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From my own experience, as well as training THOUSANDS of men around the world, I’ve found that the ONLY way to master a skill is constant immersion.
My goal is to blast you every week with new techniques, concepts, and videos, getting you better results, quicker than you ever thought possible.

Just like in the core product, each week will stack new concepts on old ones, and to keep everything organized, you will only have access to the material at your specific month/week, determined by how long you?ve been a member.
Make sure to watch the entire core product before checking out the weekly series.

Week 1: Every first week of the month, I?ll come at you from The Lair with a new video that is an addendum to The Evolutions system, covering topics like: How to lead in the bedroom, How to manage multiple girlfriends, How to Wing, What to do about being a Cold Hearted Player, How to setup the first date, etc.

Week 2: Each month I?ll interview one of the members of The Brigade, my crew of wings that all have incredibly sick game, all learning through my mentoring and The Evolutions system. We?ll discuss how Evolutions helped their game, as well as current successes and sticking points they have that can help you push through your plateaus as you continue your journey.

Week 3: After guys start getting some success, the questions they ask divert away from pick up, and start leaning more towards holistic overall lifestyle development, with women, of course, being an integral part of that. So what I want to talk about in this section every month is how to develop the other parts of your life. Also, at the end of each video, I?ll give a recommendation for one of my favorite books.

Week 4: Each LIVE webinar covers general topics from the Evolutions product, and incorporates concepts from all three skill levels.
Month 1 – Week 1 – Emotional Intelligence
Week 2 – Brad´s Wings(Zach)
Week 3 – Lifetime Development(Travel)
Month 2 – Week 1 – How to setup the first date and manage multiple girlfriends
Week 2 – Brad´s Wings(Matt)
Week 3 – Lifetime Development(Gym)
Month 3 – Week 1 – Daygame – How to meet women outside the club
Week 2 – Brad´s Wings(Andre)
Week 3 – Lifetime Development(Dietl)