Joseph Matthews – Renegade Rapport Download

The REAL benefit of Renegade Rapport is that you are actually able to take the rapport you create, and lead it towards sex and seduction! And it all progresses in a very slick, natural way. No memorization! No gimmicks! No routines!

Here?s some of what you?ll learn in the Renegade Rapport course…

How to instantly create deep rapport with a woman within minutes when you first meet her (and in some cases, BEFORE you even meet her!).
How to quickly and easily initiate rapport with anyone you want.
How to establish rapport fast.
How to know if you really have rapport or not.
What to talk about with women exactly to build rapport.
How to “transition” into rapport, step by step.
How to keep rapport going throughout the encounter.
How to create rapport in a way that’s effortless and hard to detect.
How to create rapport without asking a lot of boring “interview” type questions.
How to create rapport – even if you’re painfully shy.
Why it’s just as easy to gain rapport with super-hot women as it is with average women?
How your environment affects rapport building – and how to avoid it’s pitfalls.
How to keep rapport with a woman you’ve been with for a long time, and even strengthen it if need be.
How you can actually use rapport to know what kind of a girl you are interacting with (this will help you spot “crazy bitches” from a mile away!).
How to use rapport to avoid the biggest frustration guys have when it comes to picking up women – Flaking!
How to gain rapport without coming off as needy or phony
How to use rapport to change a girl’s emotional state from a cold fish to one of intense lust and attraction.
Why you can’t have attraction without rapport.
How to move the interaction towards seduction once in rapport.
How to create rapport when you encounter a group, especially if one or more of them “challenge” you.
The exact mindset you should have when talking to a girl you’re interested in.
How to build strong rapport with a woman you feel is WAY out of your league.
How to build rapport without coming across as being a jerk.
How to “rebuild” rapport with women whom you had a failure in building rapport with before.
How to keep a woman interested in you while dating so that she doesn’t feel the need for male attention elsewhere.
How, and at what point, to shift the vibe to a sexual one when building rapport.
The stages of rapport a woman will go through, and the indicators for each.
How to initiate and build rapport anywhere – even in a loud and noisy bar or club.
The exact things women like to talk about when building rapport.
Getting past the initial “coldness” when dealing with women.
How to make someone feel like they’ve known you for a long time within a few minutes.
How to tell if you have rapport.
How to gain rapport without falling into the “Let’s Just Be Friends” category.