fear and stress. She’ll also offer us some great tips on how to manage this through nutritional wellness. Cassandra’s passion is contagious!

Addicted to Love
Ethlie Ann Vare is an author, award winning historian, rock journalist and she has wrote and produced many popular television shows (CSI and Silk Stalkings to name just two!). Ethlie Ann will talk about sex addiction- explaining what it is and how to move forward from it.

Learn to Fall in Love with YOURSELF
Mia Saenz is a self-love teacher, media host in radio and an inspirational speaker. Mia courageously shares a very personal story from her own life in the hope of helping others. She will help us learn to fall in love with ourselves and to truly appreciate who we authentically are through eyes of love and compassion.

Open Up to the Love YOU Desire and Deserve
Sandra Fidelis is a dating coach and speaker, empowering women to shift how they view themselves, how they view men, and to redefine what they believe they deserve in every area of life. Open up to the love YOU DESERVE!

The Reawakened Woman: Learning to Activate Your Intuition and Remember
Who You Really Are
Today, we welcome Amber Kuileimailani Bonnicci, artist, poet, healer and mentor. Amber courageously shares her own journey towards healing from trauma. You will be touched, inspired, and filled with hope when you listen to Amber’s story of triumph.

Let Go of Those False Beliefs About Yourself
Christine Callahan-Oke is a personal empowerment coach and writer. Her mission is to help other women see the beauty in themselves and in every day moments. Today, she will show us how important it is to let go of the false beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

Keys to Self-Acceptance – Embrace Your Uniqueness
Next up we have Adriana Rizzolo and Taryn Longo (or the dynamic duo as I like to think of them!). Taryn and Adriana have found transformation through the practice of meditation and yoga, and both believe in supporting other women in finding their inner beauty.

How Take 24/7 Responsibility for Your Life
And our telesummit is beautifully and completely rounded out by Cyndi Krupp. Cyndi has struggled in the past with a debilitating panic disorder that brought her life to a standstill. Cyndi shares how she bravely stepped out of a life of panic and anxiety and now uses her life experience and all the tools she has learned to help others.

About your Road to Rediscovery host – Donna Hill
On paper, I’ve been in the corporate world for 30 years. In my heart, I’ve always been right here. I have spent the majority of my life feeling a little out of step with everyone else. I’ve spent way too much time dwelling in fear and depression, and far too little time living in joy. And when the joyous moments came, I couldn’t fully embrace and enjoy them for fear of the other shoe dropping. In an odd way, the thought of lasting joy felt a bit odd and uncomfortable to me.
I grew up in a chaotic home and at various times in my life I’ve experienced emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Through a series of events in my life that literally brought me to my knees, I realized with every fiber of my being that I deserved better. I realized that although the events of my past had long passed, I was still living in a prison of emotions that I had created for myself. I was sitting in a prison cell that was created by my experiences, yet all the while I was holding the key.
Then I woke up. I began the work of self-discovery. I credit my faith in God for opening up my heart and my mind to the possibilities that surround me. I also credit Him for sending me my ‘prince’ of a husband to whom I have been married for 10 amazing years. I never knew love and marriage could be this wonderful and I’m reminded every day when I look at him that it’s never too late to find true love.