PUA Training - 43 Texts that Guarantee Sex
PUA Training – 43 Texts that Guarantee Sex

43 Texts that Guarantee Sex was launched for the first time on Tuesday, October 8th. Richard La Ruina announced the release of this new training course on 3rd October 2013. A limited number of 1,000 copies were made available at that time.
The idea behind the course is to make use of template “texts” with your phone to do most of the work for you when attracting and seducing a woman. This fits the courses subtitle “Use these proven text messages to get women into bed”. The course has been designed this way so that it requires less effort to learn it. It’s not teaching a skillset, rather it is a cook book with the exact texts you have to send to a girl to get her interested, chasing and ready to have sex with you.

Richard gives the example of just having to meet a girl briefly and take her number before using this system. So in that way it’s easier for people without having already learned “Game” to execute.

The system was learned from a guy in New York who Ruina says doesn’t have any traditional attraction or seduction game. In fact he looked like he wasn’t very effective with women and only just managed to get their numbers. But then when he follows up with them via his text game, he would get the results.

This is PUA Training’s first text and phone game course.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered: 6 module video training covering the following subjects:
– How to get a girl’s number (step by step sequence)
– How to get girls’ numbers from online dating (if you are unable to approach a girl in real life)
– The “43 Texts” system with example texts, psychology of ‘why they work’ explained and when to send them.
– 43 Texts online “recipe book” (Cheat sheet template with all the texts listed)
– Advanced training videos covering specific applications: using it with girls who already have a guy in their life, using on women in the office, how to outsource the method so someone else can do it for you.