QiGong – Penis Download

Penis is also called “kidney sack” in ancient China. The penis Qigong can increase the local blood circulation and promote the endocrine function of the testicles. In addition to the function of advancing sex, this Iron Penis Crotch also helps strengthen and keep the male hormone —which thus also contributes to protein synthesis, supply energy, resist fatigue, prevent con-senescence, tone up physical force, strengthen immunity, and beautify skin.

As a penile panacea, Penis Qigong has proved to be a more natural and healthy cure than drugs like Viagra or steroids. It could enlarge and strengthen the penis, cure the impotence and erectile dysfunction, increase the sperm count and boost male hormone levels, etc.

As a whole-body physical and mental cure, it has been claimed by its originator to be able to burn fat, prevent old age and diseases, increase energy and vitality, make muscles and bones stronger, reduce arterial blockage, cholesterol levels, diabetes, allergies and eyesight, hearing or olfaction.