Rion Williams – Overcoming Fear of Aphrodites

Rion Williams – Overcoming Fear of Aphrodites Download

Discover The 3 Step Formula to Permanently Cure Your Anxiety Around The Women You Want to Meet & Get Them Attracted Instead And the 12 Anxiety ‘Solutions’ that I predict are actually only creating MORE anxiety in your life

Do you still get nervous around beautiful women?  Does your body temperature rise, heart flutter and you can’t think of what you would say if you even did approach her?

 Then it’s safe to say that you have approach anxiety.

It’s a very real issue that is affecting your ability to attract and date beautiful, higher quality women in reality.

Unfortunately, it seems most AA advice out there is coming from people who haven’t cured it themselves or it just plain doesn’t work.  That kind of advice can actually work against you for years even creating more anxiety and pushing women further away from you in reality.

If you don’t know what is creating the anxiety (and worse, believe that they’re a SOLUTION) to your anxiety, the prospects aren’t looking good because no matter WHAT YOU DO or ‘SAY’ around women, it almost NEVER works, women remain a fantasy and you only get more anxiety.

Towards the bottom you will find the #1 Cause of your anxiety with women.  I’m Rion Williams and a few years ago, I CURED my anxiety with women and approaching – ALL anxiety.  I have no fear of women and it’s because of what I’m going to share with you.

Instead of anxiety, I get ATTRACTION.  I am so solid in my presence and power that I pass the tests of (all) women..the longer they are around me the more they open up (even ice queens) but often they will do crazy things right when I’m just there.  They will give ME attraction when I’m just ‘there’ when other men WORK for it and can’t get anywhere.

I won’t say explicit things that happen but it starts with ATTRACTION which is what you get when you have 0 anxiety…it’s where everything BEGINS.  When you approach, a woman knows you are real INSTANTLY and that’s when things begin.

If you have anxiety your energy and body is communicating that she is a fantasy and a real relationship, well that doesn’t ever start.  That’s why it’s easier for you to succeed with women you don’t have anxiety around like uglier women.

Handling your anxiety and REMOVING it leaves you with confident masculinity that turns women on.  So no matter how much work you do, you’ve got the emergency brakes on with anxiety.

So, if you’ve been there (and I used to be), it looks like you’ve got approach anxiety.  At least we know what the symptoms are..which is an effect of a cause which I will pinpoint later in this page.

 Approach anxiety – it seems it’s always there when you least want it.  A beautiful woman can walk in the same room and all of a sudden you can’t control yourself.  You get anxious, self conscious and lose your center

Her beauty, value, sexiness and power has an INSTANT affect on you

Can you approach women like this without any fear and know exactly what to say and do?  Can you control your energy even around the PICTURES of them (let alone in real life)?

hottie strip girl2

If you’re having butterflies right now to these women and feel like you aren’t worthy, stopping EVERYTHING right now and reading this page may be the most important thing you could ever do for the future of your love life, libido and your masculine confidence.

What would it be like to be the ‘man’ that just ‘IS’ the powerful equal and match to women like these on a sexual level?  Hard to believe?  Keep reading.

So when you meet women like that, you’re literally left speechless, right?  You can be normal around the guys and then the anxiety just takes over you when these ‘hot’ type of women are around.

She HAS VALUE, she knows it, you know it, EVERYONE knows it around.  Her beauty is VERY real and her body IS hot.  She is WANTED.  You know it’s true and of course you’d want to be with her.

You can’t lie about that but you also can’t control yourself.  Your body WANTS what she has but you just can’t CONNECT with her in a way that actually gets anywhere for the both of you.  You’re too damn nervous and it’s hard to believe you’re ‘worthy’ when you try and approach or even if you don’t!

You get those butterflies in your stomach, you start breathing shallower, your pulse races and your knees become weaker.

You start questioning yourself and how you can compare to her ‘sexiness’ that is wanted by all men.  How COULD you compare?  What do you have to offer and how can you get her turned on to you within seconds?  hah..seems impossible.  Can you even get past the first 3 seconds without tripping on yourself?  And THEN what do you say?

What makes it worse is that these women don’t do anything to HELP you know they’re interested or that it’s ‘ok’ for you to approach (at least UNTIL you’re authentically confident) so it leaves you up to take all the risk, question yourself and deal with all of this anxiety and the risk of rejection.

When it seems like they MIGHT be interested in you, you double question yourself if she’s REALLY interested in you and find excuses not to approach.

And you’re STILL not getting physical with any of the women you get anxious around but you’re sick and tired of this.  You want to get it handled and not leave things up to chance or luck.

Over years of this social and approach anxiety building up, it just really has created all of this angst which you take out in other outlets of life (the gym, sports, video games, work, music).  And the dry spells can last a LONG time.

This uncontrollable anxiety is doing 1 thing very well.

It’s keeping your FANTASY SEX LIFE thriving isn’t?  Yeah that ‘self pleasing’ thing.

So your visceral anxiety is scaring away REAL WOMEN (and the ones that you REALLY want) from being in your dating life and in physical relationships.

And whether you’re approaching or not (and ‘fighting through the fear’), either way these hot women just continue to remain always and ELUSIVELY ‘out of touch’.

They can be so close but WORLDS APART from you and then you can always go home and fantasize about them (which pushes them further away) am I right?

Gorgeous women really DO seem ‘above’ you and like you’re not worthy so it’s often just a pipe dream but you NEVER give up the hope (or fantasy).

Cure your anxiety and fantasy could become REALITY.  You wish.  But HOW?

Is it just to FORCE yourself to approach women, even though you’re still extremely nervous?  Become more of a PUA?  Besides…NOTHING YOU DO WORKS.The anxiety remains.

 Not inner game, not more approaching and ‘fighting through the fear’.  It’s still near impossible to connect with attractive women even when you ARE doing it and taking action.  They’re just in a separate reality from yours and it seems impossible to ever bridge it.

The fear remains VERY real and you just can’t connect with women or control your anxiety.  Even with the perfect pick-up line you find a way to screw it up or they’re just not interested (then why on earth are they dressed so damn sexy?!).

If it’s any consolation so far, I’ve BEEN there through all of this so that’s how I know…the anxiety was very real for YEARS.  But before I reveal some advice that actually works after years of crystalizing what actually is the miracle 3 step formula;  

Maybe you’ve tried some of these ‘solutions’ to cure your approach anxiety with attractive women that are SUPPOSED to work:

#1: “Just push through your fear and approach anyways”

It seems like the only ‘real’ answer dating experts or PUA’s can give.  You hate the thought of this because it creates MORE anxiety.  Expect to approach thousands of women experiencing mostly rejection, making a FOOL of yourself and punishing yourself through the psychological turmoil.

If it took mPUA’s ‘years’ of being in the ‘trenches’ (and if they’re saying ‘this is the only way’) how is it going to shortcut you if they’re teaching you the only solution is really to ‘get out there’ yourself and fight through the same fear and anxiety they couldn’t cure when you’re running into walls all the time?!

Even so, it means YOU are going to have to approach 1,000’s of women with that advice to cure your anxiety.  Do you even have time for that?  Attraction shouldn’t be a war or a game.  And you at least expect RESULTS when you’re out of your comfort zone but history has proven otherwise.  Why is it so damn difficult anyways?

I had 1 client in Europe who had approached 4,000 women and got like 2 numbers and 1 kiss and I did more than the same thing in front of him in Berlin within a few hours of being out.  The CURE is not doing more of what doesn’t work.

‘Feeling the fear and doing it anyways’ is not a cure to the core problem but merely ignorance to the problem and superficial solutions, never resolving it.

There IS NO NATURAL fear of women no matter how beautiful she is.

There’s GOT to be some greater ‘big secret’ that even other dating experts don’t know or is just hidden from you ENTIRELY right?  Yes.  But before we get to it..How about some of these other solutions?

#2: “Work on your ‘Inner Game'”

 Pretty POPULAR in the dating industry right?  Seems EVERYONE is teaching it.

Maybe you’ve found that Inner Game isn’t a cure and if anything it’s made a psychological LOOP of torment and unworthiness even more unbearable.  If it really was as great as it’s supposed to be, then why do you stil have anxiety around the hot and beautiful women that you really want to meet?  How can you ‘fix’ yourself to equal her instant beauty, value and power?

Why is it difficult to connect?  Why do you still feel unworthy when she could have any man in the place just because of the way she looks?  Your inner game not only doesn’t compare to her ‘real sexual’ and instant value, it often just seems irrelevant completely to getting her in bed.

“Dude, you suck…it’s your fault..fix yourself”

And then, believing it’s YOUR FAULT for being a loser and not obtaining these smoking hot women or being at fault for her behavior or ignorance just doesn’t seem right yet it must be your fault from an Inner Game perspective, so you’re stuck in even more of a fantasy cycle of personal self improvement and rarely connecting with women.  Towards the bottom you’re going to discover the 1 reason why this is damaging your success with women: you have an Inner Game _ _ _ of sexuality and women.

#3: “Use Affirmations”

 Repeat 100 times “I can approach any woman.”  And then approach an extremely gorgeous one and you still go back to square one: back into your unworthy nervous energy.

Affirmations are a good idea but what we’re talking about requires something with more serious power.  Your mind just CAN’T believe the lie when your body and results are showing everything the opposite. HOW can gorgeous women who can have any man want to be all over you?!  Especially when you don’t have experience to back it up and this all creates more anxiety from an inner game perspective also keeping women away from you UNTIL you can find a way to believe it then MAYBE it would work.

#4: “Just be confident”

 Yeah right.  Sounds like something a natural would say to you who already ‘gets it’.  You just don’t have control over your nervous energy, it is BEYOND you around beautiful women.

 A natural may be able to show you the signs but can’t give you the map so you’re left trying to figure out clues on your own because most of what dating experts or PUA’s say sounds difficult, unnatural, irrelevant to actual success or just creates more anxiety.  You haven’t found a way yet to just ‘be’ confident around beautiful women in reality.

#5: “Working Out or Bodybuilding”

This seems like it would make sense…once I have ‘the hot body’ that women supposedly lust over, THEN I’ll be able to ‘get the chicks’…but what happens is that you may be even MORE frustrated having all this additional expectations and you’re still not getting the chicks, so you work out even harder and the cycle continues as you put your angst back into looking even better but secretly you’re still alone UNLESS you can bridge it to cure your anxiety and know how to meet women – THEN it can work to your advantage.

#6: “The 3 Second Rule”

This says to ‘approach her within 3 seconds‘ – that way you’re stopping yourself from thinking your way out of it, or building up even more anxiety.  This is actually generally good advice as a rule of thumb but the fact it’s coming from a ‘you can’t control your energy’ and you suck with almost anything you do, doesn’t help PLUS it’s still giving women all of this ‘power’.  The fact that it isn’t a REAL CURE to anxiety, is why I don’t like it.

I defy the 3 second rule often and make things work where PUA’s would be stuck in their additional anxiety.  You will learn with the cure to even cold approach not at all out of fear but because you’re relaxing, have 0 anxiety, control and power – it even allows more of the nonverbal tension to build.

Some PUA’s just think that it’s impossible so you have to ‘fight the fear’ and deal with it like you’re a ticking time bomb that’s going to screw it up anyways so you might as well get it over with – IS NOT an effective cure to anxiety.

#7: “Just Talk To More People To Warm Up”

 Just talk to people near you as you go about things more often (including those you’re not trying to pick up or ever be romantic with) is generally a good rule of thumb for being more outgoing, personable or social and it works.  Human interaction is necessary in life to have real relationships and create new ones.  When you’re powerful and lacking anxiety anywhere you go as you’ll learn in the 3 Step Cure, it’s no problem to say anything to anyone.

But talking to other people to warm up (before you ‘game’ women) or having it as a cure or solution to anxiety?  That’s where I disagree…it’s a LONG path.  Because it’s not dealing with the core issue itself it’s going to take a LOT of approaches like this and how about when you approach a ’10’?  Is it even going to matter when you still have root anxiety that you are blinded to?

 Taking MORE aspirin for a serious symptom is only a coverup, NOT A CURE.

#8: “Looking Good”

What about improving your looks?  This can make things worse because you KNOW you’re looking good, even feeling good and then NOTHING HAPPENS.  You’re supposed to be so worthy yet you still have anxiety because women are stuck in their own world separate from you.  You have even higher pressure and expectations which creates additional anxiety.

#9: “Showing more bling or social status”

This is what is supposed to work but sometimes women just end up using you for free bottle service and end up staying with their groups of girlfriends.  Not being able to truly and physically connect with women when you were supposed to creates more anxiety and perpetuates a fantasy world.  The nicer watch didn’t do it…the luxury car when you got it didn’t do it either.

New sets of anxiety and payments.  Buying the V.I.P. table attracted some women but even IF it led to getting physical with any consistency do you want to be PAYING for women indirectly?  And how much money are you just SPENDING out?  Usually you’re left with an empty pocket and even MORE anxiety because it actually didn’t work to attract and get physical with women.

What about just getting some really nice clothes and high quality fashionable threads that’s really YOU.  O.k. that can help FOR A MINUTE to attract women but you STILL have to get rid of your anxiety if you’re going to get anywhere.  Spending money doesn’t cure your attraction, it can make it worse especially if you feel like you’re entitled and try to look proud in who you are but women remain in their own world.

#10: “Always have something good to say”

This goes right out the door around the women you really want.  If you just don’t have control over your energy and anxiety and can’t create a real connection naturally within a few seconds when you meet her, there is little chance of anything.  It comes down to your confidence.

The BEST at approaching women never use pick up lines anyways.  Their BODY language says all the right things and they NEVER have anxiety.

So even when you ‘memorize’ a story, sequence or sayings your anxiety continually screws it up.  Besides then you’re thinking too much and in your head.  It’s your physiological energy that is telling her she is ABOVE you and that you won’t get physical with her in anyplace but your fantasies.

Ok, so a good funny line CAN open the door for a little window of opportunity but she’s not going to give you much more room if you don’t have your nervous energy handled.

You can have SOME anxiety and still get dates more if you’re good-looking, she forgives you, you have other redeeming factors and can start conversations, you have an advantage then but even at best it seems like dry spells and inconsistent with women.  But the superhot ones?  You’d better have your body language together even if you can remember a ‘line’.

#11: “Work on the social dynamics'”

And what?  Become this outgoing party guy who never has anything happen with women themselves?  Or worse, the PUA version who always has to be going out fighting anxiety just to meet women because they believe sexuality is social.  WHAT IF there was an entirely different level of communication and values ENTIRELY and was the one that PUA’s don’t have a path to connect on no matter how much work they do?  This will be clearer at the bottom.

Yet this is what mPUA’s have done.  Made a rocket ship science out of the most basic thing: boy meets girl.  You can effectively avoid all that and all ‘game’ by just being equal to her in power which comes from CURING your anxiety.  Curing it at the core, not by becoming this approach machine led by nerds in the closet who still have anxiety themselves.

There’s no need to impress, be nervous or win her approval when you just ARE powerful and it gives room for women to draw in to you but everything that’s being done is as if the woman is the prize even when they pretend they’re the prize.  That comes down to their _ _ _ of reality which you’ll discover below.  Step 3 includes meeting women (in the Cure) but done in a way where you’re not a game-running fool and in a way that connects with her sexually instead of feeling fear socially.

#12: “Settle for less or ‘take 1 for the home team'”

You don’t want to have to settle for less (where at least you know you’re in a ‘comfort zone’) but at least it relieves some kind of anxiety but you feel worse afterwards because the anxiety remains and you secretly know you want a higher quality of beauty or woman.

Why do you have anxiety around the women you REALLY want?

And why can’t you deserve and get them into your life (and bedroom if we’re being honest).

Maybe you’ve found that some of the above dating industry ‘solutions’ or prescriptions can actually make your approach anxiety even worse!  Putting more band-aids on a deep wound isn’t going to cure.  Taking MORE aspirin for a serious symptom is only a coverup.  How about preventing it in the first place?

You sure as heck don’t want to become an approach-a-holic PUA type nor become someone you aren’t just to get physical with women.

It’s like the above ‘solutions’ not only don’t cure anxiety but often bring about NEW side issues you didn’t have before.  It’s lasted for years. And yet ANXIETY REMAINS.  And that’s the BEST advice you’ll find out there. 

It’s because they don’t have a real cure and most of them haven’t fully cured it themselves.  They’re all going about it by avoiding the core issue itself.  They don’t even know what the Cause is, they have no clue.

Oh, and do you believe in the ‘game’?  Then you’re going to have anxiety. You have to believe in something else stronger (when you’re meeting women) or you’ll continue having approach anxiety and struggle getting physical with women. So in a way it’s like you feel completely LOST with women and attraction.  They remain a FANTASY.  So it’s not to stop meeting women all together but if you’re getting nowhere from the above advice, my advice is to STOP DOING ALL OF THE ABOVE.  You’re going to find out more of why below.

 That right there will save you from getting into MORE anxiety.

Ok so what is 1 BEST single piece of Advice I can give you RIGHT NOW

that will set you on the right DIRECT path to PERMANENTLY curing your physiological and very real anxiety around attractive women?

Well, we would have to pinpoint and deal with the exact CAUSE or CORE of the problem itself to have real change.  And when it comes to curing your anxiety with women and leading to ATTRACTION, that advice is this:

Having the right map. “Huh?”  What do I mean?

Look…if you’re in Chicago, have a map of Detroit but the Map cover is misprinted and says Chicago and you BELIEVE with all of your conviction that the map is of physical Chicago, it doesn’t matter WHAT YOU DO, nor how strong your belief is, does it?

You’ll be continually lost, even FURTHER away from your ACTUAL destination until you get the right, ACTUAL map.

You’d be doing a LOT of work, driving all over the place thinking you’re there but then it’s just not it.

You can even read the map PERFECTLY but if it’s the wrong map it doesn’t matter.  You might get to the right physical location once in a while by happenstance or chance but everything becomes really damn confusing.

You’ll see a road that might be named the same on the map, looks like it might be the same as on the map in about the right area to take a left on and then you never reach your destination.  It’s a different physical location entirely.

So WHAT HAPPENS if you’re following the map for a few hours believing the map is REAL and represents the truth?


I mean kicking the car tires, road rage, cussing anxiety because you’re always ‘so close’ yet so damn FAR.

You’re IN a physical REALITY but the MAP that you believe represents where you are isn’t connecting you physically with where you want to be even though you’re following it.

Nothing else matters and getting advice from people who are also lost or believe that Detroit = Chicago doesn’t help either.

Without the right map you’re going to be doing a lot of work COMPLETELY LOST even if you’ve got the fastest, ‘tricked out’ good-looking car, perfect driving record and a finesse with getting out of speeding tickets.  You’re still LOST.  It’s hard to ever arrive.

So when it comes to success with women, it’s taken me 34 years to pinpoint it, but it’s the same exact thing.  EFFECTIVELY.

“But who would be ridiculous enough to believe in the wrong map?”

Yet that is EXACTLY what’s happened and why you’re going to LOVE how to cure your approach anxiety!


You can be in the SAME PHYSICAL PLACE as a woman but if you’ve got a DIFFERENT MAP OF ATTRACTION or sex, you’re never going to connect with her no matter what you say or do.  This is what creates anxiety.

 It’s not YOU that’s the cause of your anxiety (sure you can make it worse) but it’s not you per se.  It’s in having a different MAP of sexuality.

You’re holding a map that you believe in that isn’t getting you physically where you want to be so you become incredibly frustrated.

What if your whole adult life your MAP and the MAP you believed in that was about attraction & SEX was simply MISLABELED?

What if it was a map to something else that actually manifests very well?  What if your belief in that map affected everything?

#1 Cause of your anxiety with women

is in having a different map of sexuality and the process of physical attraction.  You could say even having the WRONG map because it’s just not getting you anywhere except inconsistently at best or by luck and that’s after lots of works.

Having the wrong map of real sexuality is what is CAUSING ALL of your anxiety with women at the core.  It doesn’t matter what pick-up lines, self help tricks, affirmations, bodybuilding, hair product, bootcamp you do, you still have and believe in the wrong map.  That’s why nothing ever seems to work.

 When you HAVE THE RIGHT MAP, it’s easy (do you think mother nature would make things THIS difficult to procreate?)…there’s never any reason for anxiety as far as the directions go (other than maybe some traffic or road conditions).  You may miss a turn or 2 but it’s not a problem and it’s just your fault for not reading the map.  All you have to do is have the right map and you GET where you’re going.

With the right map your anxiety is cured.  Most of the work is in GETTING the right map and then deconditioning the beliefs you had from believing the physical map of a different location was reality.

Guess what?  NATURALS who have 0 anxiety around the same women that make you tremble have a different map.  They have the Natural Map.

And they’re the ones getting with the women that YOU dream about.  Not because of their great personality, character or because they’re a great catch like you, but because THEY HAVE THE MAP and you’re using an ENTIRELY different map with women.  Worse is that you believe in it (or rather you’ve been TAUGHT to be believe in it).

The Map doesn’t fail.  MAPS DON’T FAIL.  There are just different maps and using the wrong one won’t work.  It doesn’t matter what the personality of the driver is if he’s using the proper map, he’s going to get there FAR more than you.

There is a map and predictably ACCURATE path to real physical attraction, kissing, and you get the picture.  It cures anxiety because there IS no anxiety when you follow this map.  It leads to where it leads.  It’s PREDICTABLE and it’s the Map that creates natural, physical attraction.

It’s not rocket science, you just have to have the right directions.

Let’s take a look at just SOME of the benefits you’ll get from the training included in the 4+ hours that you’ll receive. 

 If you order the ‘online’ version you’ll get instant access to the entire program but I recommend you DON’T go through this program LATE at night if you have something to do the next day.  This program WILL change your life and you will be too excited to sleep.  Ok, try it if you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you!  A good problem.

How to truly become ‘present’ and ‘in the moment’ – instead of takling about this new age stuff, Step 2 achieves this and it’s fun and easy

Abolish all inner game issues, butterfly responses and nervousness in communicating with any and all women no matter how beautiful or socially valuable by following the 3 Steps that are guaranteed to work…they are so effective, it can’t NOT work

The only proven method that cures physiological nervous anxiety aruond women (Step 2) and creates real world physical attraction while HANDLING all of your body language so you can enjoy the beauty in front of you as a man instead of being scared of it

How to NEVER rely on pick-up lines again…throw them ALL out the door including all other PUA methods and have MORE success because you know how to apply Step 3

Attract women non-verbally through your new automatic body language – this means you have to work far LESS to trigger attraction or try and coerce it out of women like PUA’s do

Step 3 helps you to gain experience FAST with women.  Of course you’re going to have to meet women but it becomes NO PROBLEM at anytime because we’re removing the MAJORITY of your anxiety fast and it’s set up so that there is no anxiety the more you do steps 1-3


How to have the strongest belief system in the world when it comes to women without having to believe ‘lies’…just TRY and catch up to me!  But this is the exact same system I use to get unexplainable attraction and interest from good-looking women everywhere I go

How to ‘tune in’ to the EXACT sexual communication level or dynamic itself that datin guru’s can only guess at referencing but you actually have instant access to it.  You will be SHOWN IT in the program and you will have the tools to know HOW to use it.  Step 2 is really your greatest weapon

The exact formula and MAP for PHYSICAL success with women all the way to sex itself and how the map you’ve believed so far is the OPPOSITE and preventing almost EVERYTHING from happening

How to achieve physiological congruency so that you are REAL and powerfully confident and how to actually BELIEVE your affirmations so that you actually get more physical with women than be stuck in the anxiety of fantasy

You also get the #1 secret to approaching and meeting women.  Once you ‘get this’ it will save you YEARS of trial, error and anxiety.

1 Power Tip that will keep you from being disheartened by any kind of negative response

The #1 Secret of Natural Alpha men and their success with women.  Hint: I had to BECOME one myself to really know what it was because they can’t tell you what it actually ‘is’ – more importantly how to use this same concept

How to practically tap into your natural, masculine core that is unreachable by ANY Inner Game approach (which is why those techniques rarely if ever work)

How to actually BELIEVE you’re the sexiest man on earth..the belief is everything but from an inner game approach not only is it a lie but it’s not in harmony with the truth of your natural power which is far greater

  How to powerfully build your polarity with all beautiful and powerful women so that when you approach or meet them, they take you as a LOVE interest and balanced man instead of just a dismissal or friend

  All the signs of true sexual behavior and where to find them, what to look for and when to know a woman is interested in you physically

How to always meet new women with lessening anxiety each time until it’s gone (more like 50 approaches instead of 5000) and how to set up a lot of dates with women who are now FAR more interested in you because you understand and apply Step 1

Once you ‘get’ Step 1 alone and WHEN you get it, it will hit you like a ton of bricks..your jaw will drop and up to 80% of ALL of your anxiety with women can disappear and you’ll be instantly more confident.  (*It MAY be more of a gradual awakening for you the more you go through it so no promises on this one)

How to cold approach women and why you never have to memorize any pick-up lines…what to do instead

You will clearly SEE the root of ALL of your anxiety and how to remove it..this ‘weight off of your shoulders’ will become present in your physiological energy and then we are going to condition a stronger reality (Step 2) so that you get rid of all remaining ‘remnants’ of your disempowered, unworthy nervous energy and into the world of power, confidence and worthiness that stands out to women so much it can get them in a cold sweat around you

How to number close new good-looking and hot girls you talk to and the foolproof way to prevent rejection

An exercise you can do right before you go out to meet new women that can show you 10X the real world attraction of women (there are several men now doing this heightened version of Step 2)

Away to always bypass the risk of rejection whenever you approach

How to have women who used to ignore you all of a sudden bei nterested in you and when spending time with you being open to being with you more..and as a lover as well as how to manifest the relationship to the next level

The complete, basic escalation path with women and seduction – all you have to know as you become more natural to give women amazing pleasure

A safe ‘backup’ plan that almost any girl will say Yes to after you connect in case you forgot ANYTHING to say

When to go for a number close and how long your conversation should be in daytime situations

Get rid of all of your social anxiety and even anxiety around other men…Abolish all feelings of unworthiness to become powerful, confident and respected by empowering Steps 1 & 2 with Relational Mastery monthly

How to pass any hot woman’s TESTS before you even approach – almost all PUA’s continually fail this by DHV’ing her and have to work much much harder to get anywhere but you won’t have to when you put Steps 2 & 3 to use

How you’ve been a pawn in a game, exactly what the game is and how to be the King of your own reality

Exactly WHAT specific resources to use and how to use them to build your real world confidence and masculine power…you will never find these otherwise and without these you will be OFF track and still keeping women more of a fantasy than reality

Get compliments from your co-workers on how you’re changing and your’e doing it without any of those PUA tricks or manipulative tactics

Become ‘man enough’ to finally DESERVE the attention, attraction and RESPECT of the women you truly desire INSTEAD of keeping that higher quality only as fantasy

Rest in peace at night with 0 anxiety or issues with’re just always more relaxed, powerful and confident so literally all you have to do is MEET new women – no GAME was EVER required..just apply the 3 Power Steps because it is also the path to NATURAL confidence and an empowered you

Naturally have previously icy women FLIRTING around you just by showing up, making it easier to approach and get a physical relationship going

How to date women without spending a lot of money

Step 2 will do MIRACLES in your life and there is no limit to the level of sexual polarity, chemistry, connection and attraction you can get out of it around real world women no matter how hot or how high their social is also the secret to infinite personal creativity and musicianship (believe it or not)

Have the power tools within this program itself to keep continuing the path to ZERO anxiety and perfect confidence without spending any more money (unless you choose to stay with the empowering Relational Mastery monthly) –

These 3 Steps alone will cure your anxiety so you can even DROP all other dating advice almost all of which is conflicting with the pure physical and loving, natural path you can now take faster than ever before with new women!

You will be worthy of the most beautiful women in the world and you will beileve it as long as you apply these steps.  No messed up inner game or ‘lies’ you’re trying to egotistically believe.  You can become the man you were supposed to be as well as cure your anxiety.

How to get the rock-solid confidence and reality of a natural, confident man through applying Steps 1-3

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