PUA Training – High Status Seduction Download

PUA Training - High Status Seduction Download

This is the repackaged 2014 audio version of the program PUA Training – Lifestyle Mastery

PUA Training – High Status Seduction (4 Modules)

To create a celebrity lifestyle, you just have to know what kind of life you want – and understand the simple steps that go into making it happen.

Now you have an opportunity to learn those very steps.

Because right now you can learn all the powerful celebrity lifestyle secrets.

Secrets that can take you from where you are today – and transform you into a guy that’s living “the good life”, constantly surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world and partaking in your every desire.

You’ll learn all there is to know about the upper echelons of VIP night life… how to get into the top clubs in any city across the world… and how to make sure you’re treated like a KING once you’re there.

You’ll learn who all the players in the ‘game’ are… how to make them like you, value you and want you to be a part of their scene.

I’ll even show you how to get started – by showing you surefire ways to get girls to come out with you on the town to begin building your reputation as the ‘mayor’ of your city.

You’re going to learn all this… and more… in this brand new, never-before-released 10-DVD home study course called…

For two intense days In July I taught select group of men every last one of my powerful lifestyle building secrets. I revealed the strategies I used to become a VIP at nearly every venue imaginable and to become a guy who never leaves home without at least 3 or 4 girls by my side.

This seminar was not about lines or routines or ‘pickup’. It was about using specific methods and strategies for creating the kind of high-octane, high-status, celebrity life style most people can only dream of.

There’s no where else in the world you can learn this material. There are no books, tapes, or DVD sets where you can learn these powerful strategies. The only time this material has every been taught was in that room… and I caught it all on DVD.